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LINEAGE2M - The Call of Destiny 2

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Nov 25, 2019
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 8.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
LabelNCSOUND / /
ManufacturerNCSoft / /
Phonographic CopyrightNCSoft / /


Composer / Kiman An / , Bill Brown, Jamie Christopherson
Performer / Dongsuk Jeon, NCSOUND, Budapest Choir, KS Choir, Nashville Music Scoring Orchestra
Lyricist / Kiman An / , Keunhye Oh
Conductor / David Shipps


Disc 1

01 The Call of Destiny 2 4:17
02 The Call of Destiny 2 (Instrumental) 4:17
03 The Call of Destiny 2 (Game Ver) 4:18
Disc length 12:52



Kiman An @ NCSOUND

Original Composer
Bill Brown, Jamie Christopherson

Kiman An, Keunhye Oh (오근혜) @ NCSOUND

Vocals: Dongsuk Jeon (전동석)
Choir: NCSOUND, Budapest Choir, KS Choir
Orchestra: Nashville Music Scoring Orchestra
Conductor: David Shipps

Supervising Producer: 송호근 @ NCSOUND
Music Producer: 오근혜 @ NCSOUND
Co-Producer: 김치환 @ NCSOUND
Product Manager: 백원빈, 오유솔 @ NCSOUND
Assistant Product Manager: 최원일 @ NCSOUND
Mixing & Mastering Studio: NCSOUND Studios
Mixing & Mastering Engineer: 김영대 @ NCSOUND
Album Designer: 서윤지, 김스룹 @ NCSOUND
Calligraphy Designer: 박성미 @ NCSOFT UXDESIGN

Executive Producer: 김택진 @ NCSOFT

Additional Studios
Orchestra Recording Studio: Ocean Way Nashville Recording Studios
Orchestra Recording Engineer: Nick Spezia @ Nashville Music Scoring
Vocal Recording Studio: Studio-T
Vocal Recording Engineer: 오성근, 오세영 @ Studio-T
Choir Recording Studio: Pannonia Sound Studios
Choir Recording Engineer: Gyorgy Mohai @ Pannonia Sound Studios
Korean Choir Recording Studio: Seoul Studios
Korean Choir Recording Engineer: 정기홍, 최다인 @ Seoul Studios

Published by NCSOFT 2019 All Rights Reserved

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