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A History of Crakatude

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Jul 03, 2008
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal, Remix, Original Work
OrganizationsJoe Cam


Disc 1

01 7am 4:14
02 OUSWTFBBQ5 3:55
03 Happy Birfday, DCT 2:57
04 River City Rap 5:44
05 Believe In Jesus 3:21
06 Betrayal 3:49
07 Fine 1:11
09 OUSWTFBBQ5 (JM Flava Remix) 4:06
10 Da Black Market 4:53
11 The Invasion 3:05
12 I Want the Fuckin Game 2:33
13 Funk Out 3:29
14 Hail to the Chief 5:24
15 Come Back Bitch 6:21
16 White Boy Rap 4:00
17 OUSWTFBBQ5 (Unreleased Demo) 4:00
18 Come Back (MP Mix) 0:44
Disc length 68:32



Thank you for downloading the first ever compilation of Crazy Crakaz tunes featuring some of the best (and worst) of the history of the Crakaz!  The songs here are from the sordid 6 year history of the Crakaz from the early beginnings before the "group" officially formed with appearances from Roger Matthews and Matt Pollard from the long forgotten "Come Back REMIXED" project all the way to 2008 with a sneak peek at the upcoming K.K. Setlist remix project due out winter 2008!
Let's get to the notes!

1.) 7am - From the upcoming K.K. Setlist remix project for the game Animal Crossing from Nintendo.  Music is by DCT with vocals by Joe Cam & Chico Ray.  Recorded summer 2008 at OneUp Studios.  Keep an eye out for the project coming later this year!!

2.) OUSWTFBBQ5 - Recorded in 2007 after the 5th annual OneUp BBQ.  Features beats by Mustin with vocals by Joe Cam, Devon Riley, Shael Riley, Jesus Christ and Mattrello.  Dale totally beat Shael at Street Fighter.

3.) Happy Birfday, DCT - Written for DCT's birfday, duh.  Keyboard solo by Jared Dunn.

4.) River City Rap - Recorded specifically for X-Strike Studios movie River City Rumble.

5.) Believe in Jesus - Praise be to Double A Ron!!

6.) Betrayal - Written two years before it was recorded, the recording process for this song was somewhat akward as the person it was written ABOUT was in the room listening to the recording.  Fun times.  Jesus Christ guest stars.

7.) Fine - Pablo Francisco is fan-fucking-tastic...

8.) DCT DED OMG RIP - In honor of our fallen comrade.  But I think he's alive again.  Marks the first time a black person rapped in a Crakaz song.  Also, Mike Sacco showcases the only time a pretty girl rapped with the Crakaz as well.

9.) OUSWTFBBQ5 (JM Flava Remix) - Remix by Joshua Morse.  Hot shit!

10.) Da Black Market - The legendary Crakaz song from the Bound Together remix project for the greatest game in existence, EARTHBOUND!  Download more from this project at

11.) The Invasion - Mike Sacco held a contest back in the day to remix a song from the game Alien Hominid.  The winning entry would win a copy of the game for either PS2 or GameCube.  This inspired me to enter the contest in hopes of winning.  This entry with Diggi Dis would be the winning entry!

12.) I Want the Fuckin Game - This was the 2nd place entry in the Alien Hominid Remix contest.  I don't think Joshua Morse ever got the gift card he was supposed to win.  I think this marks the first time in history that somebody lost a contest to themself.

13.) Funk Out - Widely considered the best Crakaz song for the longest time, this was recorded specifically for the DJ Potatoe Super Collection album.  Marks the only time that the Crakaz have gotten to work with Mr. Potatoe but we hope to work again soon! Bling bling!

14.) Hail to the Chief - Features the only Crakaz appearance of both Pappy and zykO.  We miss one of those more than the other.  This song is dedicated to that stupid jackass in the White House right now.  And this song was done BEFORE the $4 gallons of gas!

15.) Come Back Bitch - Originally recorded for the Come Back REMIXED project back in 2002.  Everything performed by a drunk Roger Matthews.  This song is pretty much the inspiration for the Crakaz.

16.) White Boy Rap - The very first Crakaz song, which explains why it's so shitty.  I dont' wanna actually talk about this one.  I debated not including it, but felt I had to.

17.) OUSWTFBBQ5 (demo version) - This is the previously unreleased demo mix of OUSWTFBBQ which features a bunch of additional instrumentation including the first ever guitar solo by Joe Cam.  Also, Devon came.

18.) Come Back (MP Mix) - Another song from the Come Back REMIXED project.  Performed entirely by Matt Pollard, originally under the pseudonym "Jam Masta MP & Mo Fuckazzz" or some shit.  It's Matt.  Cat's outta the bag.  Whatever.

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