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Tokimeki Memorial: Irodori no Love Song with you Private Single CD

ときめきメモリアル 彩のラブソング with you プライベートシングルCD
Catalog Number LM-921
Release Date 1998
Publish Format Commercial, Promo/Gift/Reward
Release Price Unknown (Japan)
Media Format Mini CD
Classification Vocal, Drama
LabelKONAMI / /
PublisherKonami Co., Ltd. / /


Composer / TMCK Name MOVE-san
Arranger / Nazo² Suzuki /
Performer / Masayo Kawaguchi / , Ryo Horikawa / , Ryotaro Okiayu / , Houko Kuwashima / , Monta, Nazo² Suzuki / , Bakio, Hiko
Lyricist / TMCK Name Chipper Jones-san


Disc 1

01 A Tomorrow Just For Here 17:03
02 Become a Feather! 2:25
Disc length 19:28



An 8-cm CD single that was obtained by buying volumes 1-5 of the "Tokimeki Memorial: Irodori no Love Song with you" Drama CDs and submitting the tickets on the obis of every volume into a lottery.

Track 2 Credits:
Vocal: モンタ(Monta)
Guitars & Synth: Nazo²鈴木(Nazo² Suzuki)
Bass: バキオ (Bakio)
Drums: ヒーコ (Hiko)

Album Stats

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Products represented
Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series vol.2: Irodori no Love Song
Platforms represented
Sega Saturn, Sony PlayStation


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