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Crema Binaria

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Feb 14, 2020
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 5.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Work
Publisherchibi-tech / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Composer / chibi-tech
Lyricist / Misz Umino / , H/de.


Disc 1

01 雨色の時間 6:37
02 くものおと 5:48
Disc length 12:25



Sometime long ago based in the FUTURE, situated in a cozy little mysterious cafe somewhere in the midst of Dogenzaka... comes an emotional tale of two magical fraternal twins, Latte & Crema.

United by their love for meticulous art formed from a nice cup of caffeinated brew, the two discover that, despite their apparent differences, their mutual relationship can flourish into beautiful creations.


This two-song single is the result of much soul-searching after an emotionally rough past few years of my life. Starting from a humble cafe in the middle of Shibuya with the desire to find... interestingly enough... solace within a crowd of patrons minding their own business, the actual creation process of these songs involved traveling in full-nomad style with my portable DAW & headphones to various cafes, homes, events, and even odder areas throughout both Japan and various parts of the rest of the world.

Much thanks to everyone who helped make this possible -- and all my friends who gave their pure-hearted support to me when I needed it. I feel extremely fortunate that, despite all the daily toils and the few manipulative & abusive creeps within the chiptune scene who made me feel like i was worthless for the past few years, I do have people who genuinely care about me.

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NES (Famicom)

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