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Mar 18, 1977
Hakuba, Kitaazumi District, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Mathematics, Tokyo Denki University
Credited works
45 albums in database
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7493 composer
593 original composer
190 original music
85 original work
64 original
33 music
22 arranger
9 liner notes
7 original track
6 sound composer
6 original score
5 lyricist
4 special thanks
2 song composer
2 original song
1 story
1 character designer
1 original lyricist
1 artist


Junya Ota (太田順也), better known as ZUN, is a Japanese video game developer renowned as the sole member of Team Shanghai Alice. He is acclaimed for creating the doujin shoot 'em up franchise Touhou Project. ZUN is responsible for programming, scriptwriting, artistic direction, and musical composition for the core games. Fans affectionately refer to ZUN as Hakurei Kannushi (博麗神主), a nickname that he has adopted for himself. Outside of his involvement with the Touhou franchise, he was employed by the Taito Corporation from 1998 to 2007. ZUN's musical compositions have sparked a notable phenomenon, evident in the tens of thousands of fan arrangements by various groups, highlighting the enduring impact of his work.



08.11 Hourai Ningyou ~ Dolls in Pseudo Paradise -ZUN Collection de Musique I- ZCDS-0001 Story, Composer, Arranger, Liner Notes


12.30 Rendaino Yakou ~ Ghostly Field Club. -ZUN's Music Collection Vol.2- ZCDS-0002 Composer, Arranger


12.30 @~Charisma~ SYCD-0001 Composer*, Liner Notes
12.30 Yumetagae Kagaku Seiki ~ Changeability of Strange Dream -ZUN's Music Collection vol.3- ZCDS-0003 Composer, Arranger


08.11 Touhou Bunkachou ~ Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red N/A Composer, Arranger
08.14 Gensoukyokubassui ~ Touhou Suimusou Original Sound Track TFM-001 Composer, Liner Notes
09.30 Touhou Shikoubana ~Seasonal Dream Vision~ TORA-00009 Composer, Arranger


05.21 Bouyuu Toukaidou ~ Retrospective 53 minutes -ZUN's Music Collection vol.4- ZCDS-0004 Composer, Arranger
05.21 Yougakudan no Rekishi 1 ~ Akyu's Untouched Score vol.1 ZCDS-0005~6 Composer
08.11 Oozora Majutsu ~ Magical Astronomy -ZUN's Music Collection vol.5- ZCDS-0007 Composer, Arranger
12.27 Touhou Gumon Shiki ~ Perfect Memento in Strict Sense TDEX-6065A Composer, Arranger
12.31 Yougakudan no Rekishi 2 ~ Akyu's Untouched Score vol.2 ZCDS-0008 Composer
12.31 Yougakudan no Rekishi 3 ~ Akyu's Untouched Score vol.3 ZCDS-0009 Composer


01.26 Touhou Sangetsusei ~ Eastern and Little Nature Deity N/A Composer
12.31 Yougakudan no Rekishi 4 ~ Akyu's Untouched Score vol.4 ZCDS-0010 Composer
12.31 Yougakudan no Rekishi 5 ~ Akyu's Untouched Score vol.5 ZCDS-0011 Composer


01.26 Touhou Sangetsusei ~ Strange and Bright Nature Deity N/A Composer, Arranger
04.09 Touhou Bougetsushou ~ Silent Sinner in Blue. N/A Composer
08.16 Zenjinrui no Tengakuroku ~ Touhou Hisouten ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK TFM-003 Composer, Liner Notes


02.18 Touhou Sangetsusei ~ Strange and Bright Nature Deity Vol.2 N/A Composer
07.28 The Grimoire of Marisa IJTP-0004 Composer
08.15 Touhou Unreal Mahjong Original Soundtrack DNAS-MJST Composer
08.28 Touhou Sangetsusei ~ Strange and Bright Nature Deity Vol.3 N/A Composer
12.30 Kakunetsuzoushin Hisoutensoku ~ Touhou Hisoutensoku ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK TFM-004 Music, Composer, Liner Notes


03.20 Touhou Sangetsusei ~ Oriental Sacred Place. Vol.1 N/A Composer, Arranger


03.26 Touhou Sangetsusei ~ Oriental Sacred Place. Vol.2 Music Track N/A Composer, Arranger
05.08 Michi no Hana, Michi no Tabi -ZUN's Music Collection vol.5.5- ZCDS-0012 Composer, Arranger


03.26 Touhou Sangetsusei ~ Oriental Sacred Place. Vol.3 N/A Composer, Arranger
04.30 Torifune Iseki ~ Trojan Green Asteroid -ZUN's Music Collection vol.6- ZCDS-0013 Composer, Arranger
08.11 Izanagi Busshitsu ~ Neo-traditionalism of Japan. -ZUN's Music Collection vol.7- ZCDS-0014 Composer, Arranger


08.12 Ankokunougakushuu Shinkirou ~ Touhou Shinkirou ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK TFM-006 Music, Composer, Liner Notes


08.16 Cradle Re:BOOT -Touhou Gengaku Shiten- SEPR-0022 Composer*, Arranger


08.14 Shinpiteki Gakkyokushuu: Usami Sumireko to Himitsu no Bushitsu TFM-007 Composer, Liner Notes


05.08 Enseki Hakubutsushi ~ Dr. Latency's Freak Report -ZUN's Music Collection vol.8- ZCDS-0015 Composer, Arranger
06.30 Touhou Gairai Ihen: Strange Creators of Outer World Vol. 2 Special CD N/A Composer, Arranger
08.13 Kyuuyaku Sakaba ~ Dateless Bar "Old Adam". -ZUN's Music Collection vol.9- ZCDS-0016 Composer, Arranger
12.08 Shinpiteki Music Collection Supplement ~ Touhou Shinpiroku First Press Bonus CD TFM-008 Composer
12.10 Touhou Suzunaan ~ Forbidden Scrollery Vol.6 Special Edition Music Track N/A Composer, Arranger


10.15 Hifuu Club Activity Record ~ The Sealed Esoteric History -HOURI- ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK KFTA-008 Original Work, Original Composer*
10.25 8BIT MUSIC POWER FINAL -RIKI collection- COCX-40163 Composer


05.06 Kanzenhyoui Discography ~ Touhou Hyouibana ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK TFM-009 Composer, Liner Notes


11.28 Gouyoku na Kemono no Musica ~ Touhou Gouyoku Ibun ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK TFM-010 Composer, Liner Notes
12.31 Nijiiro no Septentrion -ZUN's Music Collection vol.9.5- ZCDS-0017 Composer, Arranger


02.07 Touhou Danmaku Kagura Phantasia Lost Soundtrack N/A Artist
05.03 Tanabatazaka Mugen Noh ~ Taboo Japan Disentanglement. -ZUN's Music Collection vol.10- N/A Composer, Arranger


Thanked on 4 albums


Referenced on 8379 albums


08.17 GC-Clusterz Memorial Works vol.4 GCCD-0004 Composer
08.17 Stardust Reverie PKHK-0002 Original Composer
10.11 TO-HO may so ROCK! pre relish edition "Half bloom" N/A Composer
12.30 Prism Light Fragments N/A Original Composer
12.30 STGxSTG CCCD-0006 Composer
12.30 Touhou to Senritsu [First Pressing] FOCD-0001 Composer
12.30 prism seal PKHK-0003 Original Composer


02.13 Touhou to Senritsu FOCD-0002 Composer
04.18 Meido Koushinkyoku [First Pressing] FOCD-0003 Composer
04.18 TO-HO may so ROCK! KACD-0001 Composer
04.18 Shugatsu Ouka MBCD-0003 Composer
04.18 Touhou Syoujo ~ Ouka chiri-yukite NKCD-0001 Composer
05.02 Private Square YDKT-0001 Composer
08.13 Gensokyo Electori N/A Composer
08.15 Marisa-tan, Ofantsu Daisakusen N/A Composer
08.15 ANEMONE N/A Composer
08.15 against, perfect cherry blossom. ARCD0002 Composer
08.15 Technetium VS RaverRose THE GAME ADDICTS!! CTCD-0005 Composer
08.15 Meido Koushinkyoku FOCD-0004~5 Composer
08.15 Toho-98 Arrange HKMP-OTO08 Composer
08.15 Ouka Kenran LMCD-0008 Composer
08.15 Gensou Soushi MBCD-0004 Composer
08.15 Touhou Kaiki ~ Tsuki ga Ochitekuru NKCD-0002 Composer
08.15 Cradle -Touhou Gengaku Shiten- SEPR-0001 Composer
08.15 YOGOTO WDCD-0001 Composer
10.09 Shoujo to Yume Ningyou RPTL-002 Composer
10.09 Sakura Gengaku Ten ~ Fantasic record of Cherry-blossom SHAC-0002 Composer
10.10 Blues Koi Musume FOCD-0005.5 Composer
10.10 Gekka Kyouran LMCD-0009 Composer
12.30 Moonlit Fragments N/A Composer
12.30 Firefly N/A Composer
12.30 Gensoufu N/A Composer
12.30 RayTracing ABCD-0001 Composer
12.30 Touhou Gengaku Henkyokushuu Vol.2 -MAI- ARCD0004 Composer
12.30 Touhou Strike CCCD-0007 Composer
12.30 et cetra:ETC ~ESTi's Temporary Collection~ ESTI-0001 Composer
12.30 Hyakki Yakou FOCD-0006~7 Composer
12.30 Lewd Pedestal Field Travels in the Night ~First Soundtrack~ HKMP-OTO09 Composer
12.30 Touhou Eiyashou 98 Arrange HKMP-OTO10 Composer
12.30 RE-ESSENCE IBCD-0003 Composer
12.30 Over the sky LMCD-0010 Composer
12.30 Pre-Clsade Lvlt-0006 Composer
12.30 Spectrum Energy MBCD-0005 Composer
12.30 happy winter MYRAC-001 Composer
12.30 Touhou Satisfaction ~ the Excitation of Scarlet Sonic. NKCD-0003 Composer
12.30 Rebirth SEPR-0002 Composer
12.30 Touhou Radio Waka Compilation ~Preview Version~ SUSI-0000 Composer
12.30 Voyager ~ Touhou Sengikyoku WAVE-00008 Composer
12.30 HO-ZUKI WDCD-0002 Composer
12.30 phantasmagoria WPRL-0006 Composer
12.30 Perfect Square YDKT-0002 Composer


