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Demon's Tier+ Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number EAS-S0078
Release Date Jun 12, 2020
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price 34.99 USD (Package Price)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Publishereastasiasoft / /


Composer / Giorgiost


Disc 1

01 Introduction - The forgotten history of evil
02 Title screen - Dreams of the devil, a princess and a king
03 Town music - Strangers in Bendel town
04 Cave zone - The cave of crimson lights
05 Ruins zone - Cobwebs in an ancient kingdom
06 Fire cave zone - Fire and stress, Closer to hell...
07 Palace zone - Ruins of a king, forgotten and repudiated
08 Abyss zone - Songs of souls, buried in the abyss
09 Lair zone - Laments of a lost soul that ask
10 Story 1 - A tear and a smile in a world without light
11 Story 2 - The wishes of a swindler and the cup of evil
12 Story 3 - Love of a princess, for her King and a knight
13 Boss1 - Rattles between Good and Evil
14 Boss2 - The fight is complicated and an illusion appears
15 FinalBoss - One last breath to stop the evil lord
16 Fanfare - Triumphant music of an infernal battle
17 Ending - The world collapses but evil fades away



Included with the game Demon's Tier+ Limited Edition for PSV.
Limited to 1500 copies.

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