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Amiga Rocks

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Dec 2020
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 24.99 GBP
Media Format 3 CD
Classification Arrangement
Published by / /
Composed by Allister Brimble, Barry Leitch, Charles Deenen, Reyn Ouwehand, Chris Glaister, Chris Huelsbeck, David Whittaker, Matt Furniss, Matt Simmonds, Patrick Phelan, Richard Joseph, Jon Hare, Tim Wright, Lee Wright, Tim Follin
Arranged by Jarle H. Olsen
Performed by FastLoaders


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    What is Amiga Rocks?

        A hard hitting, world-class Amiga triple album with rock remakes of classic game music.
        No less than 30 Amiga classics including; Super Cars II, Shadow of the Beast, Unreal, Turrican, Castle Master, Ghouls n' Ghosts, Battle Squadron, Lost Patrol, Golden Axe, Final Fight, X-Out, Dogs of War, Lotus, Cannon Fodder, Hero Quest, Chuck Rock, LED Storm and many more (see below for more extensive list)
        Triple digipak with amazing Amiga inspired artwork specially designed for the project. You can even get one signed by FastLoaders.
        Authentically recorded with real instruments, yet with maximum respect to the original compositions. It's the FastLoaders' way.
        Professionally rendered, mixed and mastered tracks.

    Is your favourite here? This isn't even the complete list!

        Cannon Fodder - Recruitment (Richard Joseph & Jon Hare)
        Castle Master (Matt Furniss)
        Chuck Rock (Matt Simmonds)
        Dogs of War (David Whittaker)
        Ghouls n' Ghosts - Main Theme (Tim Follin)
        Ghouls n' Ghosts - Level 2 (Tim Follin)
        Golden Axe mix (David Whittaker)
        Hero Quest (Barry Leitch)
        LED Storm (Tim Follin)
        Lost Patrol (Chris Glaister)
        Lotus III (Patrick Phelan)
        R-Type (Chris Huelsbeck)
        Shadow of the Beast - Intro (David Whittaker)
        Shadow of the Beast - Eerie Forest (David Whittaker)
        Shadow of the Beast - Inside Tree (David Whittaker)
        Shadow of the Beast II mix (Tim & Lee Wright)
        Shadow of the Beast III intro (Tim & Lee Wright)
        Super Cars II (Barry Leitch)
        Turrican II - Desert Rocks (Chris Huelsbeck)
        Turrican II - Dungeons (Chris Huelsbeck)
        Turrican II - Intro (Chris Huelsbeck)
        Turrican II - The Great Bath (Chris Huelsbeck)
        Turrican II - Traps (Chris Huelsbeck)
        Unreal (Charles Deenen / Reyn Ouwehand)
        Wrath Of The Demon (David Whittaker)
        X-Out (Chris Huelsbeck)
        Overdrive (Allister Brimble)

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