??.?? Yuu Piano & TAM Violin N/A Composer
??.?? search&caved -Kenteki Hikkutsu- PV-fuu N/A Composer
??.?? Malignant Variation -THE MV MUSIC- AQUA-0009 Composer
03.01 Spectrum Energy.Plus! MBCD-0006 Composer
03.04 Touhou Gengaku Henkyokushuu Vol.3 -ZEN- ARCD0005 Composer
03.13 Yukigetsuki -Square of the moon- NKCD-0001 Composer
03.21 anima I Touhou MOSE-0001 Composer
03.21 VERNAL FLOWERS SACD-5008 Composer
03.21 Samurai From East ZNCD-005 Composer
04.03 Power Of The Music SPCD-01 Original Composer
04.23 Touhou Destiny GCFT-0023 Composer
04.27 Gensou Senya Ichiya -Live at Hakugyokuro Super Arena- Remastering + Encore Version BSMH-001 Composer
05.01 Gensou Densoukyou N/A Composer
05.01 TOHO JAZZ 2005 ASCD-0001 Composer
05.01 Touhou Hardcore Night CTCD-0007 Composer
05.01 FMPSG003 -The Chiptune Memories- FPCR-003 Composer
05.01 Moonlight Love Sign GSCD-0001 Composer
05.01 Eternal Night Retribution (Tentative) NKCD-0004 Composer
05.01 Floatia SSRY-0001 Composer
05.01 Festa TUCD-01 Original Composer
05.04 Mirage ~ Night Music Ensemble N/A Composer
05.04 Wings of Doom ~Hametsu no Tsubasa~ N/A Composer
05.04 Nightfall N/A Composer
05.04 Tea party of magic N/A Composer
05.04 Touhou Gensou Suite Preview Edition N/A Composer
05.04 Farther N/A Composer
05.04 Koiiro Crimson Spark N/A Composer
05.04 The Castle We Must Return To ANL-001 Original Composer
05.04 Touhou Kitougeki Supreme Duel AQUA-0010 Composer
05.04 Touhou Strange Battle Music AQUA-0011 Composer
05.04 Touhou Homerun CCCD-0008 Composer
05.04 T ~Touhou Musoukyoku~ CTBR-0004 Composer
05.04 Symphony from The Sanctuary: Scarlet Devil Rhapsody ~ Scarlet Rapsodia DBCD-0001 Composer
05.04 Symphony from The Sanctuary: Illusionary Funeral Melody ~ Necromanza DBCD-0002 Composer
05.04 Symphony from The Sanctuary: Fantasy Nocturne ~ Eternal Nocturne DBCD-0003 Composer
05.04 Symphony from The Sanctuary: Nostalgic Requiem DBCD-0004 Composer
05.04 Reverie EFCD-0002 Composer
05.04 Datte-Shoganai-Janai FOCD-0011 Composer
05.04 Touhou Jihen HSCD-0002 Composer
05.04 No genre 3 if Light-003 Composer
05.04 Strawberry_Cranberry LMCD-0011 Composer
05.04 ξ・∀・) Merupo Tsuttara Gah NKCD-0005 Composer
05.04 Illusion Music Festival ~ Phantom Concert NNCD-001 Composer
05.04 Illusion Music Gramophone NOK-0001 Composer
05.04 Big Silver Screen OEMM-0087 Composer
05.04 Touhou Utamatsuri RSPC-0004 Composer
05.04 Gessharoku ~ The Moon-shooter SHAC-0003 Composer
05.04 Touhou Radio Waka Compilation ~Vocal Arrange Musics~ SUSI-0001 Composer
05.04 I Could Die For Your Bullet SWCD-0014 Composer
05.04 Youchou Ranbu ~Deadly Dancing Butterfly~ UI-0006 Composer
05.04 ENTERPRISE WAVE-0010 Composer
05.04 Komorino no Yogoto WDCD-0003 Composer
05.04 Kukeiha Gensou YFCD-0001 Composer
05.28 Le vieux piano HTRJ-0001 Composer
06.18 Touhou Utamatsuri RSCD-0001 Composer
06.19 Luxurious and Gorgeous SACD-5011 Composer
06.29 White Embrace P2CD-0008 Composer
07.16 Ghostly Eyes ~Illusionary Night~ N/A Composer
08.14 Quartet - Touhou Gengaku Shijuusou - N/A Composer
08.14 East side fragment N/A Composer
08.14 Pieces of Memorable Dreams N/A Composer
08.14 Genkyou Gensoukyoku ~Sukima~ N/A Composer
08.14 Bewitching Lunatic Music Dream N/A Composer
08.14 Celestial Vane N/A Composer
08.14 candybug N/A Composer
08.14 Possessed Lotus Story ADLB-0001 Composer
08.14 trace|phantasmagoria ARCD0006 Composer
08.14 genealogy|shrinemaiden ARCD0007 Composer
08.14 COOL&CREATE Trial Version CCCD-0009 Composer
08.14 THE Ore ~SIMPLE 1000~ CTBR-0005 Composer
08.14 Touhou Hardcore CTCD-0008 Composer
08.14 Sephiroth DSST-0001 Composer
08.14 thE DVSP-0027 Original Music
08.14 Schreckenschuß ENSK-0001 Composer
08.14 FRAGILE ONLINE BEST ALBUM [Vol.1 Touhou Series Collection] FOCD-0012 Composer
08.14 Touhou Midnight MAXIMUMTUNE GCFT-0024 Composer
08.14 Touhou Strange Battle Music 2 HKMP-OTO11 Composer
08.14 ToHo Rondo -Version0.9- HTCD-0010 Composer
08.14 Touhou Orange HTRJ-0002 Composer
08.14 Toho Kenbunroku Vol.1 KMCB-007 Composer
08.14 Re:Write LMCD-0012 Composer
08.14 Touhou Jewel NTPM-0012 Composer
08.14 Strawberry Finch OEMM-0089 Composer
08.14 Touhou Renshoka PMS-AMCD-0004 Composer
08.14 VAIN CRY PPCD-0501 Composer
08.14 Seraphic Lawsuit RLCD-0014 Composer
08.14 Snow Rabbit SACD-5012 Composer
08.14 I Could Die for You Again SWCD-0015 Composer
08.14 Touhou Gensou Suite SYCD-0002 Composer
08.14 es VDK-0014 Composer
08.14 Junk Poltergeist WWCD-0001 Composer
08.14 VAGUE extend ZTSL-013 Composer
08.15 TOHO_SUMMERLAND CHOM-0019 Composer
08.15 BorderLine FNAG-0002 Sound Composer
08.15 Bruit de la verite KTBH-0005 Composer
08.16 Sougin no Kobako ~orgel melodies of recollection GSCD-0002 Composer
09.11 for the Lunatix CHS-0001 Composer
09.11 TOU-KYOU ICDA-0006 Composer
09.11 Yokohama Dream Land SWCD-0016~7 Composer
09.11 Frequency Modulation Phantom Night SR ULCG-0002 Composer
09.11 Kukeiha Fubako YFCD-0002 Composer
09.12 Enchanted Waves YDKT-0003 Composer
10.01 yu-ma MIZONOKUCHI Monthly TOHO Arrange CD ~ October OEMM-0091 Composer
10.08 Touhou & key Piano Solo CD (Ver0.1) N/A Composer
10.08 Touhou & key Piano & Violin N/A Composer
10.23 Shissou Youjokyoku AQSS-0001 Composer
10.30 Concerto Archives of MARISA piece GSCD-0003 Composer
10.30 Love-Colored Music Festival ~ Magical Concert NNCD-002 Composer
10.30 Die Musik stunde von MARISA RMCD-001 Composer
10.30 ICHIKO WDCD-0004 Composer
11.03 Touhou & key Piano Solo CD (Ver0.2) N/A Composer
11.03 key & Touhou 03 ~ Yuu with TAM 01 N/A Composer
11.03 key & Touhou 04 ~ Yuu with TAM 02 N/A Composer
11.13 Touhoumania IIDX -Te amo- N/A Composer
11.13 Odoru Touhou Rave CTCD-0009 Composer
11.13 Touhou Romandou ~a secret passage~ GCFT-0026 Composer
11.13 yu-ma MIZONOKUCHI Monthly TOHO Arrange CD ~ November OEMM-0092 Composer
11.13 the Grimoire of Alice EP P2CD-0009 Composer
11.13 HAPPY NIGHT SACD-5013 Composer
11.13 Hakukore WGCD-0001 Composer
12.25 Violin Collaboration N/A Composer
12.29 Up to Death -Touhou Project Arrange CD- VSCD-0005 Composer
12.30 Pieces of Antinomy Mind N/A Composer
12.30 Pieces of Antinomy Mind Side-B: Alice in PMD N/A Composer
12.30 Sekken-ya no Oseibo N/A Composer
12.30 NIGHT TIME N/A Composer
12.30 -Sasshin- Touhou Onbunroku N/A Composer
12.30 Touhou Kuusou-ten N/A Composer
12.30 Touhou Youyoumu Arrange (Kari) N/A Composer
12.30 Unmei -Wind of peace- N/A Composer
12.30 stem of radiant ACCD0001 Composer
12.30 Mystery Sea Cosmos ADLB-0003 Original Composer
12.30 A. aurantiaca ARCD0008 Composer
12.30 Lily of the Incas ARCD0009~10 Composer
12.30 Record of Saigyouji Affairs ASCD-0002 Composer
12.30 Crab BOCD-0001 Composer
12.30 Leila Prismriver CDMQ-0001 Composer
12.30 Touhou NEW WAVE OF NEW WAVE vol.1 CLCD001 Composer
12.30 The best compilation CTBR-0006 Composer
12.30 Touhou Kousouka ~Zenyasai~ CTCD-9.5 Composer
12.30 Profound Symphony from The Sanctuary: Divertimento of Scattering Flowers ~ Flower Divertimento DBCD-0005 Composer
12.30 Alternative DBLB-0001 Composer
12.30 Near Death HEAVEN EDCD-0001 Composer
12.30 One Flower of the Tree Peony HSCD-0003 Composer
12.30 Neige HTRFR-0004 Composer
12.30 Touhou 20th Century Girl HTRFR-0005 Composer
12.30 Blaze IBCD-0004 Composer
12.30 GAMETAL 3rd Satan's Lullaby IWAM-15 Composer
12.30 SUPERNOVA K2-0001 Composer
12.30 Toho Kenbunroku Vol.2 KMCB-008 Composer
12.30 fragment LMCD-0043 Composer
12.30 Gensou Murasaki Ensai ~ Dreamt Purple Night MCCD-0001 Composer
12.30 anima II Touhou MOSE-0002 Composer
12.30 Under the Moonlit Night MYRAC-0003 Composer
12.30 Touhou Koumadan ~ Best Regards, Master Spark NKCD-0007 Composer
12.30 girl and half NKCD-0008 Composer
12.30 East side material NTCD-0001 Composer
12.30 Touhou Thesaurus NTPM-0013 Composer
12.30 Roaming Romance OEMM-0093 Composer
12.30 yu-ma MIZONOKUCHI Monthly TOHO Arrange CD ~ January OEMM-0094 Composer
12.30 Scenic petite suite "Symphonietta, snow or cherry petal" PPKN-0004 Composer
12.30 kasoku SACD-5014 Composer
12.30 Leavatein ~ Scarlet Magic Wand SRLX-024 Composer
12.30 Rokujuunen no Shikisai SSRY-0002 Composer
12.30 Dearly TUCD-02 Composer
12.30 Higankasou ~the view of spiral riverside~ UIDEM-01 Composer
12.30 HANAGATAMI WDCD-0005 Composer
12.30 Touhou Shoukyokushuu -Yuigadokuson- XLPS-0007 Composer
12.30 sync/rare YDKT-0004 Composer
12.30 Kukeiha Fubako -Hanazukuyo- YFCD-0003 Composer
12.30 Samurai Strikes Back !! ZNCD-006 Composer


