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TV Anime Soundtrack Dragon Quest ~Suite Dragon Legend~

復刻版TVアニメ・サウンドトラック ドラゴンクエスト-組曲ドラゴン伝説-
Fukkoku-ban TV Anime Soundtrack Dragon Quest -Kumikyoku Dragon Densetsu-
Catalog Number ENFC-0002
Barcode 4560161566907
Release Date Apr 20, 2007
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3150 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
DistributorES Entertainment / /


Disc 1

01 Introduction
02 Dragon Quest-Prologue
03 The Birth
04 Stone Blue
05 Into the Darkness
06 Let the wind blow
07 Stone Red
08 Metro under ground
09 Slave driver
10 Lady D.Z.
11 Aqua “Life and Death”
12 Long Way Home
13 Pavanne
14 An ancient castle
15 The King of the Demons
16 Slime
17 Translyme
18 M’M’
19 Beyond Sadness
20 Necromancer
21 Crystal
22 Inner Voyage
23 Tiffany’s Whisper
24 The Battle
25 Triumphant return
26 Dragon Quest-Epilogue
27 夢を信じて
28 虹の都
29 未来をめざして



Music Composed by Mickie Yoshino except
Hirokazu Matsubara (05,08,10)
Fuyuhiko Uto (09)
Shuichi Ikebuchi (16)
Tsuneo Matsumoto (14,19,25)

M-12,23 - Insert Song
Performer: Masako Katsuki
Composer: Mickie Yoshino
Arranger: Mickie Yoshino
Lyricist: Ren Takayanagi

M-27 - 1st Season 1st Ending Theme
Performer: Hideaki Tokunaga
Composer: Hideaki Tokunaga
Arranger: Ichizo Seo
Lyricist: Hitoshi Shinohara

M-28 - 1st Season 2nd Ending Theme
Performer: Kabuki Rocks
Composer: Hideki Aoki
Arranger: Kabuki Rocks, Nobuhiko Sato
Lyricist: Ichiban Arimura [有村一番]

M-29 - 2nd Season Opening Theme
Performer: Toru Furuya
Composer: Toshiaki Matsumoto
Arranger: Akira Mitake
Lyricist: Shigeru Amano [天野滋]

M-30 - 2nd Season Ending Theme
Performer: Masako Katsuki
Composer: Toshiaki Matsumoto
Arranger: Akira Mitake
Lyricist: Shigeru Amano

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