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The Tiger Who Came to Tea Original Film Soundtrack

The Tiger Who Came to Tea (Original Film Soundtrack)
Catalog Number 19439720192
Barcode 194397201925
Release Date Dec 20, 2019
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 9.99 GBP
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
LabelSony Classical / /
DistributorSony Music Entertainment / /
Phonographic CopyrightSony Music Entertainment UK Limited / /


All Tracks Composed by / David Arnold
Lyrics Written by / Don Black
Orchestrator / Ben Foster
Conductor / Ben Foster
Flute / Andy Findon, Nick Moss
Alto Flute / Andy Findon
Bass Flute / Andy Findon
Piccolo / Nick Moss
Bassoon / Gavin McNaughton
Tenor Saxophone / Tom Richards
Clarinet / Tom Richards
Alto Saxophone / Howard McGill
Baritone Saxophone / Jamie Talbot
Bass Clarinet / Jamie Talbot
Trumpet / Tom Rees-Roberts, Tom Walsh
Flugelhorn / Tom Rees-Roberts
Tenor Trombone / Alistair White, Andy Wood
Euphonium / Andy Wood
Bass Trombone / Mark Frost
Drum Kit / Ralph Salmins
Percussion / David Arnold
Piano / Dave Hartley
Hammond Organ / Dave Hartley
Upright Bass / Chris Laurence
Violins / Tom Pigott-Smith, Richard George, Nina Foster, Laura Melhuish, Eos Counsell
Violas / Bruce White, John Metcalfe
Cello / Peter Gregson
Harp / Hugh Webb
Additional Instrumentalist / Toby Pitman
Electric Bass / David Arnold
Guitar / David Arnold
Saxophone / Ben Castle
Featuring / Robbie Williams
Additional Guitars / Toby Pitman


Disc 1

01 Opening
02 Into the House
03 Making a Cake
04 A Tea Party
05 Tiger Arrives
06 Can I Have Tea with You?
07 Eating Tea, Part 1
08 Eating Tea, Part 2
09 Cake!
10 Be Careful It's Hot
11 Prowling
12 In the Cupboard
13 Hey Tiger!
14 Drinking Daddy's Beer
15 Into the Bathroom
16 At the Beach
17 Bye Bye Tiger
18 Bathtime
19 Daddy's Home
20 To the Café
21 But He Never Did



All tracks composed by David Arnold
Track 13 lyrics written by Don Black
Orchestrator & conductor: Ben Foster

Musicians on all tracks:
Andy Findon, flute, alto flute and bass flute
Nick Moss, flute & piccolo
Gavin McNaughton, bassoon
Tom Richards, tenor saxophone & clarinet
Howard McGill, alto saxophone
Jamie Talbot, baritone saxophone & bass clarinet
Tom Rees-Roberts, trumpet & flugelhorn
Tom Walsh, trumpet
Alistair White, tenor trombone
Andy Wood, tenor trombone & euphonium
Mark Frost, bass trombone
Ralph Salmins, drum kit
David Arnold, percussion
Dave Hartley, piano & Hammond organ
Chris Laurence, upright bass
Tom Pigott-Smith, Richard George, Nina Foster, Laura Melhuish & Eos Counsell, violins
Bruce White & John Metcalfe, violas
Peter Gregson, cello
Hugh Webb, harp
Toby Pitman, additional instrumentalist

David Arnold, electric bass on tracks 1, 2, 3, 19 & 21
David Arnold, guitar on tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 15, 16 & 21
Ben Castle, saxophone on track 21
Track 13 features Robbie Williams and additional guitars by Toby Pitman
Robbie Williams appears courtesy of Farrell Music Limited

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