01.01 Touhou Midnight MAXIMUMTUNE II GCFT-0028 Composer
01.29 Racial Ethnic Nation AQSH-0003 Original Composer
01.29 Touhou NEW WAVE OF NEW WAVE vol.2 Preview Disc CLCD002 Composer
01.29 Gecchouka MKTD-0601 Composer
01.29 Tiger & Melon ~Melon no Kai~ SWCD-0020 Composer
01.29 Touhou Sekka ~East dawn~ TOCD-0001 Composer
02.05 yu-ma MIZONOKUCHI Monthly TOHO Arrange CD ~ March OEMM-0095 Composer
02.05 Die Felsen Floete RMCD-002 Composer
02.11 Sekai no Yama-chan SWCD-0022 Composer
02.12 Touhou Piano Solo N/A Composer
02.12 Touhou Manga Matsuri ~ Namaensou Program Kyoku N/A Composer
02.12 TAMUSIC 2nd Concert CD N/A Composer
02.12 Sakura to Ningyo N/A Composer
02.12 SCARLET DESTINY Preview Disc N/A Composer
02.12 Touhou Kousouka CTCD-0010 Composer
02.12 Reimei Genpushuu ~ the Past to Future ~ SZCD-0000 Composer
02.14 Lunatic Gate N/A Composer
03.05 Flowering Night 2006 ~Yuuga ni Sawage Live in Hakurei Shrine~ Omake CD N/A Composer
03.06 Minato Gensokyo -Recurrence Imagination- GSCD-0004 Composer
03.21 Oboromuku Tsuki ~Vaguely Dreams of Scarlet Fullmoon~ UI-0007 Composer
04.02 Eien no Kurenai Yami N/A Composer
04.12 SOUND HOLIC MEETS TOHO ~Touhouteki Henkyoku Ongenshuu~ SDHC-0001 Composer
04.23 Oni to Tengu no Utage N/A Composer
04.29 Toono Gensou Monogatari ~ Rakonto de Sonorado Pejzaĝo Antauvidi Eldono Disko N/A Composer
04.29 Kijo no tame no Tsukimisou N/A Composer
04.29 Sougaku ~Touhou Ensemble~ CLEP-001 Composer
04.29 yu-ma MIZONOKUCHI Monthly TOHO Arrange CD ~ May OEMM-0096 Composer
04.29 blue window SPMU-0001 Composer
04.29 Touhou Manga Matsuri Onban Bunbunmaru TAM3-0001 Sound Composer
04.29 Motion Of Eternity WAS-01 Composer
05.12 Written Symphony from The Sanctuary: Flowery Compositions of the Wind Goddess ~ Arietta Incalzando DBCD-0006 Composer
05.13 Valse de l'est ~ Touhou Waltz Collection N/A Composer
05.14 SAKURA ~ Koukyou Roukaku Sample CD N/A Composer
05.16 Touhou Yugekitai GCFT-0029 Composer
05.21 Touhou Live Event: Flowering Night 2006 ~Yuuga ni Sawage Live in Hakurei Shrine~ N/A Composer
05.21 Eastern Fairy Tale N/A Composer
05.21 THE UDONGE M@STER N/A Composer
05.21 Watashi no Miyakowasure wo N/A Composer
05.21 Youyou no Yume ~Piano Suite~ N/A Composer
05.21 Dividing from Hell ADLB-0004 Composer
05.21 Reach, Towards Our Waterless Sea Above ANL-002 Composer
05.21 Suikyuu no Yume AQSH-0006 Composer
05.21 NITE VERSIONS ARCD0011 Composer
05.21 TOHO JAZZ 2006 ASCD-0003 Composer
05.21 Kouka Shouran ~RAPID ENSEMBLE~ ASHI-0001 Composer
05.21 Touhou Vocal Collection "drizzly train" CCCD-0010 Composer
05.21 Unlimited Spark! CHS-0002 Composer
05.21 THE OUTSIDE Trial Version CK-0001 Composer
05.21 THE OUTSIDE CK-0001P Composer
05.21 Touhou NEW WAVE OF NEW WAVE vol.2 CLCD003 Composer
05.21 Sacred Treasure CTBR-0007 Composer
05.21 WindAge FNAG-0005 Sound Composer
05.21 Shippuu Touhou Daisakusen GCFT-0030 Composer
05.21 OPUS×EDEN HTRFR-0006~7 Composer
05.21 Phantasmagoria mystical expectation IO-0090 Composer
05.21 Akeboshi Rocket K2-0002 Composer
05.21 Toukasou no Chou ~Eastern Symphort~ KKCD-0003 Composer
05.21 Kimi wa, Yua-kyun. (Sukima na Vacances) / K.M.O. KMCD-0001 Composer
05.21 Rekkaden OST LHCD-05 Composer
05.21 iris LMCD-0013 Composer
05.21 Sakura, Sakura LMCD-0014 Composer
05.21 Sougetsuki Music Collection ~Touhou Sougetsuki Original Soundtrack~ MTGM-0001 Composer
05.21 udongepops MYRAC-0004 Composer
05.21 Photograph of Phantasmagoria NDCD-0001 Composer
05.21 Niji Kawa Ke NKCD-0009 Composer
05.21 Komachi Works NKCD-0010 Composer
05.21 yu-ma MIZONOKUCHI Monthly TOHO Arrange CD ~ June OEMM-0097 Composer
05.21 Yume Shibai OEMM-0098 Composer
05.21 yu-ma MIZONOKUCHI Monthly TOHO Arrange CD ~ July OEMM-0099 Composer
05.21 Touhou Nekojarashi RCCP-0001 Composer
05.21 Gensokyo traveller's journal RMCD-004 Composer
05.21 EVOLUTION RUSH -opus tuned- RNCD-0000.5 Composer
05.21 Touhou Utasawagi RSCD-0002 Composer
05.21 Shichisei Sairin SACD-5015 Composer
05.21 REQUIEM ~Gensou ni chiru shoujotachi~ SACD-5016 Composer
05.21 SCARLET DESTINY SHAC-0004 Composer
05.21 IA-STYLE/Toho SICD-005 Composer
05.21 Touhou Fukakousoku SKYT-0002 Composer
05.21 Eternity SPMU-0002 Composer
05.21 Streichen SPRM-0002 Composer
05.21 Repository ~ Dream Revolution SRLX-026 Composer
05.21 Floatia2 SSRY-0003 Composer
05.21 Sushi Assortment ~Touhou Radio Waka Compilation Append Disc~ SUSI-0003 Composer
05.21 Abarenbou Tengu SWCD-0024 Composer
05.21 Amaenbou Tengu SWCD-0025 Composer
05.21 100% Touhou Carnival THCV-0001 Composer
05.21 Illusionary Night ~Ghostly Eyes~ UI-0061 Composer
05.21 Bullets Master USOL-0001 Composer
05.21 Symphonic Fantasia "Cherry Blossom" -Gensou Koukyoushi Higanzakura- WAVE-0013 Composer
05.21 Symphonic Caprice "Evening Primrose" -Kisou Koukyoushi Tsukimisou- WAVE-0014 Composer
05.21 Ancient radiance WWCD-0002 Composer
05.21 Touhouteki Gensoukyokushuu YUKI-0001 Composer
06.02 Inaba's Music Time N/A Composer
06.13 Toono Gensou Monogatari ~ Enconduko de TONO Pejzaĝo N/A Composer
06.18 FRENZY SQUARE AQSH-0007 Composer
06.18 Cherry Phantasm SFNC-0001 Composer
07.02 iCE MiLK TEi DBCD-0007 Composer
07.02 Lunatica GSCD-0006 Composer
07.02 178R(Inaba Rabbits) SWCD-0026 Composer
07.05 SAKURA ~ Koukyou Roukaku HACW-TA1001 Composer
08.11 Touhou NEW WAVE OF NEW WAVE vol.3 CLCD004 Composer
08.11 Touhou Midnight MAXIMUMTUNE III GCFT-0031 Composer
08.11 Earthlight Lvlt-0008 Composer
08.11 Lunatic Phaser MTCD-001 Composer
08.11 Touhou Violin 1 TAM3-0002 Composer
08.13 Odoru Touhou Drift -PRACTICE- N/A Composer
08.13 Cirno Fan Disc ~Cirno ga Ippai Ippai~ N/A Composer
08.13 FreeStyle! -2006Summer Edition- N/A Composer
08.13 Touhou Manga Matsuri Onban Bunbunmaru 2 Beta Version N/A Composer
08.13 rei N/A Composer
08.13 Touhou Koumakyou PreView N/A Composer
08.13 sui N/A Composer
08.13 Shanghai Teahouse HOT N/A Composer
08.13 Touhou Dennougai 49CD-0001 Composer
08.13 TOUHOU BOX AACD-0002 Composer
08.13 Check it up yo! AQSH-0008 Composer
08.13 BLUE NOTE ARCD0012 Composer
08.13 STRINGS OF LIFE ARCD0013 Composer
08.13 Touhou Tozenun ~1 day of a NEET~ BOCD-0003 Composer
08.13 Eigetsu Kinen ~ Plenilune Annals CFCD-0001 Composer
08.13 Touhou Vivace CLEP-002 Composer
08.13 Become Happy!! CTBR-0008 Composer
08.13 Drawing the Spell CVCD-0001 Composer
08.13 Go West FNTP-0005 Composer
08.13 Various festa GP-01 Composer
08.13 Toono Gensou Monogatari ~ Rakonto de Sonorado Pejzaĝo GSCD-0005 Composer
08.13 Healing Crimson HACW-TA1002 Composer
08.13 Touhou Shokyuuke ~Touhou Soccer Original Soundtrack~ HKMP-OTO14 Composer
08.13 Touhou Otomebayashi IO-0100 Composer
08.13 Mugen Shoujo☆Utakurabu ~Riverside Cafe Terrace~ KKCD-0004 Composer
08.13 Toho Kenbunroku Vol.3 KMCB-009 Composer
08.13 ヽノ十 LAMC-0001 Composer
08.13 Touhou Gensou Shiten "banquet" LIVE-0001~2 Composer
08.13 "Vermillion" Liverne Extra Tracks 01 LIVE-0004 Original Composer
08.13 Arichu de CHU! NKCD-0011 Composer
08.13 Ayatan Rock NKCD-0012 Composer
08.13 Yuuwaku OEMM-0101 Composer
08.13 yu-ma MIZONOKUCHI Monthly TOHO Arrange CD ~ August OEMM-0102 Composer
08.13 yu-ma MIZONOKUCHI Monthly TOHO Arrange CD ~ September OEMM-0103 Composer
08.13 Real Fantasy PRIM-1001/2 Composer
08.13 Tautology RNCD-0001 Composer
08.13 Secret Seven SACD-5017 Composer
08.13 SOUND HOLIC MEETS TOHO ~Touhouteki Gensou Shigekishuu~ SDHC-0002 Composer
08.13 SOUND HOLIC MEETS TOHO ~Touhouteki Gensou Shoukyokushuu~ SDHC-0003 Composer
08.13 Touhou Enbukyoku SFNC-0002 Composer
08.13 Magic Bibliography SHCD-0001 Composer
08.13 IA-STYLE/Toho-J SICD-009 Composer
08.13 Invisible SICD-010 Composer
08.13 TERASONIC -Shoufuu Rekka- SRLX-028 Composer
08.13 Shinzou Choukokuka ~ Music Engraver ~ SZCD-0001 Composer
08.13 Touhou Komoriuta TAM3-0003 Composer
08.13 Touhou Violin 2 TAM3-0004 Composer
08.13 MIZU KAGO TOCD-0002 Composer
08.13 This escape TTCD-0001 Composer
08.13 ~Shuusouchou~ UGS-010A Composer
08.13 Touhou Fusion demo+4 & Illusionary Night ~GhostlyEyes~ UI-0140 Composer
08.13 Reprocessing ][ VSCD-0006 Composer
08.13 MA-LORD WDCD-0007 Composer
08.14 Shout at the Devil DECD-0002 Composer
09.03 Makan Kousappou N/A Composer
09.03 ake N/A Composer
09.03 AKAMETAL PSCD-0001 Composer
09.24 RABBIT ENSEMBLE ASHI-1001 Composer
09.24 Nightmare Nights EDCD-0002 Composer
09.24 Gecchoukasou -Night of Butterfly- MKTD-0603 Composer
09.24 TOHO TEMPEST SCDA-1002 Composer
10.01 Dark Blue Plain Combo N/A Original Composer
10.01 Kiraboshi AQSH-0010 Composer
10.01 GEKKA RYOURAN TOCD-0003 Composer
10.09 Blast from the east -Demo ver- N/A Composer
10.09 Petit Autumn N/A Composer
10.09 Chaotic Beat EFS-00001 Composer
10.09 Okite ni Sakaratta Mono wa Korosu HSY-003 Composer
10.09 yu-ma MIZONOKUCHI Monthly TOHO Arrange CD ~ December OEMM-0104 Composer
10.09 E.C.O.E.S. SDHV-001 Composer
10.12 A Bug, Touhou, and Honey Milk (Poisoned) LMPY-0001 Composer
10.17 Karm:d KOCD-0001 Composer
11.12 Otogibanashi Alternative N/A Composer
11.12 100 Yen Shiriaru N/A Composer
11.12 CYTOKINE DEMO DISK-1 N/A Composer
11.12 Kakuriyo no Utsusemi AQSH-0011 Composer
11.12 Toholic IZCD-0002 Composer
11.12 Be Addicted ~ Touhou Kaiki MCDS-0001 Composer
11.12 SHINYA PSCD-0001 Composer
11.12 Shinzou Kurorekishi ~ the Black Chronicle ~ SZCD-9901 Composer
11.12 Frequency Modulation Kyoto Zenkyokuhan ULCG-0004 Composer
11.16 Time Limit ~Eternity~ FNAG-0011 Sound Composer
11.16 Time Limit ~Momentary~ FNAG-0012 Sound Composer
12.11 Kukeiha Genchou YFCD-0004 Composer
12.22 MIYABI ~ Yuumei Kasei HACW-TA1003 Composer
12.23 Touhou Platinum-micro mix- NTPM-0015 Composer
12.30 Sketchbook for Flute and Recorder N/A Composer
12.31 Phantasmal Junction Side-A: Ambient Travel N/A Composer
12.31 Phantasmal Junction Side-B: Beat Travel N/A Composer
12.31 Phantasmal Junction Side-C: Chiptune Travel N/A Composer
12.31 COUNTDOWN TO RED N/A Composer
12.31 Ayakashi Sakayaru ~Meikai no Ojou Yuyuko Saigyouji~ N/A Composer
12.31 Kon Nande Sumimasen CD N/A Composer
12.31 Touhou Dekiru Toiina☆ N/A Composer
12.31 Hetare TOHO Music side: G vol.2β N/A Composer
12.31 Touhou+α N/A Composer
12.31 Toho Gensouka ~instrumental~ N/A Composer
12.31 Not Enough Mushrooms N/A Composer
12.31 Hotch potch N/A Composer
12.31 Are no Kodomo wa Yoru no Hatoyama o Tobu Nihon no Densetsu (Tentative) N/A Composer
12.31 Aganai no Toki AQSH-0012 Composer
12.31 The Garnet Star ARCD0015 Composer
12.31 Touhou Gindangan ~Magazine of Silver Bullets~ BOCD-0004 Composer
12.31 Third-Rater CK-0003P Composer
12.31 Touhou Accelerando CLEP-004 Composer
12.31 Synth Sound Symphony CTBR-0009 Composer
12.31 Fragments of Books CVCD-0002 Composer
12.31 Nimen ni susumemasen!! DBCD-0008 Composer
12.31 Sinen ni Nozomu ga Gotoshi DECD-0003 Composer
12.31 Touhou Midnight MAXIMUMTUNE Extra Stage GCFT-0033 Composer
12.31 Phantom Mädchen Doll ~ Hito no Katachi ga Utsuse shi Maboroshi GSCD-0007 Composer
12.31 Touhou Steel Demon Fanatic ~Danmaku Metal Gensoukyo~ HKMP-OTO16 Composer
12.31 Crimson Nightmare HSCD-0005 Original Composer
12.31 Ore no Ushiro ni Tatsuna HSY-004 Composer
12.31 Blue Constellations IBCD-0005 Composer
12.31 Toho Tsuki Toro IO-0117 Original Composer
12.31 Sky of Twilight ITM-007 Composer
12.31 SuperSonicSpeedStar K2-0003 Composer
12.31 Toho Kenbunroku Vol.4 KMCB-010 Composer
12.31 Touhou Gensou Shiten 2 "Canon" LIVE-0005 Composer
12.31 M★K-Sounds 2007 MKOD-0701 Composer
12.31 yu-ma MIZONOKUCHI Monthly TOHO Arrange CD ~ February OEMM-0106 Composer
12.31 Touhou Genso Rensa Original + Arrange Soundtrack "Genso Chikuonkan" OHBA-06120 Composer
12.31 Real Fantasy PRIM-0002 Composer
12.31 Touhou Scramble! RHCD-0002 Composer
12.31 Ehon Kumikyoku "Shoujo to Mahou" RMCD-008 Composer
12.31 Night Flight E.P. [Team Shanghai Alice BGM Arrange] SDCY-0002 Composer
12.31 SOUND HOLIC MEETS TOHO ~Touhouteki Mugen Rekkashou~ SDHC-0004 Composer
12.31 SOUND HOLIC MEETS TOHO ~Touhouteki Yuugen Soukyokushuu~ SDHC-0005 Composer
12.31 Touhou Sougentou SFNC-0003 Composer
12.31 Former Frontier SHM-0012 Composer
12.31 SWRS -Silly Walker's Re:Style SICD-014 Composer
12.31 IA-STYLE/Toho-J/Fantasmix SICD-017 Composer
12.31 ocden-rate SJVSC-0019 Composer
12.31 Sekken-ya no Oseibo 2 SKYT-0003 Composer
12.31 Luna Megalopolis ~ Gekka Kyouen SRLX-029 Composer
12.31 Kotatsu to Mikan SWCD-0029 Composer
12.31 Touhou Violin 3 TAM3-0006 Composer
12.31 Zoku Touhou Komoriuta TAM3-0007 Composer
12.31 KACHOU FUUGETU TOCD-0004 Composer
12.31 SPICA TUCD-03 Composer
12.31 Dame Ningen no Kiseki 1999~2003 DX UI-0081 Composer
12.31 Shinra UNCD-0003 Composer
12.31 Four Elegant Colors utage-02002 Composer
12.31 Toho Gensoka ~Color of Flower~ YZCD-0001 Composer


