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Giraffe and Annika - Songs of Spica

Catalog Number GAK-GDS-US-OST
Release Date Aug 25, 2020
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price 49.99 USD (Package Price)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherNIS America / /


Composer / TOMZUIN H
Arranger / TOMZUIN H
Performer / TOMZUIN H, Saeko Kurokawa / , Satoshi Izumi / , Hitomi Yamakami / , Naoko Sato / , Megumi Abiko, Keiji Matsui / , Maika Loubté, Kenta Hamasaki /
Lyricist / Keisei Leboutet
Recording Engineer / TOMZUIN H, Keiji Matsui /
Recording Studio / echo and cloud studio, Sonica Studio
Mixing Engineer / TOMZUIN H
Programmer / TOMZUIN H


Disc 1

01 Annika's Theme - Morning
02 The Haunted Forest
03 A Witch's Delight
04 Annika's Theme - Afternoon
05 Niraikanai
06 Crab King's Achame Dance Time
07 Guardian of the Flame
08 Kagemaru
09 Annika's Theme - Night
10 Dance With Me?
11 The Rondo of Light
12 A White World
13 Snowflake Duet
14 Triangle Mountain
15 Heart to Heart
16 Lead to Eternity



Included with Giraffe and Annika Musical Mayhem Edition, sold exclusively by NIS America.

Composition & Arrangement: TOMZUIN H
Clarinet and Bass Clarinet: Saeko Kurokawa
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Mandolin: Satoshi Izumi
Flute and Soprano Sax: Hitomi Yamakami
Percussion: Naoko Sato
Sanshin, Voice and Whistle: Megumi Abiko
Cello: Keiji Matsui
Piano & Synthesizer: TOMZUIN H
Recorded by TOMZUIN H, Keiji Matsui
Recorded at echo and cloud studio, Sonica Studio
Mixed by TOMZUIN H
Music Production: Sonica Inc.

Theme song "Lead to Eternity"
Vocals: Maika Loubté
Lyric: Keisei Leboutet
Music & Arrangement: TOMZUIN H
Clarinet: Saeko Kurokawa
Mandolin: Satoshi Izumi
Wood Bass: Kenta Hamasaki
Percussion: Naoko Sato
Piano & Synthesizer: TOMZUIN H
Artist Management: Kazuhiro Kimura (Maamaa Inc.)

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