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Missing Link Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Apr 12, 2019
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 9.49 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
LabelLakeshore Records / /


Music / Carter Burwell
Conducted by / Carter Burwell
Orchestrated by / Carter Burwell, John Ashton Thomas
Music Scoring Mixer / Simon Rhodes
Senior Assistant Engineer / Gordon Davidson
Assistant Engineers / Paul Pritchard, Jack Mills
Orchestra Contractors / Susie Gillis
Orchestra Leader / Everton Nelson
Music Librarian / Jill Streater
Music Editors / Adam Smalley
Assistant to the Composer / Dean Parker
Score Recorded at / Abbey Road Studios
Score Mixed at / Abbey Road Studios
Thank You / Christine, Tycho, Tor, Greta, Sara Matarazzo
Song Written by / Walter Martin
Performed by / Walter Martin
Produced by / Josh Kaufman, Walter Martin
Horn Arranger / Stuart Bogie
String Arranger / Rob Moose
Mixed by / Tchad Blake
Mixed at / Full Mongrel
Recording Engineer / D. James Goodwin
Recording Assistant / James Yost
Recorded at / Reservoir
Percussion / Walter Martin, Ray Rizzo
Guitar / Josh Kaufman
Background Vocals / Josh Kaufman, Stuart Bogie, Jordan McLean, Raymond Mason
Flute / Stuart Bogie
Clarinet / Stuart Bogie
Sax / Stuart Bogie
Marimba / Stuart Bogie
Strings Performed by / Rob Moose
Drums / Ray Rizzo
Piano / Sam Kassirer
Organ / Sam Kassirer
Bass / Sam Cohen
Trumpet / Jordan McLean
Trombone / Raymond Mason
Mastered by / Tim LeBlanc, Dave Donnelly
Executive Album Producers / Skip Williamson, Brian McNelis
Director of A&R / Eric Craig
A&R / John Bergin
Art Director / John Bergin
Mastered at / DNA Mastering
Special Thanks / Lynn Hobensack, Don Smith, Tony Giles


Disc 1

01 Missing Link 1:24
02 Lionel vs Nessie 2:41
03 A Letter 1:49
04 Dark Days 0:55
05 Westward Ho 2:15
06 Forest Primeval 1:29
07 What Do I Call You? 0:58
08 Bar Brawl 2:42
09 Breaking and Entering 2:08
10 More Than Acquaintances 0:44
11 Terrible Thieves 0:23
12 Stenk At the Station 1:19
13 Stagecoach 3:16
14 Susan 2:34
15 Thunderclouds 0:33
16 Stormy Waters 2:58
17 Passage To India 0:56
18 The Himalayas 1:06
19 Don't Mention the Chicken 0:47
20 Dinner With Gamu 1:21
21 Climbing 1:00
22 Big Foot Prints 1:28
23 Shangri-La 1:27
24 Myth Made Real 2:10
25 The Inescapable Pit 0:59
26 Prove It 1:26
27 Escape Plan 0:46
28 No One Will Remember Your Name 2:36
29 Ice Fight 3:24
30 My Own Adventure 0:58
31 The Fiji Mermaid 1:10
32 Do-Dilly-Do (A Friend Like You) 3:13
Disc length 52:55



Music by Carter Burwell

Conducted by Carter Burwell
Orchestrated by Carter Burwell and John Ashton Thomas
Music Scoring Mixer: Simon Rhodes
Senior Assistant Engineer: Gordon Davidson
Assistant Engineers: Paul Pritchard and Jack Mills
Orchestra Contractors: Susie Gillis for Isobel Griffiths Ltd.
Orchestra Leader: Everton Nelson
Music Librarian: Jill Streater
Music Editors: Adam Smalley
Assistant to the Composer: Dean Parker
Score Recorded and Mixed at Abbey Road Studios, London
Thank you Christine, Tycho, Tor and Greta

"Do-Dilly-Do (A Friend Like You)"
Original Song Written and Performed by Walter Martin
Produced by Josh Kaufman and Walter Martin
Horn Arranger: Stuart Bogie
String Arranger: Rob Moose
Mixed by Tchad Blake at Full Mongrel, Wales
Recording Engineer: D. James Goodwin
Recording Assistant: James Yost
Recorded at Reservoir, NYC
Percussion: Walter Martin
Guitar and Background Vocals: Josh Kaufman
Flute, Clarinet, Sax, Marimba, Background Vocals: Stuart Bogie
Strings Performed by Rob Moose
Drums and Percussion: Ray Rizzo
Piano and Organ: Sam Kassirer
Bass: Sam Cohen
Trumpet and Background Vocals: Jordan McLean
Trombone and Background Vocals: Raymond Mason
Mastered by Tim LeBlanc
Thank you Sara Matarazzo

Executive Album Producers for Lakeshore Records: Skip Williamson and Brian McNelis
Director of A&R: Eric Craig / A&R & Art Director: John Bergin
Mastered by Dave Donnelly, DNA Mastering, Glendale, CA
Special Thanks: Lynn Hobensack, Don Smith and Tony Giles

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