??.?? Touhou Churchmode N/A Composer
01.21 Toho Teleport KTFR-01 Composer
02.01 Blast from the east VD-001 Composer
02.11 GRAZE SFNC-0004 Composer
02.11 The Puppeteer's Night SHCD-0002 Composer
02.12 Touhou Manga Matsuri Onban Bunbunmaru II TAM3-0009 Composer
02.12 TAMovie directors.Edition TAM3-0010 Composer
02.24 Intermezzo - Guri TOHO Remixes BEST GCFT-0034 Composer
03.21 Bullet Remedy N/A Composer
03.21 Sore wa Yamikumo ni Moteasobareru Ayatsuri Ningyou no Gotoku ASHI-1003 Composer
03.21 PRISMA CK-0004P Composer
03.21 Flowering Night 2007 Kouen Kinen CD FR-3150 Composer
03.21 Silence Before 2nd Tempest SCDA-2002 Composer
03.23 Selfregards 2 ZTSL-015 Composer
04.22 Kuon no kioku SFCD-01 Composer
04.22 Touhou Suisougaku SFNC-0005 Original Music
04.29 Foldable N/A Composer
04.29 COLOREd N/A Composer
04.29 Shangri-la Storm HACW-TA1004 Composer
04.29 K points Light-004 Composer
04.29 S.H.O. Tsuushin Vol.1 SCDA-2003 Composer
04.29 SOUND HOLIC MEETS TOHO ~Touhouteki Yuuyuu Butougeki~ SDHC-0006 Composer
04.29 Capriccio ~ Gensokyo Kisoukyoku SECD-0001 Composer
04.29 Touhou Harukaze SSM-001 Composer
04.30 Gomen, Chou Gomen. AQSH-0013 Composer
05.05 Touhou Vocal Collection "Flowering ERINNNNNN!!" CCCD-0012 Composer
05.13 neetmania CHS-0003 Original Composer
05.20 Touhou Soccer Bonus CD ~Reitaisai Volume~ N/A Composer
05.20 Touhou Anthology 2 N/A Composer
05.20 Odoru Touhou Drift N/A Composer
05.20 Illusionary Mega★Lover N/A Composer
05.20 Akanesasu Murasaki no Sakura N/A Composer
05.20 Densou Genchoukyou N/A Composer
05.20 From my bag -Patimento- N/A Composer
05.20 FROM MY BUG -geschwinder- N/A Composer
05.20 Guru Wriggle Guru First Arrival Bonus CD N/A Composer
05.20 Inaba no Hanamatsuri N/A Composer
05.20 Reitaisai Limited Bonus CD N/A Composer
05.20 Tedium of thousand years N/A Composer
05.20 萃符 「無名宴」 -Nameless Party- N/A Composer
05.20 The Last Judgement ARCD0016 Composer
05.20 Lovelight ARCD0018 Original Score
05.20 TOHO JAZZ 2007 ASCD-0004 Composer
05.20 Yasou Gyougetsu ~Rapid Ensemble 2~ ASHI-0002 Composer
05.20 Virtual x Real CK-0005P Composer
05.20 Touhou Pastoso CLEP-005 Composer
05.20 Choice x Choice x Choice CTBR-0010 Composer
05.20 Severed Symphony from The Sanctuary: Rabbit Horn Banquet and Dance ~ courante impromptu DBCD-0009 Composer
05.20 Toho Gensoroku DLT-0001 Composer
05.20 Touhou Midnight MAXIMUMTUNE Extra Stage II GCFT-0036 Composer
05.20 LOST PARADISE GSCD-0008 Composer
05.20 Touhou Brass Ensemble Force HACW-TA1005 Composer
05.20 Touhou Brass Band HKMP-OTO18 Composer
05.20 Spiritual Spellers ICDA-0014 Composer
05.20 Toho Eijanho IO-0130 Original Music
05.20 APOLLON IZCD-0003 Composer
05.20 Gensou Jihen K2-0004 Composer
05.20 Nijikawa Ongakusai KMST-0002 Composer
05.20 A Bug, Touhou, and Melon Soda (Hydrocyanic Acid) LMPY-0002 Composer
05.20 TOHO FANTASY -ADVENT CIRNO- GAIDEN ~ Ice Sword Legend MBCD-0011 Composer
05.20 Steel of Scarlet MM-0001 Composer
05.20 [ In the Moonlight | Touhou ] Beauty NKCD-0014 Composer
05.20 dreams. NKCD-0015 Composer
05.20 yu-ma MIZONOKUCHI Monthly TOHO Arrange CD ~ April (Final Issue) OEMM-0108 Composer
05.20 Toho Q Highland! RCCP-0002 Composer
05.20 Gensoukyou Retrogical RMCD-009 Composer
05.20 Loveressive SACD-5018 Composer
05.20 TOHO TEMPEST II SCDA-1003 Composer
05.20 SOUND HOLIC MEETS TOHO ~Touhouteki Muten Gensouten~ SDHC-0007 Composer
05.20 Phantasm Brigade SFNC-0006 Composer
05.20 Former Frontier 2nd cultivate SHM-0013 Composer
05.20 Blue Lycoris SPMU-0003 Composer
05.20 Rokujuu Banme no Touhou Sai Ban SWCD-0033~4 Composer
05.20 Itsukakitto, Wonderland SWCD-0035 Composer
05.20 Touhou Violin 4 TAM3-0013 Composer
05.20 TENSOU GETTAN TOCD-0005 Composer
05.20 Dist UI-0009 Composer
05.20 Hanataba UNCD-0004 Original Music
05.20 East Side Lounge XLPS-0011 Composer
05.20 Toho Hosenka ~Sound of Chord~ YZCD-0002 Composer
05.20 Toho M-1 GrandPrix YZCD-0003 Composer
05.20 Touhou Technique ZERO-0005 Composer
05.26 Ii Tabi - Yume Jikuu SWCD-0036 Composer
06.17 Kyouya no Utage SFCD-02 Composer
07.02 After School Usagi Club? N/A Composer
07.21 Plenilune Annals 2 ~ others have their destiny, we have our own CFCD-0002 Composer
07.28 Wonderful Life. - Kiyoma TOHO Remixes BEST GCFT-0037 Composer
08.16 Eine neue Tür zum Osten VD-002 Composer
08.17 Star Dust Little Box N/A Composer
08.17 Yuyukankan N/A Composer
08.17 Full Materials Ver 1.0 N/A Composer
08.17 Inu wa Kami N/A Composer
08.17 Fluffy Cookies N/A Composer
08.17 Colors N/A Composer
08.17 Zakuro N/A Composer
08.17 Kaikou no Eizou Shichouban N/A Composer
08.17 Sakura Nightmare AQSH-0014 Composer
08.17 Dolls ARCD0019 Composer
08.17 Circuit Breakers ARCD0020 Composer
08.17 Touhou Mugenkyo ~Fact from Fiction~ BOCD-0005 Composer
08.17 Cubical another perspective has violated systematically CK-0006P Composer
08.17 Zenith COCD-0003 Composer
08.17 LOVE CTBR-0011 Composer
08.17 Drawing the Spell CVCD-0003 Composer
08.17 Linkup remix side trance & progressive vol.1 DLMS-0002 Composer
08.17 Loser Kashiwagi is STILL alive DLOC-0008 Composer
08.17 Mystic Heart EFS-00002 Composer
08.17 West End Girls FTMP-0008 Composer
08.17 Touhou Midnight MAXIMUMTUNE Gaiden - Oozora Kyoukai -skyborder- GCFT-0038 Composer
08.17 Kappa Nitori's Summer Vacation -waterimp in summervacation- GCFT-0039 Composer
08.17 Touhou Orchestra Symphonic Quest I ~The Sword of Hell and the Sister of the Scarlet Devil~ HACW-TA1005 Composer
08.17 Touhou Theater HKMP-OTO19 Composer
08.17 Touhou Boss Arrange Album ~Touhou Soccer~ HKMP-OTO20 Composer
08.17 Touhou Suisuisusu IO-0140 Original Composer
08.17 -Gothic- KKYS-0001 Composer
08.17 Toho Kenbunroku Vol.5 KMCB-011 Composer
08.17 THE APARTMENT "TOUHOU" KMCD-0002 Composer
08.17 Genbushiki -The wind has shifted to East- LGCD-0004 Composer
08.17 Touhou Ouyouki ~ Necromance Metal Attitude ~ MGCD-0001 Composer
08.17 UNLEASHED IN THE EAST MIA-003 Composer
08.17 Touhou Kasou Kouduki MKTD-0701 Composer
08.17 Touhou Biyori OEMM-0110 Composer
08.17 re: ripple works re:collection album RPTL-003 Composer
08.17 ALTERNATIVE 200708 SACD-0001 Composer
08.17 Kuusokuzeshiki Original Sound Track ~ TOHO TEMPEST EXTRA SCDA-1004 Composer
08.17 SOUND HOLIC MEETS TOHO ~Touhouteki Guren Rekkadan~ SDHC-0008 Composer
08.17 Scherzo ~ Gensokyo Kaigyakukyoku SECD-0002 Composer
08.17 Touhou Tsukimigaoka SFNC-0007 Composer
08.17 Breeze to Gale SHM-0015 Composer
08.17 IA-STYLE/B1 SICD-019 Composer
08.17 occulta - Touhou Project -Touhou Eiyashou- Arrange Music Lab. SJVSC-0020 Composer
08.17 Touhou Punchline SKYT-0004 Composer
08.17 Touhou Natsufu Ikka SSM-002 Composer
08.17 TEI!TEI!TEI! SWCD-0037 Composer
08.17 Mugen Gikyokushou ~ If.. you hope ~ SZCD-0002 Composer
08.17 Shin Touhou Komoriuta TAM3-0015 Composer
08.17 Touhou Violin 5 TAM3-0017 Composer
08.17 5th TAMUSIC Concert ~Touhou Compilation~ TAM3-0019 Composer
08.17 HARUKA TOCD-0006 Composer
08.17 Yami Fukaki Matsuri ~Darkness Illusion~ TOKO-0001 Composer
08.17 Go Berzerk! TRBL-0001 Composer
08.17 ARCHIV-EAST WAVE-0021~3 Composer
08.17 HIMUKAI WDCD-0010 Composer
08.17 Multiple Far East XLPS-0012 Composer
08.17 Toho Splash! YZCD-0004 Original Composer
08.17 Touhou Kuuensou YZRE-0002 Composer
08.17 Touhou Hard Rock -visual cross- ~Kyouki no Ai ni Idakareta Monotachi~ ZERO-0006 Composer
08.19 Touhou Dandadan ~Feast of roaring beast~ SKYT-0001 Composer
08.25 LIVE REQUIEM 2007 Kaijou Gentei Haifu CD N/A Composer
08.26 Missing Mythic AQSH-0015 Composer
08.26 Toho Sanatorium KTFR-02 Composer
09.09 Full Materials Rev 1.5 Preview N/A Composer
09.09 Natsukage! AQSH-0016 Composer
09.09 CatHolic GMIX-0001 Composer
09.11 Capriccio ~ Gensokyo Kisoukyoku (Remaster Edition) SECD-0001A Composer
10.08 Trumpet N/A Composer
10.08 Splendid Encount N/A Composer
10.08 Labyrinth -Runner- N/A Composer
10.08 Tsukubami Enya AQSH-0017 Composer
10.08 TOUHOU QUEST I Original Sound Track? HACW-TA06 Composer
10.08 Preview CD vol.1 LGCD-0005 Composer
10.08 Be Birthed ~ Touhou Kion MCDS-0002 Composer
10.08 Promotion 2007.Autumn OPR-02 Composer
10.08 Sentence SFNC-0008 Composer
10.08 Starfaring Fantasia Collection SLCD-0001 Composer
10.20 First Sounds 5 FSCD-0005 Composer
11.03 Sandai Kaijuu Daikessen ~Tokuhou~ N/A Composer
11.04 Senya Ichiya ~Alf Layla wa Layla~ N/A Composer
11.04 Full Materials 2.0 N/A Composer
11.04 Dark matteR AQSH-0018 Composer
11.04 Drama Illusion -cherry garden project- ASCD-0005 Composer
11.04 Rainbow Snake CK-0007P Composer
11.04 Touhou Romandou 2nd Chapter GCFT-0042 Composer
11.04 Revivify IZCD-0004 Composer
11.04 Touhou Genshi Matsuri ~Convivial Palanquin of Strings. KMST-0003 Composer
11.04 Tonari no Yaoyorozu-chan SWCD-0040 Composer
11.04 Nitori Dish YFCD-0006 Composer
11.11 Touhou Otogiban BLCD-06 Composer
11.11 Gossun to ka no Karaoke IO-0095 Composer
11.24 NO LIFE, NO BOMB, GRAZE!! N/A Composer
11.24 As Higher & Higher ASHI-0003 Composer
11.24 Advanced ALPHA EDCD-0003 Composer
11.24 Kyouka Fuugetsu RSCD-0001 Composer
11.24 Touhou Violin 6 TAM3-0021 Composer
11.24 GROUND ZERO ~TOHO ROCK!! 2007~ TOCD-0007 Composer
12.29 Touhou Nanpa Street DLOC-0010 Composer
12.31 Taketori Monogatari N/A Composer
12.31 Touhou Saizoufu ~ Tales in the gore. N/A Composer
12.31 Touhou Teiki Gensoukai -Koumakyou no Oto- (Preview) N/A Composer
12.31 Foldable+ N/A Composer
12.31 Naname 15° N/A Composer
12.31 Akai Housekibako N/A Composer
12.31 maiden in the Air N/A Composer
12.31 FM Koumakyou N/A Composer
12.31 Crimson Devil N/A Composer
12.31 Comicmarket 73 Omake CD N/A Composer
12.31 Touhou Daireppuu N/A Composer
12.31 Touhou Momiji Oroshi N/A Composer
12.31 Touhou NEW WAVE N/A Composer
12.31 WIND type -Mine- N/A Composer
12.31 Touhou Reitankyoku 3SCD-0001 Composer
12.31 Sora ni Kagayaku Awai Hikari - Moonlight Shrine. ANCCD-001 Composer
12.31 Coure AQTR-0001 Composer
12.31 SpellCore ARAM-0001 Composer
12.31 Ichireishikon ARAM-0101 Composer
12.31 Harmony ARCD0021 Composer
12.31 Touhou Bunchoroku ~Return Reanimateness~ BOCD-0006 Composer
12.31 Touhou Vocal Collection "Super Amanerio" CCCD-0013 Composer
12.31 hatch the new Flow CK-0008P Composer
12.31 Cherry Lunaburst Keyboard Music Collection - innerCast CLEP-007 Composer
12.31 Touhou Kanpouyaku CNCD-0006 Composer
12.31 Boku wa Touhou o "Ii, miteru." CTBR-0012 Composer
12.31 Wind Symphony from The Sanctuary: Elegant Music of the Assembling Gods ~ Oratario del Vento DBCD-0010 Composer
12.31 Il Mondo dove e finito il Tempo DECD-0004 Composer
12.31 Touhou Midnight MAXIMUMTUNE 4th STAGE GCFT-0043 Composer
12.31 Kaikou no Eizou GSCD-0009~10 Composer
12.31 Eastern Serenade GSCD-0011 Composer
12.31 Toho Erhu Shoukyokushuu Getsuhu 'Koko ni wa Penpengusa mo Haenai kara' GYZH-0001 Composer
12.31 Touhou Boss Arrange Album 2 ~RPG Battle Arrange~ HKMP-OTO22 Composer
12.31 Gyouretsu ga Dekiru Touhou Soudanjo HKMP-OTO23 Composer
12.31 Starry Sequence IBCD-0007 Composer
12.31 Touhou Kasokusouchi IO-0141 Original Composer
12.31 ∵Ga[Я]deN∵ KKYS-0002 Composer
12.31 Toho Kenbunroku Vol.6 KMCB-012 Composer
12.31 World's Embryo KMCD-0003A Composer
12.31 Higawari Teishoku Saka-ROW Team Solo CD ~Sakebu Disc~ KMNR-0002 Composer
12.31 Knights of Round KNTS-0001 Composer
12.31 EVIL MOUNTAIN MIA-005 Composer
12.31 Mountain of Faith ~Kamigami no Shinkou~ MM-0002 Composer
12.31 Vernacular MMPD-0001 Composer
12.31 Touhou Dandandou MTCD-005 Composer
12.31 Frozen Frog PAEG-0007 Composer
12.31 ALICE GATE PPDG-0001 Composer
12.31 Eternal Circle 9 PSYC-0001 Composer
12.31 Rinne Tensei QLCK-0003 Composer
12.31 Sengoku Gensokyo original sound track "Sengoku Gensokyoku" S-001~2 Composer
12.31 CHAOS SACD-5019 Composer
12.31 Silhouette SDCY-0003 Composer
12.31 KAZE SDHC-0009 Composer
12.31 Rhapsody ~ Gensokyo Kyoushikyoku SECD-0003 Composer
12.31 Touhou Soutenka SFNC-0009 Composer
12.31 Journal of an Autumnal Equinox SHCD-0004 Composer
12.31 Devote Strikers!! SHM-0016 Composer
12.31 SICD-021 Composer
12.31 miid'nrmx+ed SICD-022 Composer
12.31 Sekken-ya no Oseibo 3 SKYT-0005 Composer
12.31 Touhou Miko Miku SS-MI02 Composer
12.31 Touhou Akikaze Mushikanade SSM-003 Composer
12.31 Musics-Tei-Shown SWCD-0041 Composer
12.31 Usa-mimi Hour SWCD-0042 Composer
12.31 Touhou Violin 7 TAM3-0023 Composer
12.31 Himawari Breaker TKCD-0001 Composer
12.31 Touhou Gensou Shiten ~KAZABANA~ TOCD-0008 Composer
12.31 Shin'en no Yoru TOKO-0002 Composer
12.31 Touhou Never Land TRRC-0001 Composer
12.31 Gensou no Miru Yume TUCD-04 Composer
12.31 Touhou Fusion - Spreading Full Colors UI-0010 Composer
12.31 Re×CREATE VD-003 Composer
12.31 Sound Vision ~Genshi Chouritsu~ VICD-0001 Composer
12.31 Faith of Shrinemaiden XLPS-0016 Composer
12.31 Untitled Sounds XTC-0001 Composer
12.31 Toho Sangetsuka ~Smell of Flap~ YZCD-0005 Composer
12.31 Toho M-1 GrandPrix 2 YZCD-0006 Composer
12.31 Dry Eye Party ZKCD-0001 Composer
12.31 Mune ga Zetsubouteki ni Tarinai na ZNCD-012 Composer


