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Ultimate Chicken Horse Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number debug-003
Release Date May 2020
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 37.00 USD
Media Format 2 Vinyl (12" 33⅓ rpm)
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherDebug Records / /


Composer / Mathieu Lavoie, FX Dupas
Arranger / Mathieu Lavoie, FX Dupas
Performer / Jérôme Dupuis-Cloutier, Yves Turgeon, Simon L'Espérance, Mathieu Lavoie, FX Dupas, Benjamin Bongert


Disc 1

01 Main Titles
02 Waterfall
03 Windmill
04 Pyramid
05 Old House
06 Tree
07 Dance Party
08 Metal Plant
09 Farm
10 Rooftop
11 Iceberg
12 Party Mode
13 Freeplay
Disc 2

01 Pier
02 Elphantastic Update
03 Mainframe
04 Challenge Mode
05 Nuclear Plant
06 Building a Crumbling Bridge
07 Crumbling Bridge
08 Jungle Temple
09 Volcano
10 Chimply Amazing Update
11 Space
12 Ballroom



2LP soundtrack on Chicken white and Horse brown colored vinyl. Comes in a gatefold jacket. Includes a sticker sheet. Limited to 300 copies.

Music composed and arranged by Mathieu Lavoie and FX Dupas of Vibe Avenue

Trumpet: Jérôme Dupuis-Cloutier

Saxophone & Flute: Yves Turgeon

Guitars: Simon L'Espérance & Mathieu Lavoie

Harmonica & Keyboards: FX Dupas

Scratch Table: Benjamin Bongert

Suling, Bamboo Whistle, Love Flute, Whistling & Banjo: Mathieu Lavoie

Recording, Mixing & Digital Mastering: Simon l'Espérance

Music score prepared by FX Dupas and Léandre Monette.
Vinyl Mastering: Andreas Kotsamanidis

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