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Storyteller / sentimental vector

Storyteller ~siraph changes in color for 感傷ベクトル
感傷ベクトル+siraph 「ストーリーテラー」
Catalog Number SVCD-19
Release Date Apr 29, 2018 M3-41
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 800 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement, Vocal, Original Work
Organizationssentimental vector


Disc 1

01 storyteller 3:51
02 strobe lights (siraph arrange) 0:10
03 storyteller (instrumental) 3:51
04 strobe lights (siraph arrange) (instrumental) 4:11
Disc length 12:03



Seventh single release for the "colors" collaboration series from sentimental vector (alias of Shouichi Taguchi) with outsider composers, this time with the band siraph.

siraph is

Keyboard / 蓮尾理之 (Masayuki Hasuo)
Vocal / Annabel
guitar / 照井順政 (Yoshimasa Terui)
bass / 山崎英明 (Hideaki Yamasaki)
drums / 山下賢 (Satoshi Yamashita)
VJ / 齊藤雄磨 (Yuma Saito)

track 01. "ストーリーテラー" (storyteller)
composer & arranger: 蓮尾理之 (Masayuki Hasuo)
lyrics: Annabel
Vocals: Annabel, 田口囁一 (Shouichi Taguchi)

track 02. "ストロボライツ (siraph arrange)" (strob lights)
composer & lyrics: 田口囁一 (Shouichi Taguchi)
arranger: 照井順政 (Yoshimasa Terui)
vocals: Annabel, 田口囁一 (Shouichi Taguchi)

Released @ M3-41

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