01.11 S.H.O. Tsuushin Vol.2 SCDA-1005 Composer
01.27 Through dial 9 RCCP-0004 Composer
01.27 Touhou Violin 8 TAM3-0025 Composer
01.27 Koumakan no Juushatachi TAM3-0026 Composer
02.10 WIND type -Gi- N/A Composer
02.10 Touhou Kamimaduki QLCK-0004 Composer
02.10 EXTRA BITTER SFNC-0009.5 Original Music
03.02 Ao Murasaki no Hikaridan N/A Composer
03.02 Ali♥Patchu ~Hidamari ni Hoo Yosete~ N/A Composer
03.02 Kousoku Ningyou ~ the Breakdown of Alice ARAM-1101 Composer
03.02 Be Alice ~ Touhou Dolls MCDS-0003 Composer
03.02 Please Be Quiet At The Library RMCD-013 Composer
03.03 Neko Miko to ka no Karaoke IO-0115 Composer
03.05 WitchCraft GMIX-0002 Composer
03.09 Hanbun Fushigi Preview Disc N/A Composer
03.09 FMPSG009 -Remember the chiptune- FPCR-009 Composer
03.09 Beautiful Story - Lucy a.k.a. Ky TOHO Remixes BEST GCFT-0045 Composer
03.22 Touhou Violin 9 TAM3-0027 Composer
03.25 Triadic operation N/A Composer
04.06 Hanbun Fushigi SWCD-0046 Composer
04.20 Full Materials ver 3.0 N/A Composer
04.20 9 -maruQ- CK-0009P Composer
04.20 SWING HOLIC VOL.01 SWHC-0001 Composer
04.27 Reitaisai 5 Advance Version N/A Composer
04.27 Comic1☆2 Omake CD N/A Composer
04.27 Touhou World Music Chronicle -No.1- AQSH-0020 Composer
04.27 Rolling Contact LOLI-0001 Original Composer
04.27 Toho Senkouka ~Fate of Blood~ YZCD-0007 Composer
05.05 Omoi Inu N/A Composer
05.05 HARUNOYUME DBLB-0002 Composer
05.05 Faith of Format NDCD-0002 Composer
05.11 Scythe for the Guilty Riversides (Preview Version) N/A Composer
05.11 WIND type -Goku- N/A Composer
05.11 Touhou Dreamer's Party SOUND TRACK PLUS GCFT-0044 Composer
05.11 DIVIT - Touhou Project -Touhou Youyoumu- Arrange Music Lab. SJVSC-0022 Composer
05.11 Kouhaku Kukeiraku SLCD-0003 Composer
05.11 Touhou Shisou 1st Spell -Airstream- XITH-0001 Composer
05.25 Touhou Anthology 3 N/A Composer
05.25 Touhou Hisouten Toranoana Privilege "Touhou Suimusou" Arrange CD N/A Composer
05.25 Otenba koro mushume. N/A Composer
05.25 F2 N/A Composer
05.25 Touhou Kaikonfu ~Regret will prevail.~ N/A Composer
05.25 Valse de l'est ~ Touhou Waltz Collection R N/A Composer
05.25 SCARLET DREAM N/A Composer
05.25 MILD⇔LIGHT(MILD) N/A Composer
05.25 Four Seasons -Winter- ~remind of snow~ N/A Composer
05.25 MILD⇔LIGHT(LIGHT) N/A Composer
05.25 Natsu no Miwatari N/A Composer
05.25 REITAISAI5 Omake CD N/A Composer
05.25 20080525 Hakurei-jinja Reitaisai5 N/A Composer
05.25 Touhou Joshou Ki -Tooho the First- N/A Composer
05.25 Fallusion Preview Disc N/A Composer
05.25 Silent Spirit N/A Composer
05.25 Scythe for the Guilty Riversides AOD005 Composer
05.25 Yumemizuki AQTR-0002 Composer
05.25 China: "If you become my ally, I'll give half of Gensokyo" AQUA-0017 Composer
05.25 SpellCore ACT2 - Toughness ARAM-0002 Composer
05.25 EXSERENS ARCD0024 Composer
05.25 Masamika Utogaria ASCD-0006 Composer
05.25 TOHO JAZZ 2008 ASCD-0007 Composer
05.25 Face to Faith ASHI-1005 Composer
05.25 Super Shutter Girl CCCD-0014 Composer
05.25 FLASHBACK to ... CK-0010P Composer
05.25 From Oneday to Presence CLEP-008 Composer
05.25 Promise Her the Moon CVCD-0004 Composer
05.25 Arrow Rain DPCD-0801 Composer
05.25 Yozakura Gensokyo EFS-00003 Composer
05.25 Touhou Fantasy Highway FFCD-01 Composer
05.25 Akumajo Remilia ~Kouma Yaonsai Lunatic~ G-CD-02 Composer
05.25 Touhou Midnight MAXIMUMTUNE Extra Stage III GCFT-0046 Composer
05.25 Ningyoushi no Yume to Mezame Shoujokyoku "Yume Sekai e no Shoutai" GSCA-3001 Composer
05.25 Hana ga Irodoru Sono Niwa de... Single ver. GSCD-0012S Composer
05.25 Toho Erhu 3 Hanafu 'Soko ni Matsurika ga Saku Youni' GYZH-0002 Composer
05.25 RAY ~ Getten Yahime HACW-TA1007 Composer
05.25 Termination Road HC-0001 Composer
05.25 Toho Hujintan HKMP-OTO24 Composer
05.25 TouhouKen-Boom-Rock! HKMP-OTO25 Composer
05.25 Touhou★ALLSTAR HKMP-OTO26 Composer
05.25 Witch's Gift HTRJ-0013 Composer
05.25 Touhou Sweets IK-05 Composer
05.25 TOHO MAKASHINSAI IO-0142 Original Composer
05.25 gossun remix ein IO-0143 Original Composer
05.25 gossun remix zwai IO-0144 Original Composer
05.25 Scarlet Night JBCD-0001 Composer
05.25 Electric blue K2-0006 Composer
05.25 ∞UroboroS∞ KKYS-0003 Composer
05.25 KOI-IRO MAGIC ORCHESTRA / KMO (Gensokyo Edition) KMCD-0002 Composer
05.25 CMYK KMCD-0004 Composer
05.25 Touhou Gensoukai -Koumakyou no Oto- KNTH-0001 Composer
05.25 Toho Moratorium KTFR-04 Composer
05.25 Laidback Faith MAA-001 Composer
05.25 Touhou Mount Rush MBCD-0014 Composer
05.25 Blade Of Ancient Temple MIA-007 Composer
05.25 Touhou Ameno Kouduki MKTD-0801 Composer
05.25 Hourai-hime-tan MM-0003 Composer
05.25 dialogue ~Thermosphere~ Muse-0003 Composer
05.25 Crimson Glory NJK-001 Original Composer
05.25 Sayonara Touhou Sensei NKCD-0018 Composer
05.25 Ouka Gensou NLCD-0001 Composer
05.25 Miscellaneous Fragment NTCD-0002 Composer
05.25 Touhou Honpougi OLJA-0001 Original Work
05.25 Crossfire Barrage PAEG-0008 Composer
05.25 A Cafe Chic Records PAER-0000 Composer
05.25 Symmetry Burzum PSYC-0002 Composer
05.25 stereoscopic QLCK-0005 Composer
05.25 Amatsukaze SACD-5020 Composer
05.25 TEC BOX VOL.1 ~ "EIYASAW !!" SCCD-0001 Composer
05.25 TOHO TEMPEST III SCDA-1007 Composer
05.25 The Time When Madder Red Burns E.P. SDCY-0004 Composer
05.25 AYAKASHI SDHC-0010 Composer
05.25 Toho Project Side Story: Hosi no kioku Soundtrack SDHC-0011 Composer
05.25 Touhou Yuugensou SFNC-0010 Composer
05.25 Former Frontier 1+2 Facsimile-edition SHM-0017 Composer
05.25 Touhou Fuyukaze Yukiakari SSM-004 Composer
05.25 Touhou Koronopa SST-002 Composer
05.25 Hajimete no Touhou Wagaku ssu0001 Composer
05.25 Lunatic ga Tomaranai SWCD-0047 Composer
05.25 Onban Bunbunmarukyuu TAM3-0029~30 Composer
05.25 Touhou Nocturnes For Pianoforte 'Spirit' TAM3-0031 Composer
05.25 Setsuna Light TNBT-0001 Composer
05.25 GENSOUTENBU TOCD-0009 Composer
05.25 Dynamite Rave TRBL-0003 Composer
05.25 revolver TTCD-0002 Composer
05.25 Gensou Kaiko TUCD-05 Composer
05.25 Code:CD UFCD-0001 Composer
05.25 Code:Game UFCD-0002 Composer
05.25 Riddles covered in flowers UI-0011 Composer
05.25 Ein Klang Multidimentional VD-004 Composer
05.25 future retro Vol.2 VDX-002 Composer
05.25 Violet Tricker XTC-0002 Composer
05.25 Toho Kensaika ~Touch of Air~ YZCD-0008 Composer
05.25 Toho ASSOCIATION YZSP-0001 Composer
05.25 Toho's Bizarre Adventure ZERO-0007 Composer
06.08 Otameshi Disk 1 ESSD-9001 Composer
06.08 Toho Yumemizuki FPR0001 Composer
06.15 Touhou Renga N/A Composer
06.15 Touhou Konpi! CGCD-0001 Composer
06.15 Touhou Hatuneuta ~ Miku Makes Revolution. KMST-0004 Composer
06.15 Do You Like Rabbit? LRCD-002 Composer
06.15 Scarlet Devil Mansion Music Festival NLCD-0002 Composer
06.15 Touhou Renga SBCD-001 Composer
06.15 Eclectic Phantasm SHM-0018 Composer
06.15 Touhou Koutetsutan SOH-0012 Composer
07.07 Element Vision LOLI-0002 Original Composer
07.20 Souten Gekka -Mikazuki- N/A Composer
07.20 Touhou Crimson Moon Flower N/A Composer
07.20 Tsuki to Usagi no Yokai N/A Composer
07.20 Fushi no Senritsu N/A Composer
07.20 Eirin no Kikigusuri N/A Composer
07.20 Kochou Mugen ~ drip the drop of drug for trip to slip ARAM-0102 Composer
07.20 Vexation de Lune GSCD-0014 Composer
07.20 DaWNBEAT the MOON HTNT-002 Composer
07.20 Mayonaka no Gig Master ~ Gig in the Midnite! KMST-0005 Composer
07.20 Eiya Gessou MMCD-0005 Composer
07.20 Eiya no Souen NLCD-0003 Composer
07.20 Touhou Mangetsukyou (Preview Version) OLJA-0002A Composer
07.20 Please Save My Moonlit Night SWCD-0048 Composer
07.26 Touhou Erhu Koumakyou STCD-0003 Composer
07.26 Original & Arrange Music Album "Optimae" UCMC-0034 Composer
08.15 SYNCHRONICITY: Present Only On 1st Day Of Comic Market 74 N/A Composer
08.15 The Last Judgment EIKI-0002 Composer
08.15 SYNCHRONICITY HTNT-001 Composer
08.16 Touhou Jikachuudoku ~ Vomiting opposite mirrors. N/A Composer
08.16 sister's lunch time N/A Composer
08.16 Shiroi Hakoniwa N/A Composer
08.16 Tsukiyozakura -Night View of Touhou- N/A Composer
08.16 Strong in the Rain N/A Composer
08.16 Comicmarket 74 Omake CD N/A Composer
08.16 SYNC.ART'S 2008 Summer N/A Composer
