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Frankenweenie An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack
Catalog Number D001766302
Barcode 050087281397
Release Date Sep 25, 2012
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 13.98 USD
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
LabelWalt Disney Records / /


Composer / Danny Elfman, TJ Lindgren, Leigh Harline
Arranger / Steve Bartek, Edgardo Simone, Dave Slonaker, Helene Muddiman, Mark Mancina
Performer / Thomas Bowes, Metro Voices, Andy Richards
Recording Engineer / Nick Wollage, Rupert Coulson
Recording Studio / Air Lyndhurst
Mixing Engineer / Dennis Sands
Mastering Engineer / Pat Sullivan
Mastering Studio / Bernie Grundman Mastering
Programmer / TJ Lindgren
Conductor / Rick Wentworth, Jenny O'Grady


Disc 1

01 Frankenweenie Disney Logo 0:37
02 Main Titles 2:19
03 Mr. Burgermeister/Noses Meet 2:16
04 Game of Death 2:20
05 The Funeral 2:38
06 Electricity 3:27
07 Re-Animation 5:15
08 Sparky's Day Out 1:53
09 Dad's Talk 0:49
10 The Bride/Edgar Knows 2:19
11 Invisible Fish/Search for Sparky 4:41
12 A Premonition 1:25
13 The Speech 1:20
14 Mom's Discovery/Farewell 1:29
15 Getting Ready 2:38
16 Making Monsters 6:43
17 Pool Monsters Attack 1:50
18 Mad Monster Party 1:58
19 Final Confrontation 2:56
20 Happy Ending 3:25
21 Alternate Main Titles 2:18
22 Over the Fence 1:15
Disc length 55:51



Music by Danny Elfman

Produced by Danny Elfman
Executive Soundtrack Album Producers: Tim Burton, Allison Abbate
Executive in Charge of Music and Soundtracks for the Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Production and the Disney Music Group: Mitchell Leib
Music Business/Legal Affairs for the Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Group: Scott Holtzman and Sylvia Krask
Music Production for the Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Group: Monica Zierhut and Ryan Hopman

Score Recorded by Nick Wollage
Score Mixed by Dennis Sands
Music Editors: Bill Abbott, Mike Higham
Supervising Orchestrator: Steve Bartek
Orchestrations by Edgardo Simone, Dave Slonaker
Additional Music & Programming: TJ Lindgren
Additional Arrangements by Helene Muddiman
Orchestra Conducted by Rick Wentworth
Midi Supervision & Preparation: Marc Mann
Digital Recordists: Noah Snyder, Adam Olmstead
Technical Assistant: Greg Maloney
Assistant Engineers: Chris Barrett, Greg Hayes and John Prestage
Additional Recording: Rupert Coulson
Music Preparation: Dave Hage/Dakota Music
Orchestra Contractor: Isobel Griffiths
Assistant Orchestra Contractor: Lucy Whalley
Concert Master: Thomas Bowes
Choirmaster: Jenny O'Grady
Choir: Metro Voices
Rugby School Chapel Organ Performed by Andy Richards
Score Recorded at Air Lyndhurst, London, UK
Score Mixed at Todd AO West, West LA, CA
Music Production Coordinator: Melisa McGregor
Assistant to Danny Elfman: Melissa Bricklin
Soundtrack Compiled and Edited by Bill Abbott
Soundtrack Mastered by Pat Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering

Danny Elfman would like to give special thanks to: Tim Burton, Allison Abbate, Derek Frey, Don Hahn, Chris Lebenzon, Richard Kraft, Laura Engel, Doug Mark, Melissa Karaban, Melisa McGregor, Mitchell Leib and Monica Zierhut

Creative Direction: Steve Gerdes
Album Design: Steve Sterling


*Walt Disney Pictures logo music by Mark Mancina based on "When You Wish Upon a Star" by Leigh Harline (tr. 1).

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