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22/7 Character song CD: One of them/Ikiru Koto ni Raku ni Naritai

22/7 Character song CD One of them/生きることに楽になりたい
nanabun no nijyuuni Character song CD: One of them/Ikiru Koto ni Raku ni Naritai
Catalog Number ANZX-15224
Barcode 4534530122506
Release Date May 27, 2020
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price 7700 JPY (Package Price)
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal
LabelAniplex / /
ManufacturerAniplex Inc. / /
DistributorSony Music Solutions Inc. / /
Phonographic CopyrightSony Music Labels Inc. / /


Composer / Takao Yanagawa / , Kaz Kuwamura, まめ, PENGUINS /
Arranger / Takao Yanagawa / , まめ
Performer / Nagomi Saijo / , Sally Amaki /
Lyricist / Yasushi Akimoto /
Recording Engineer / Masayuki Tsuruta /
Mixing Engineer / Yasuo Matsumoto /
Mastering Engineer / Hidekazu Sakai /
Mastering Studio / Sony Music Studios Tokyo


Disc 1

01 One of them 3:27
02 Ikiru Koto ni Raku ni Naritai 3:52
03 One of them -off vocal ver.- 3:27
04 Ikiru Koto ni Raku ni Naritai -off vocal ver.- 3:50
Disc length 14:36



M-01 - Episode 3 Ending Theme
Performer: Miu Takigawa (CV: Nagomi Saijo)
Composer: Takao Yanagawa
Arranger: Takao Yanagawa
Lyricist: Yasushi Akimoto

M-02 - Episode 4 Ending Theme
Performer: Sakura Fujima (CV: Sally Amaki)
Composer: Kaz Kuwamura, まめ, PENGUINS
Arranger: まめ
Lyricist: Yasushi Akimoto


Total Produce: Yasushi Akimoto

Recording Director: Hironobu Tanaka [田中博信]
Assistant Director: 瀬川結香 (テクスチュアー)
Recording Management: テクスチュアー
Recording Engineer: Masayuki Tsuruta (テクスラボ)
Mixing Engineer: Yasuo Matsumoto (ZeeQ)
Mastering Engineer: Hidekazu Sakai (Sony Music Studios Tokyo)
Mastering Studio: Sony Music Studios Tokyo

Enclosed with 22/7 Vol.2 Limited Edition BD/DVD (ANZX-15223/ANZB-15223), originally scheduled to be released on April 29, 2020.

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