08.16 Zephill C74 Bonus CD N/A Composer
08.16 Altneuland Chuuki Sakuhinshuu Preview Disc N/A Composer
08.16 Touhou Melee Brawls -Toho the CHAΩS- N/A Composer
08.16 Touhou Moe Musou II N/A Composer
08.16 Touhou Shoukasou 49CD-0005 Composer
08.16 AMATERASU Mythology 8MM-0001 Composer
08.16 Toho Tumultuous Performance Measure ABC-Mu001 Composer
08.16 Soukyuu Eigen Kikan ADC0803 Composer
08.16 SCARLET EYES AECD-013 Composer
08.16 Beauteous Rain ALCE-0801 Composer
08.16 Fantasy Moonlight - Drastic Preterite. ANCCD-002 Composer
08.16 Shissou Daikekkai ~ Plastic mind in casket of star AQEL-0001 Composer
08.16 SpellCore ACT3 - Flowering ARAM-0003 Composer
08.16 AramiTama DS-10 Remixies ARAM-DS10 Composer
08.16 For Your Pieces ARCD0025 Composer
08.16 Fuujin Saishi ~Rapid Ensemble 3~ ASHI-0004 Composer
08.16 +-PM CK-0011P Composer
08.16 Touhou Laboratory CM49-001 Composer
08.16 Touhou Genbuyaku CNCD-0008 Composer
08.16 hysterical object CSCD-006 Composer
08.16 Drawing the Spell II CVCD-0005 Composer
08.16 Toho Nettaiya DKCD-0001 Composer
08.16 Arrow Revolver DPCD-0802 Composer
08.16 Hatsubaki / Hanatsubaki FFRC-0010 Composer
08.16 KaleidoScope ~ Kiyoma Original & Remixes Album GCFT-0047 Composer
08.16 Paradise of amber grow GCFT-0048 Composer
08.16 Make a slit downwards GLPD-001 Composer
08.16 Ningyoushi no Yume to Mezame Vol.1 "Shirokuro no Yume" GSCA-1001 Composer
08.16 Toho Erhu 3 Kazefu 'Kunrun ni Tatazumukoto' GYZH-0003 Composer
08.16 Touhou Brass Ensemble Force - Second Act HACW-TA1008 Composer
08.16 HARI NO SORA HARI-0001 Composer
08.16 Toho Gensoden HKMP-OTO27 Composer
08.16 East Side Labyrinth HKMP-OTO28 Composer
08.16 Touhou Toushin Suite HKMP-OTO29 Composer
08.16 Toho Kenbunroku Vol.7 KMCB-013 Composer
08.16 KARM Art Works ' KMCD-0005 Composer
08.16 Touhou Brilliant Dance -Brilliant Dance of the East- KMST-0006 Composer
08.16 Cirno Climber Original Soundtrack KMST-0007 Composer
08.16 Touhou Teiki Gensoukai -Youyoumu no Oto- KNTH-0002prv Composer
08.16 Gensou Eiyuutan KRKN-0001 Composer
08.16 Sakura Heart LGCD-0006 Composer
08.16 Trace LGCD0007 Composer
08.16 Awesome Night!! LOLI-0003 Original Composer
08.16 Hisoh LRCD-003 Composer
08.16 SubZero Lvlt-0010 Composer
08.16 Light Blue MBCD-0015 Composer
08.16 DEAD HEAT REFRAIN MIA-008 Composer
08.16 Memory ~MAIKAZE music works~ MKAD-0801~2 Composer
08.16 Sweet Orchid / Hourai Performance Doll MMPD-0002 Composer
08.16 Crimson Glory Remixies + NJK-002 Composer
08.16 Souten Gekka NLCD-0004 Composer
08.16 Touhou Mangetsukyou OLJA-0002 Composer
08.16 Tsuki Nante Tsukaenai / ...and cradle to flatline PAER-0001 Composer
08.16 A Cafe Chic Records #02 "after-noon" PAER-0002 Composer
08.16 STORM BRINGER PMCD-020 Composer
08.16 Ten'i Muhou QLCK-0006 Composer
08.16 Gensou Maji Karu☆ RCCP-0005 Composer
08.16 Touhou Scramble 3 -the Clane and the Turtle- RHCD-0005 Composer
08.16 Eiya no Kotowari RSCD-0002 Composer
08.16 The Heavens, Time and Bichrome Butterflies SACD-5021 Composer
08.16 S.H.O. Tsuushin Vol.2.5 DAMAGE REPORT AFTER THE TEMPEST SCDA-2005 Composer
08.16 Gyakkou -Silhouette of the Sound- SDCY-0005 Composer
08.16 TOKOSHIE SDHC-0012 Composer
08.16 Fantasia ~ Gensoukyo Gensoukyoku SECD-0005 Composer
08.16 L5 Na no Desu☆ SFCD-05 Composer
08.16 Reincarnation SFNC-0011 Composer
08.16 Rebirth SFNC-0012 Composer
08.16 Translucent Street Corner SHCD-0005 Composer
08.16 Joyou Tensei ~ Youkai wo Ijimete Heiki na no? CD-SIDE SHM-0019 Composer
08.16 Histoire del' Ross Ross Ross SICD-023 Composer
08.16 JiNG*2 SICD-024 Composer
08.16 DIVIT -Appendix- SJVSC-0023 Composer
08.16 TOHOHUM SKYT-0006 Composer
08.16 Toho Gensoroku 2 SORR-00048 Composer
08.16 KONOHANA SSM-005 Composer
08.16 Touhou Keitaishoku SST-003 Composer
08.16 Assortment of sense STAL-0801 Composer
08.16 Ameigibun -Kero-chan Fuuhyouhigai ni Magezu- STSP-0002 Composer
08.16 Wrong Vacation SWCD-0049 Composer
08.16 Usaban SWCD-0050 Composer
08.16 6th TAMUSIC Concert TAM3-0032 Composer
08.16 Touhou Gensoukyoku 1 TAM3-0034 Composer
08.16 Touhou Nocturnes For Piano trio 'Seal' TAM3-0035 Composer
08.16 KAGURA TOCD-0010 Composer
08.16 SETU GEKKA TOCD-0011 Composer
08.16 Kaze no Onkai ~Douchuuhen~ TOKO-0003 Composer
08.16 OVERBLAST!! Shooting Game Arrange Compilation Album TRBL-0004 Composer
08.16 Type:Scarlet UFCD-0003 Composer
08.16 Synchrotronic Rezonator UI-0012 Composer
08.16 Touhou Mugen Chuya -another place dream- UTGE-02006 Composer
08.16 Frühe Reflexionen VD-005 Composer
08.16 future retro Vol.3 VDX-003 Composer
08.16 Vostok WDCD-0012 Composer
08.16 Red Album XLPS-0017 Composer
08.16 Cosmic Travelers XLPS-0018 Composer
08.16 SENSEASONS YZCD-0009 Composer
08.16 COLORS Z4R-002 Composer
08.17 ELECTRO ELECT N/A Composer
08.17 Cyber Reverie -1st contact of Toho Project- ESSD-0001 Composer
08.17 Toho Soyu Shinpi IO-0146 Original Composer
08.17 Piano Chronicle: Introduction of DOJIN PIANO PRIM-1004 Composer
08.17 Touhou Koutetsuya SOH-0013 Composer
09.07 Toho Shisoukyoku FPR0002 Composer
09.07 Against The Wind NLCD-0005 Composer
09.07 The Girl with Black Wings that Fell From the Sky NLCD-0005spe Composer
09.13 Touhou Strange Battle Music Gaiden AQUA-0019 Composer
09.14 Touhou Onsen Matsuri (Preview Version) OLJA-0003A Composer
10.05 Enjoy Driving!! with Touhou Project N/A Composer
10.05 Crimson Devil's Residence N/A Composer
10.05 KARMA SCREEN A1CD-0001 Composer
10.05 GRAVITY NLCD-0006 Composer
10.05 Touhou Shinsoukyou ORNS-00001 Composer
10.05 Beyond The Infinite SDFN-0001 Composer
10.05 Touhou Koutetsufu Ver.0 Sankuri Limited CD SOH-0014-1 Composer
10.05 Toho Kaguramatsuri Vol.1 THK-001 Composer
10.12 BOUNDARY -MIX UP "Project Shrine Maiden"- N/A Composer
10.13 8BiTouhou N/A Composer
10.13 Hypothetical Box ANKM-0000 Composer
10.13 Toho Yuensai CGCD-0003 Composer
10.13 Luminous 2... ESSD-0002 Composer
10.13 la danmaku re'volutionnaire part1 FOCD-0015 Composer
10.13 Recollection / Fourtale FRTL-0810 Composer
10.13 Osaisen toka no Karaoke IO-0138 Original Composer
10.13 Akatsuki Enju LOLI-0004 Original Composer
10.13 Touhou Tatebue Koumakyou MM-01 Original Music
10.13 Acoustic Shooter NLCD-0007 Composer
10.13 Touhou Jogakkan OEMM-0122 Composer
10.13 theme of east RTCD-0007 Composer
10.13 Shiro Usagi SFNC-0013 Composer
10.13 SWING HOLIC VOL.02 SWHC-0002 Composer
10.13 telescope TLSY-0001 Composer
10.13 Touhou Tougenkyou TUMENECO-001 Composer
10.13 Endless Festival EP XLPS-0020 Composer
10.19 Toho Saishousetsu ABC-Mu002 Composer
11.02 Touhou Shuurenge N/A Composer
11.02 Sakura Chiru Mae ni N/A Composer
11.02 8BiTouhou 2 N/A Composer
11.02 Toho Cocktail N/A Composer
11.02 Digi-Ana Girls N/A Composer
11.02 Four Seasons -Autumn- Night of Soul's N/A Composer
11.02 Black Label Records Apology CD N/A Composer
11.02 Aka to Kuro no Yakata N/A Composer
11.02 ARound White N/A Composer
11.02 Devil Queen N/A Composer
11.02 Romantic☆Plastic N/A Composer
11.02 Touhou War Heart N/A Composer
11.02 Septette Arrange CD N/A Composer
11.02 Kyoutaiboku no Gensokyo N/A Composer
11.02 Taidou Sanka ~ Return to ZERO ~ N/A Composer
11.02 Crevice AECD-015 Composer
11.02 Tooi Sora wo Yuku - Voyage Note. ANCCD-003 Composer
11.02 S.T.B. ~Locus of the Eastern Dream I~ AOD006 Composer
11.02 quoderatDEMONstrandum ARAM-0103 Composer
11.02 Signature ARCD0026 Composer
11.02 As/Hi Otameshi Ban ASHI-6001 Composer
11.02 Re:+ BB-0001 Composer
11.02 Touhou Genbutou BLCD-10 Composer
11.02 Touhou Otogiban [Kai] BLCD-11 Composer
11.02 REINE OKTAVE CK-0012P Composer
11.02 Stormy Spirit EDCD-0004 Composer
11.02 Level Fantasia EFCD-01 Composer
11.02 000 ENS-0000 Composer
11.02 Otameshi Disk 2 ESSD-9002 Composer
11.02 Touhou Akogishu F306-0001 Composer
11.02 la danmaku re'volutionnaire part2 FOCD-0016 Composer
11.02 Touhou Hanauta Koyomi -2009- GCFT-0049 Composer
11.02 Last Celebration - DSP TOHO Remixes BEST GCFT-0050 Composer
11.02 Suite "Hashihime" GSCA-3002 Composer
11.02 Hana ga Irodoru Sono Niwa de... GSCD-0012 Composer
11.02 Green Eyes -Misfortune Bridge- GSCD-0015S Composer
11.02 Toho Hyosetsu Kashu IO-0147 Original Music
