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Crash Twinsanity Original Videogame Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date 2004
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
Published by Vivendi Universal
Composed by Spiralmouth
Arranged by


Disc 1

01 Broiler Room Doom 2 2:24
02 Broiler Room Doom 2:21
03 Cavern Catastrophe 2:33
04 Classroom Chaos 2:04
05 Cortex Amberly 2:15
06 Crash Amberly 2:00
07 Embryo Boss Fight 2:08
08 High Seas Hijinks 2:20
09 Humiliskate 2:04
10 Ice Climb Na 2:32
11 Ice Lab Main Theme 2:05
12 Level 4 Hub 1:58
13 Madame Amberly School 2:06
14 Madame Amberly Nolaugh 2:06
15 Mechabandicoot Boss Fight 2:21
16 Mechabandicoot 2:22
17 Nsanity Island 2:46
18 River Boat Area 2:12
19 River Rollerbrawl 2:12
20 Rockslide Rumble 2:18
21 Rooftop Rampage 2:05
22 Theme Song 2:47
23 Totem God 2:00
24 Totem Hokem 2:16
25 Twins Boss Fight 2:46
26 Twins Compound 2:24
27 Twisted Docamok 1:48
28 Twisted Insanity Island 2:28
29 Uka Uka Ice Creature Fight 2:00
30 Worm Chase 2:29
Disc length 68:10

Album Stats

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Rated 5.00 by 3 people
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Products represented
Crash Twinsanity
Platforms represented
Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation 2

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Was released for free at Vivendi's website (now defunct). Still available through for example Gamespot and other places.

About the Crash Twinsanity™ Original Videogame Soundtrack
It all started as a goofy experiment around the office.
We've got this videogame that consisted mainly of an orange marsupial who pounds the bejeezus out of a man with an enormous triangle-shaped head.

In comes this outfit called Spiralmouth whose work is madcap collection of noodlings, cartoony hooks, and vocals that sound like they're performed under the influence of pop-rocks and Pepsi.

Somehow, it all worked. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so download a free copy of the Crash Twinsanity Original Videogame Soundtrack and make up your own mind!

About Spiralmouth
Spiralmouth is a unique collective of musicians. Drawing on their individual skills as composers, songwriters, producers, and performers, they come together as an a cappella tour de force, combining a desire to make unique vocal music with a love of rock and roll. Influenced by a wide range of styles from Nine Inch Nails to the Beatles, Spiralmouth's signature sound is defined by raucous singing and inventive production techniques - an unapologetic departure from traditional a cappella music. Their self-titled CD debuted to much critical acclaim, including the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards "Best Pop/Rock Album" in 2000, and features Spiralmouth's groundbreaking innovations in all-vocal music.