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When I Cry / Dianne Reeves

ホエン・アイ・クライ / ダイアン・リーヴス
Catalog Number TODP-2542
Barcode 4988006726062
Release Date Feb 26, 1997
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 930 JPY
Media Format Mini CD
Classification Vocal
LabelBlue Note Records / /
ManufacturerToshiba EMI Ltd. / /


Vocals / Dianne Reeves
Composer / Taro Iwashiro / , Ray Noble
Arranger / Taro Iwashiro / , Dianne Reeves, Kenwood Dennard
Orchestrated by / Taro Iwashiro /
Produced by / Taro Iwashiro / , David Torkanowsky
Words / Susanne Marie Edgren
Conductor / Eric Smith
Synthesizer Programming / Tom Keane
Acoustic Guitars / Tim Pierce
Electric Guitar / Tim Pierce
Overdub / Carlos Vega
Cymbals / Carlos Vega
Background Vocals / Philip Ingram, Lynn Davis, Yvonne Williams
Alto Saxophone / Bobby Watson
Piano / Kenny Barron
Bass / Rodney Whitaker
Drums / Herlin Riley


Disc 1

01 When I Cry (Single version) 3:54
02 When I Cry (Instrumental version) 3:53
03 Cherokee 3:21
Disc length 11:08



M01 - Anime Movie "The Dog of Flanders" Ending Theme (Single Version)
Composed, Arranged, Orchestrated and Produced by: Taro Iwashiro
Words by: Susanne Marie Edgren
Vocal: Dianne Reeves
Conductor: Eric Smith
Orchestra Concert Master: Assa Drori
Synthesizer Programming: Tom Keane
Accoustic and Electric Guitar: Tim Pierce
Over-dub, Cymbals: Carlos Vega
Background Vocals: Philip Ingram, Lynn Davis, Yvonne Williams

M02 - Instrumental version of M01

Composed by: Ray Noble
Arranged by: Dianne Reeves, Kenwood Dennard
Produced by: David Trokanowsky
Vocal: Dianne Reeves
Alto Saxophone: Bobby Watson
Piano: Kenny BARRON
Bass: Rodney Whitaker
Drums: Herlin Riley

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