11.02 EXIII IZCD-0005 Composer
11.02 Sweet Home JBCD-0002 Composer
11.02 Butterfly Delusion JBCD-0003 Composer
11.02 Autumn/Retrospect KMCD-0006 Composer
11.02 Touhou Daimeiwaku KRBN-0005 Composer
11.02 Amuse Beat Connection LOLI-0005 Original Composer
11.02 Little Wonderland - Toho Project Arrange Album LORB-0009A Composer
11.02 Touhou Gensoukitan II MMCD-0006 Composer
11.02 The Love Songs of Night and Day MMPD-0003 Composer
11.02 DARKNESS NLCD-0008 Composer
11.02 BRIGHTNESS NLCD-0009 Composer
11.02 Scarlet Devil Mansion Music Festival -Renewal Edition- NLCD-0010 Composer
11.02 SNOW PRINT-in the fairy tale- NTCD-0003 Composer
11.02 Touhou Onsen Matsuri OLJA-0003 Composer
11.02 The Grimoire Of Alice PCMM-0001 Composer
11.02 Follia SDFN-0002 Composer
11.02 Retrospective Game Box SLCD-0005 Composer
11.02 Tsuki ga Tottemo Akai kara SRSB-0801 Composer
11.02 Resistance STCD-0001 Composer
11.02 Touhou Gensoukyoku 2 TAM3-0037 Composer
11.02 7th TAMUSIC Concert ~Touhou Compilation~ TAM3-0038 Composer
11.02 GENSOU BUKYOKU TOCD-0012 Composer
11.02 Frequency Modulation Mysterious Story AV20EX ULCG-0008 Composer
11.02 Blue Album XLPS-0021 Composer
11.02 Kukeiha Raisan YFCD-0007 Composer
11.12 Hi to Kurenai no Kamigami N/A Composer
11.24 Shuukakusai N/A Composer
11.24 Celekan -Celestia Conference- N/A Composer
11.24 S.D.HARDCORE vol.1 SDHC-0001 Composer
12.09 Ultra Cute!? CHS-0005 Composer
12.23 Touhou Koutetsufu SOH-0014 Composer
12.25 ROCKGIRL ~Touhou Iwashoujo~ Arrange Soundtrack HACW-TA1009 Composer
12.26 Kou N/A Composer
12.28 ARound Red N/A Composer
12.28 ScapeGoat GMIX-0004 Composer
12.28 Touhou Tankoukin TEB-0001 Composer
12.29 Toho Seikishou N/A Composer
12.29 A Tribute to the East Vol.2 N/A Original Composer
12.29 Daydream Nation N/A Composer
12.29 Touhou Gensokyoku N/A Composer
12.29 Toho Amazakura N/A Composer
12.29 holy night's Dong N/A Composer
12.29 Accumulated Fragments N/A Composer
12.29 Touhou Never Land 2 N/A Composer
12.29 AntiBullet N/A Composer
12.29 FM Youyoumu N/A Composer
12.29 Nostalgic Gensou Jyoutai N/A Composer
12.29 Mugen Kidou N/A Composer
12.29 Touhou Anti-Magic Serum ~Pre-release Maxi Edition~ N/A Composer
12.29 Touhou SplinterCell CODE:R Original Sound Track N/A Composer
12.29 9 N/A Composer
12.29 Adabana N/A Composer
12.29 Altneuland Kinkyou Houkoku Relax Disc N/A Composer
12.29 Under Ground Garden N/A Composer
12.29 Aki Oto Kaze -Autumn of Touhou- N/A Composer
12.29 Untitled N/A Composer
12.29 Touhou Youmeika N/A Composer
12.29 Raise the curtain N/A Composer
12.29 new world / live junkie N/A Composer
12.29 Chitei no Kakei wa Hi no Kuruma N/A Composer
12.29 Touhou Shimogashou N/A Composer
12.29 Pleach Any Deary N/A Composer
12.29 Comicmarket 75 Omake CD N/A Composer
12.29 Kissing the Mirror Taikenban 2008 Winter N/A Composer
12.29 CAUTION N/A Composer
12.29 new world / live junkie N/A Composer
12.29 Under a Crying Moon N/A Composer
12.29 Star light N/A Composer
12.29 Chiheisen no Mukougawa e 3SCD-0002 Composer
12.29 FOLLOW THE LIGHT 8MM-0002 Composer
12.29 Genkaku no Yukisato ADC0808 Composer
12.29 Trois Rouge AECD-016 Composer
12.29 Next Flower ~prism Mix~ ANCD-0001 Composer
12.29 innocent APX-0002 Composer
12.29 Kyoufu no Gensou Kaikaku - genso salad surgery AQCD-0001 Composer
12.29 Touhou Kitougekidan! AQUA-0020 Composer
12.29 Reimu, Marisa and Adventure Stuff. AQUA-0021 Composer
12.29 SpellCore ACT4 - Aura ARAM-0004 Composer
12.29 Hairei ~ Highly Layered ARAM-0104 Composer
12.29 Trois Noir ARCD0027 Composer
12.29 SKA-MUSE!! / SKA-G ASIA-0020 Composer
12.29 The Edge Of The Knife BFCD-0001 Composer
12.29 Fairy Feel CGCD-0004 Composer
12.29 hatch the new Fl∞w CK-0008RM Composer
12.29 Banshikaiketsu CLEP-009 Composer
12.29 Carry-Over CMLC-1001 Composer
12.29 Odoru Touhou Drift -'turbo- CTCD-0011 Composer
12.29 Drawing the Spell III CVCD-0006 Composer
12.29 Abolished Symphony from The Sanctuary: Demon tale sonata DBCD-0011 Composer
12.29 Sendaisoushi ~ Offering to The Sukhavati DECD-0005 Composer
12.29 Toho Fuyushogun DKCD-0002 Composer
12.29 KOI-IRO THE NIGHT CLUB DLOC-0013 Composer
12.29 Arrow Revolution DPCD-0803 Composer
12.29 East Fantasia EFCD-02 Composer
12.29 reflection EMRS-0006 Composer
12.29 Lyrical Crimson ENS-0001 Composer
12.29 sasanqua e.p. FFRC-0020 Composer
12.29 la danmaku re'volutionnaire part1-2-3 FOCD-0017 Composer
12.29 Gensou Ihentan ~ Shippu! Fujin'rock G-CD-03 Composer
12.29 Touhou Midnight MAXIMUMTUNE V GCFT-0051 Composer
12.29 Dawn HC-0003 Composer
12.29 Toho Yochien HKMP-OTO30 Composer
12.29 Nyan furo. HKMP-OTO32 Composer
12.29 Toho-Genreihu HLCD-0007 Composer
12.29 Energy Reimen (Remaster) HOKD-0004 Composer
12.29 Trois Bleu IBCD-0008 Composer
12.29 Touhou Rouran IK-07 Composer
12.29 Toho Bubbling Underground IO-0149 Original Music
12.29 Purple and Cherrypink IOE-0004 Composer
12.29 Triple Colors ~Wind Memories~ KKCD-0007 Composer
12.29 Toho Kenbunroku Vol.8 KMCB-014 Composer
12.29 Spark Stars Striker KMCD-0003 Composer
12.29 Yuki Furu Oto to, Mushi no Uta KMCD-0007 Composer
12.29 Touhou Ungaikyou ~ Unveil her Character, Obvious KMST-0008 Composer
12.29 Knights of Round 2 KNTS-0002 Composer
12.29 Touhou Daienjou KRBN-0006 Composer
12.29 Gensokyo Popolkanto KWL-0001 Composer
12.29 Little Thin Light LOLI-0006 Original Composer
12.29 Kekkai Gensouroku - Oto LRCD-006 Composer
12.29 First Snow LW-01 Composer
12.29 Touhou Kouma Gettan ~ Scarlet Devil Fantasic Rhapsody ~ MGCD-0002 Composer
12.29 Touhou Tatebue Youyoumu MM-02 Composer
12.29 Memoryear MMCD-0007 Composer
12.29 soulline MMPD-0004 Composer
12.29 Touhou Nyohanbo MSTBL007 Composer
12.29 Reincarnation MTCD-007 Composer
12.29 dialogue ~Prim Girl~ Muse-0006 Composer
12.29 Ouka Kekkai -Parfect Cherry Blossom- NLCD-0011 Composer
12.29 Heart to Heart NLCD-0012 Composer
12.29 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 NLCD-0013 Composer
12.29 Moon And Her Embrace P2CD-0011 Composer
12.29 Brutal Games For Reminding Of Death PAEG-0009 Composer
12.29 FIND PAER-0003 Composer
12.29 A Cafe Chic Records #03 "white-alarm" PAER-0004 Composer
12.29 Prunus Subhirtella PCMM-0002 Composer
12.29 Chaoscillation Game PCMM-0003 Composer
12.29 Sora no Tomoshibi to Utau Densou Gengaku QLCK-0007 Composer
12.29 Vivid Parasol RGSD-0001 Composer
12.29 ALTERNATIVE 200812 SACD-0002 Composer
12.29 Tec Box Vol.2 ~ Kouma Style!! SCCD-0002 Composer
12.29 THE BEST OF TOHO TEMPEST SCDA-1008~9 Composer
12.29 touhougentouren ~the snow stays through the blind~ scp-03 Composer
12.29 2 da Night [Sound CYCLONE Preview CD vol.2] SDCY-0005.5 Composer
12.29 Love affair SDFN-0003 Composer
12.29 KURENAI SDHC-0013 Composer
12.29 Eternal Paradigm SFNC-0014 Composer
12.29 arete SJVSC-0024 Composer
12.29 Mugen Kaiitan SLCD-0006 Composer
12.29 Toho Gensoroku 3 SORR-00052 Composer
12.29 TOHO RAVEN SORR-00053 Composer
12.29 HIDORI SSM-006 Composer
12.29 Touhou Wagaku • Tuu ssu0002 Composer
12.29 Chireiden no Ongakutai STCD-0002 Composer
12.29 SWING HOLIC VOL.03 SWHC-0003 Composer
12.29 Kettai na Kekkai SZCD-01 Composer
12.29 Touhou Nocturnes For Pianoforte 'Dream' TAM3-0039 Composer
12.29 Touhou Gensoukyoku 3 TAM3-0040 Composer
12.29 Toho Kaguramatsuri Vol.2 THK-002 Composer
12.29 Arugamama TKCD-0002 Composer
12.29 Luminous TLSY-0002 Composer
12.29 KAN-NAGI TOCD-0013 Composer
12.29 Kaze no Onkai ~Boss-hen~ TOKO-0004 Composer
12.29 Gensou, Tsunagaru Haruka Kanata TUCD-06 Composer
12.29 if UI-0013 Composer
12.29 Fortschritt VD-006 Composer
12.29 future retro Vol.4 VDX-004 Composer
12.29 pechika WDCD-0013 Composer
12.29 RE:COLLECTIONS XLPS-0022~3 Composer
12.29 RE:ACTANCE XLPS-0024 Composer
12.29 Midnight Tea Party YPCD-0001 Composer
12.29 Toho Rinshouka ~Moment of Impulse~ YZCD-0010 Composer
12.29 Koisuru Otome no Drawers ZERO-0009 Composer
12.29 Ryuusanfu ~Shrapnel Cards~ ZKCD-0001 Composer
12.30 The Hell You Saw HSY-008 Composer
12.30 THUNDER CONCERTO MIA-010 Composer
12.30 Little Busters-EX & Touhou Chireiden Piano Arrange Album "Syoh-Rei-Fu" UCMC-0035 Composer


