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Death Stranding Original Score

Catalog Number 19439727722
Barcode 194397277227
Release Date Mar 13, 2020
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 15.99 EUR
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
LabelSony Classical / /
DistributorSony Music Entertainment / /
Phonographic CopyrightSony Interactive Entertainment LLC / /


Composer / Ludvig Forssell, Joel Corelitz
Arranger / Edward Trybek, Henri Wilkinson, Jonathan Beard
Performer / Jenny Plant, Ludvig Forssell, Chorus of The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Nashville Scoring Orchestra, Clint Bajakian, David Sturdevant
Recording Engineer / Nick Spezia
Recording Studio / Abbey Road Studios, PlayStation Recording Studios
Conductor / Miriam Nemcova, Marek Valasek
Sound Director / Ludvig Forssell
Choir Contractor / James Fitzpatrick (Tadlow Music)


Disc 1

01 Once, There Was An Explosion 3:07
02 Alone We Have No Future 3:46
03 Bridges 3:28
04 Soulless Meat Puppet 1:37
05 Beached Things 3:26
06 Chiral Carcass Culling 2:23
07 The Face Of Our New Hope 3:26
08 John 2:50
09 An Endless Beach 5:14
10 Heartman 2:08
11 The Severed Bond 4:05
12 Claws Of The Dead 5:14
13 Fragile 3:34
14 Stick Vs Rope 4:02
15 A Final Waltz 5:26
Disc length 53:46
Disc 2

01 Strands 8:42
02 Lou 3:08
03 BB's Theme (Feat. Jenny Plant) 5:17
04 Flower Of Fingers 5:57
05 Cargo High 2:52
06 Demens 3:23
07 Decentralized By Nature 2:07
08 Mules 2:05
09 Porter Syndrome 1:22
10 Chiralium 4:10
11 Spatial Awareness 3:30
12 Stepping Stones 3:16
13 Frozen Space 3:48
14 The Timefall 2:51
Disc length 52:28

  Total tracks 29   Total length 1:46:14


All music by Ludvig Forssell
except tracks "Cargo High" and "Demens" by Joel Corelitz


Audio Director: Ludvig Forssell

Music by Ludvig Forssell

Technical Sound Designer: Hiroyuki Nakayama

Sound Design and Implementation: Nick van Kleef, Peter Wayne, Minoru Tsuchihashi


Senior Director, Music: Chuck Doud
Additional Music and Musical Sound Design by Joel Corelitz

Score Produced by Keith Leary, Peter Scaturro

Score Mixers: Justin Lieberman, Anthony Caruso, Marc Senasac, Joel Yarger, Scott Bergstrom, Kellogg Boynton, Eddie Jackson
Music Production Assistants: Sara Barone, Seira McCarthy, James Probel
Music Affairs Specialist: Justin Fields
Project Manager: Angelica Advincula

Music Lead: Andrew Buresh
Music Implementation and Editing: Tyler Crowder, Nick Mastroianni, Monty Mudd, Alex Ruger, Ernest Johnson, Ted Kocher, Tao-Ping Chen, Bill Hemstapat, Adam Kallibjian, Christopher Rossetti, Scott Shoemaker
Head of Creative Music Affairs: Alex Hackford
Senior Music Affairs Manager: Jason Swan
Senior Music Affairs Coordinator: Vanessa Zamora
Music Department Assistant: Kerry Ryan

Edward Trybek, Henri Wilkinson, Jonathan Beard

Chorus of The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
Prague Choir Contractor: James Fitzpatrick (Tadlow Music)
Choir Masters: Miriam Nemcova, Marek Valasek

Choir Recorded at Smecky Music Studio, Prague, Czech Republic
Recording Engineers: Vítek Král, Michard Hradisky
Translator and Music Assistance: Stanja Vomackova

Nashville Scoring Orchestra
Orchestra Contractor: Alan Umstead (Nashville Music Scoring)
Recorded by Nick Spezia
Pro Tools Operator: Jasper LeMaster
Scoring Librarian: Sammy Sanfilippo

London Music Recording
Contractor: Hilary Skewes & Co.

Vocals: Jenny Plant
Whistling: Clint Bajakian
Harmonica: David Sturdevant

Soloists recorded at
Abbey Road Studios, London, United Kingdom, by John Barrett
PlayStation Recording Studios, San Mateo, California, United States
Music Producer
Hideo Kojima

"BB's Theme"
Written by Ludvig Forssell
Performed by Ludvig Forssell featuring Jenny Plant

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