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Angelique Eternity ~Vocal Collection~

アンジェリーク Eternity ~ヴォーカル・セレクション~
Catalog Number KECH-1343
Barcode 4988615020681
Release Date Aug 03, 2005
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2500 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal
PublisherKOEI Co., Ltd. / /
DistributorUNIVERSAL MUSIC K.K. / /



Disc 1

01 My Heart is for You 3:54
02 Water Aria 4:12
03 Balsamic Moon Magical Charm 3:56
04 Children of the Moon 4:52
05 Promise 5:24
06 lovesick 4:25
07 Let's Walk Together 5:36
08 Locked in a Night of Visions 4:20
09 I wanna try ~I Can't Be a Boy~ 5:04
10 Midnight Shuffle 4:32
11 I Can Hear Your Love 4:23
12 180° ~Force of Passion~ 4:51
13 Listen Carefully 4:37
14 QUESTION 4:04
15 You Are Not Alone ~ALWAYS~ 7:28
Disc length 71:38



This is predominately a "Best of" album, with no new material.

All Lyrics by Yuriko Mori

M01 -- from Angelique Twin Collection (OVA)
  Composition: Masatoshi Sakashita / Arrangement: Kazuhito Fujiki
  Vocal:  Nobutoshi Hayashi
  Composition, Arrangement: Masumi Ito
  Vocal: Nobuo Tobita
M03 -- from Angelique Etoile
  Composition, Arrangement: Hajime Hyakkoku
  Vocal: Tomokazu Sugita
  Composition: Ritsuko Miyajima / Arrangement: Tadashi Shirakawa / String Arrangement: Megumi Maruo
  Vocal: Hiro Yuuki, Atsushi Kisaichi, Yumi Toma
M05 -- from Angelique Special 2
  Composition: Toshiaki Yamazaki / Arrangement: Yohichi Kawakatsu
  Vocal: Fumihiko Tachiki
M06 -- from Angelique Twin Collection (OVA)
  Composition: Nao Asada / Arrangement: Masaaki Iizuka
  Vocal: Mitsuo Iwata
M07 -- from Angelique Special 2
  Composition: Mari Konishi / Arrangement: Masaaki Iizuka
  Vocal: Fumihiko Tachiki, Tetsuya Iwanaga, Atsushi Kisaichi, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Yumi Touma
  Composition: Kazuya Izumi / Arrangement: Tadashi Shirakawa
  Vocal: Takehito Koyasu, Mitsuaki Madono
  Composition, Arrangement: Masanori Mine
  Vocal: Daisuke Namikawa
M10 -- from Angelique Etoile
  Composition: Masaru Ezaki / Arrangement: Norihito Sumitomo
  Vocal: Rikiya Koyama
M11 -- from Angelique Special 2
  Composition: Go Takahashi / Arrangement: Kazuhito Fujiki
  Vocal: Tetsuya Iwanaga
  Composition, Arrangement: Masaaki Iizuka
  Vocal:  Kenyu Horiuchi, Ken Narita
  Composition, Arrangement: Hajime Hyakkoku
  Vocal: Show Hayami, Hideyuki Tanaka, Toshihiko Seki
M14 -- from Angelique Special 2
  Composition: Chisa Tanabe / Arrangement: Masaki Tsurugi
  Vocal: Toshiyuki Morikawa
  Composition, Arrangement: Yoshiaki Ouchi
  Vocal: Show Hayami, Kaneto Shiozawa, Kenyu Horiuchi, Nobuo Tobita, Nobutoshi Hayashi, Mitsuo Iwata, Hiro Yuuki, Takehito Koyasu, Toshihiko Seki

Sound Produced by SPARKS Yoshiyuki Ito Tr1-2,4-8,11-15
                             FILLIN Seiichi Negi Tr3,9-10
Lyrics Produced by: Yuriko Mori
Album Produced by: KOEI Yasuichiro Shimbo/Mami Matsushita/結城 浩子/Machiko Sekine [関根 真知子]
Mastered at CD DESIGN
Designed by: Emi Kamata [カマタ エミ]
Illustrated by: Kairi Yura [由羅 カイリ]

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