??.?? Metal Girl Solid N/A Composer
01.12 Touhou Shiki Irodorien N/A Composer
01.12 Boukyou Butouen (Preview Version) OLJA-0004A Composer
01.18 Flowering Shooter ESSD-0003 Composer
01.18 T★GIRLS.01 FPR0003 Composer
01.18 Toho Unplugged KTFR-05 Composer
01.18 REMINISCENCE 2008 NLCD-0014 Composer
01.27 Tougen Garden VNHS-0001 Composer
01.31 Toho Suikoden HLCD-0008 Composer
02.08 Akatsuki Yoru ga Akeru Koro N/A Composer
02.08 Little comet N/A Composer
02.08 Oriental Groove 02 N/A Composer
02.08 Fue☆Tech Preview Version N/A Composer
02.08 Closed Session Preview Edition N/A Composer
02.08 incomprehensible 8MM-0003 Composer
02.08 LR First Strike! LR-0001 Composer
02.08 Touhou Departure Melody 1 MM-03 Composer
02.08 RED×BLACK NLCD-0015 Composer
02.08 Yumesenya NLCD-0016 Composer
02.08 Affect a mind NLCD-0017 Composer
02.08 Cherry Petals Fantasia YPCD-0002 Composer
02.15 Love-Colored "Rondo Nocturne -Scarlet-" CO1168CD01 Composer
02.15 FOGGY NIGHT DR-FN01 Composer
02.15 Concerto Archives of MARISA piece GSCD-0003 Composer
02.15 SCARLET MAGIC NLCD-0018 Composer
02.15 Volatile Vacuity OMWCD-T001 Composer
03.01 First Wave ELECTRO LOLI-0008 Original Composer
03.01 black history extra SCN-BHE1 Composer
03.07 Shoujo ga Mita Nippon no Aki no Genfuukei CSCR-0001 Composer
03.08 ORIN SaGa -Tril of Billion- N/A Composer
03.08 The Secret of Alice N/A Composer
03.08 himemikono nemuru mitsunaru sekai N/A Composer
03.08 Toho-Raizinkou N/A Composer
03.08 Legend of Devil Princess Remilia ~Minuet of Fate~ Prologue (Preview Version) N/A Composer
03.08 Touhou Fusyoku Sousoukyoku ~ Buried lovers are burning brightly. N/A Composer
03.08 8BiTouhou 3 N/A Composer
03.08 Touhou Hyouchien N/A Composer
03.08 R! T! S! N/A Composer
03.08 Touhou Hitori Maruyaku ~ Chireiden Arrange Collection N/A Composer
03.08 MIXture* N/A Composer
03.08 TOHO DESTRUCTION!! N/A Composer
03.08 BOSSIZM! N/A Composer
03.08 Resonance Days N/A Composer
03.08 Touhou Synthesis N/A Composer
03.08 Yellow Cake N/A Composer
03.08 Akai kiri baramakutoka maji arieneeyo kono bitch N/A Composer
03.08 Touhou Teddy Bear N/A Composer
03.08 Gekkou Nuts N/A Composer
03.08 Time Limit N/A Composer
03.08 From the Eastern Horizon N/A Composer
03.08 CHANNEL†NODE N/A Composer
03.08 Zenbu Miku N/A Composer
03.08 ArtKuhle N/A Composer
03.08 AYA N/A Composer
03.08 Fue☆Tech N/A Composer
03.08 Bouquet of Gentle Memories N/A Composer
03.08 Red insanity N/A Composer
03.08 Touhou Ningyou Taisen N/A Composer
03.08 Fuu N/A Composer
03.08 ROT N/A Composer
03.08 Cycle of Rebirth N/A Composer
03.08 Another Dimension Preview Disc Reitaisai 6 ver. N/A Composer
03.08 Kanojo to Hoshi no Uta N/A Composer
03.08 Gensokyo Gakusai N/A Composer
03.08 Toho It's All Right!! N/A Composer
03.08 Touhou Fuugekka N/A Composer
03.08 Gensou no Sukima Goudou Kikaku no Omake N/A Composer
03.08 Hikyou Tsuisou N/A Composer
03.08 Scarlet house ROCK N/A Composer
03.08 A notice of a doll N/A Composer
03.08 Supreme Sacrifice N/A Composer
03.08 Touhou SNAP N/A Composer
03.08 Out Of Door ~ Kono Saki no Anata ni N/A Composer
03.08 Brainstorming e.p N/A Composer
03.08 NecroFantasia N/A Composer
03.08 Heliobless demo N/A Composer
03.08 Namu N/A Composer
03.08 2009 March N/A Composer
03.08 Cirno Fan Disc ~More Cirno ga Ippai Ippai '09~ N/A Composer
03.08 Foreground Eclipse Demo CD Vol.01 N/A Composer
03.08 Touhou VS Gankyuu N/A Composer
03.08 REITAISAI6 Omake CD N/A Composer
03.08 Toho Symphonic Selection Demo CD N/A Composer
03.08 No Title N/A Composer
03.08 Atomic Heat Preview N/A Composer
03.08 Touhou Moe Musou N/A Composer
03.08 POLYGON RAIN A1CD-0002 Composer
03.08 Toho Kyokkou no Ama ~ Sky Lights ABC-Mu003 Composer
03.08 Soushun no Sakura ADC0902 Composer
03.08 Youfuurenka ADLB-0005 Composer
03.08 Chaos Flare AECD-017 Composer
03.08 Touhou Gensoukyoku amus-0001 Composer
03.08 Koji Genteishou - "Ancient Chronicle" Number 1. ANCCD-901 Composer
03.08 REBIRTH ANKM-0001 Composer
03.08 ...Beyond the Grand River AOD007 Composer
03.08 Rectia APX-0005 Composer
03.08 Shinsoku Saiban ~ Rapidity is a justice AQEL-0002 Composer
03.08 Scarlet Devils, Alcohol and Party Stuff. AQUA-0022 Composer
03.08 SpellCore ACT5 - Valley ARAM-0005 Composer
03.08 Aspherical Surface e.p. AREP0001 Composer
03.08 Yakumo Yukari no Tasekai Kaishaku ASCD-0008 Composer
03.08 Touhou Otogiban 2 BLCD-13 Composer
03.08 Touhou Gensoubayashi BLCD-14 Composer
03.08 Re:- BR-0002 Composer
03.08 Otenba Musume no PikoPiko Denpa Yohou BTMR-0004 Composer
03.08 Gensou Youonshuu CCCD-0001 Composer
03.08 Touhou Katoh-@ CK-001 Composer
03.08 a+jugos CK-0013P Composer
03.08 Touhou Cocktail CM49-002 Composer
03.08 Touhou Taimayaku CNCD-0009 Composer
03.08 Matsurifu "Koiiro Syndrome -Haru-" CO1168CD02 Composer
03.08 SUPER NOVA GiRL CP0001 Composer
03.08 Wonderland After Dark CVCD-0007 Composer
03.08 Shanghai Bye-Bye DGR-0001 Composer
03.08 Memento mori DMCD-0006 Composer
03.08 ShotShell I DPCD-0901 Composer
03.08 Trouble Chance! DTMT-090T Composer
03.08 Touhou Kyoumeidoku ~ afterbirth ignorant sculpture. EBTA-0001 Composer
03.08 [neutrino*] ECPR-0001 Composer
03.08 Desire EDCD-0101 Composer
03.08 Omoikaze ~the ties between dream and wind~ EGCD-0001 Composer
03.08 EPOCK-MAKING 1 EMCL-0001 Composer
03.08 Scattered Destiny ENS-0002 Composer
03.08 => bound 4 => ESSD-0004 Composer
03.08 The starry night FPCD-03 Composer
03.08 RED ME? FPR0004 Composer
03.08 Gensou Ihentan ~ Reppu! Fujin'rock G-CD-04 Composer
03.08 Yomiji Roman ~ Mystery Tour GCFT-0052 Composer
03.08 Kumo no Haruka e ~ Fantasy Counting Rhymes GCFT-0053 Composer
03.08 Twilight Chronicle ~ I Am Sister GCFT-0054 Composer
03.08 TOHOBEAT FLASH -Second Beat- GFCD-0002 Composer
03.08 @-Plums HEMU-0003 Composer
03.08 Hizakura no Gensou HIYO-0003 Composer
03.08 Toho Hoikuen HKMP-OTO33 Composer
03.08 Toho Invaders HKMP-OTO34 Composer
03.08 Touhou Kouou Sougetsu HLCD-0009 Composer
03.08 Energy Reimen: Tenkomori HOKD-0005 Composer
03.08 Ryureisaisai HRC-0001 Composer
03.08 A Foreign Sound HTNT-003 Composer
03.08 Touhou Seisuisai IK-08 Composer
03.08 Acid Travel INT.0001 Composer
03.08 Toho just a moment! IO-0154 Original Music
03.08 bloom IO-0155 Original Music
03.08 Transmigration of the Soul JBCD-0004 Composer
03.08 Echoes KMCD-0008 Composer
03.08 Touhou Gensoukai -Hisouten no Oto- KNTH-0002 Composer
03.08 Kokoro no Nokoriga KSNT-0001 Composer
03.08 Tobira Light-005 Composer
03.08 Peace Yo! LOLI-0009 Original Composer
03.08 Touhou World Music Chronicle -No.2- LOLI-0010 Original Composer
03.08 Suwako de gowasu LRCD-007 Composer
03.08 Sanka LTCD-0003 Composer
03.08 TOUHOU Crossover with SQUARE -The Lotus Land's Variant Soundscape- LUCD-0001 Composer
03.08 Genius! Suika's Ultra Super Deluxe MBCD-0016 Composer
03.08 Touhou Gen'umukyou ~ depth psychology of unconsciousness ~ MGCD-0003 Composer
03.08 SAVAGE FLAMES MIA-011 Composer
03.08 Touhou Recorder Rearrange 1 MM-04 Composer
03.08 Shibou flag nante bakkibaki ni shite yan yo MMCD-0008 Composer
03.08 Barrage Fullcourse MMO-04 Composer
03.08 UKIHANA MMPD-0005 Composer
03.08 Gensou Yuugi ~Museum of Marasy~ MRCD-0001 Composer
03.08 Gensokyo Style / Shingo Dj MSTBL010 Composer
03.08 Toho Fuukitan / Kourin MTFP-0301 Composer
03.08 TOHO BEATRONIC ver.Red MTMX-001RP Composer
03.08 dialogue ~Paradigm Lost~ Muse-0008 Composer
03.08 dialogue ~Reincarnation~ Muse-0009 Composer
03.08 Touhou kara kimashita. NBLS-0001 Composer
03.08 Dungeon & Danger NDCD-0003 Composer
03.08 NEHAN MIND NEHAN-001 Composer
03.08 Ameagaru. NJK-003 Composer
03.08 Perfect Freeze Lovely Girl NJRJ-0001 Composer
03.08 Yumemizakura NLCD-0019~20 Composer
03.08 Tsukiakari ni Terasarete NLCD-0021 Composer
03.08 Souten Gekka -Resurrection- NLCD-0022 Composer
03.08 Ruby and Aquamarine OER-0005 Composer
03.08 Boukyou Butouen OLJA-0004 Composer
03.08 Touhou Chitei Daisakusen ORNS-00002 Composer
03.08 prima ORTA-0001 Composer
03.08 A Cafe Chic Records #04 -open code- PAER-0005 Composer
03.08 Closed Session PRDX-0001 Composer
03.08 EVER CRIMSON QBIT-0002 Composer
03.08 Ougentou Kiwami QLCK-0008 Composer
03.08 Trauma Logical RMCD-017 Composer
03.08 Touhou Purple RSCD-0003 Composer
03.08 Gensou Muyuuban -play the fantasy music of the dream- RTCD-0008 Composer
03.08 HEART CHAIN SACD-5022 Composer
03.08 TEC BOX Ex.1 "Interlude" SCCD-0003 Composer
03.08 Groove in to the Night