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Galaxy Angel II Mugen Kairou no Kagi Opening Theme Ver.M "Wing of Destiny ~Angel harp arr.~"

ギャラクシーエンジェルⅡ 無限回廊の鍵 オープニング・テーマ Ver.M Wing of Destiny ~Angel harp arr.~
Catalog Number BRDF-3076
Release Date Nov 24, 2006
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 1260 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal
Publisherb-fairy records / /
DistributorBANDAI VISUAL CO., LTD. / /


Disc 1

01 Wing of Destiny ~Angel harp arr.~ 4:47
02 Ningyo no Neiro 4:47
03 Wing of Destiny ~piano arr.~ 2:31
04 Wing of Destiny ~Angel harp arr.~ *karaoke 4:47
05 Ningyo no Neiro *karaoke 4:43
Disc length 21:35



"Wing of Destiny ~Angel harp arr.~"
   written & composed by Noriyasu Agematsu
   arranged by Hitoshi Fujima

"Ningyo no Neiro"
   written by Bee'
   composed & arranged by Noriyasu Agematsu

Producer: Noriko Nakamura [中村則子]
Director: Noriyasu Agematsu, Noriko Nakamur
Guitars: Masaki Suzuki, Nozomu Kanow
Bass: Kazuhisa Negishi
Arpa: Maiko Kuroiwa
Piano: Noriyasu Agematsu
Back Ground Vocals: Yumi Kawamura
Mixed by Hisayoshi Kondoh, Junpei Fujita
Sound Produced by Elements Garden
Mastered at birdie house
Artist Management: 布袋大輔 (SUNS ENTERTAINMENT)

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Sony PlayStation 2

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