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Friend to Lover ~Fureraba~ Character Song CD

Friend to Lover ~フレラバ~ キャラクターソングCD
Catalog Number N/A
Barcode 4562168548108
Release Date Mar 26, 2015
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price 9504 JPY (Package Price)
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
OrganizationsKAGA CREATE


Disc 1

01 eclosion 3:26
02 and happy 3:21
03 Good Night 4:43
04 シャルロットの憂鬱 4:07
05 この声を聞いてね 4:34
06 Quantum jump(ピアノアレンジver) 4:23
07 2人のアルバム(アコースティックアレンジver) 4:03
08 eclosion(instrumental) 3:26
09 and happy(instrumental) 3:21
10 Good Night(instrumental) 4:43
11 シャルロットの憂鬱(instrumental) 4:07
12 この声を聞いてね(instrumental) 4:34
Disc length 48:48



M1.01 - PSVita "Friend to Lover ~Fureraba~" Opening Theme
Lyrics: kala
Composition/Arrangement: Shunsuke Shiina
Vocal: Hagumi Nishizawa

M1.02 - Himari Minahara Character Song
Lyrics: kala
Composition/Arrangement/Guitar: Shunsuke Shiina
Vocal: Himari Minahara (CV.東かりん)

M1.03 - Rina Mochiduki Character Song
Lyrics/Composition: kala
Arrangement: R.East
Vocal: Rina Mochiduki (CV.Sanma Aji)

M1.04 - Yuzuyu Hiiragi Character Song
Lyrics: Riryka
Composition/Arrangement: Satoru Inohara
Guitar: Yasuo Asai
Vocal: Yuzuyu Hiiragi (CV.Hana Akino)

M1.05 - Misaki Sawatari Character Song
Lyrics: Mami♡Nakayama
Composition/Arrangement: Mizki Shinohara
Guitar: かとりーぬ
Vocal: Misaki Sawatari (CV.水邑琴音)

Lyrics: Marika
Composition/Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Piano: Keiki Uto
Vocal: Marika

Lyrics: Miu Natsuki
Composition/Arrangement/Guitar: Shunsuke Shiina
Vocal: Miu Natsuki

All Sound Producted by Angel Note

Enclosed with Friend to Lover ~Fureraba~ First Press Limited Edition (KGCR-00002).

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