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03.13 passion -Dancing Battle Girls- MMCD-0001 Arranger
09.11 HAKUREI RAVE 03 LLAC-0007 Arranger
10.16 moment -passing pleasures girls- MMCD-0002 Arranger
12.30 Helius Aggregation AMRC-0004 Arranger


05.27 Helius Aggregation the Instrumental AMRC-0005 Arranger
05.27 Dilemmatic Sorcery AMRC-0006 Arranger
05.27 desire - sweetly love girls - MMCD-0003 Arranger
08.11 Dilemmatic Sorcery the instrumental AMRC-0007 Arranger
08.11 Unlogical Trick AMRC-0009 Arranger
10.07 Unlogical Trick the instrumental AMRC-0010 Arranger
12.30 Emotionally Resonance AMRC-0011 Arranger
12.30 precious -singing beautiful girls- MMCD-0004 Arranger


05.26 Emotionally Resonance the Instrumental AMRC-0012 Arranger
05.26 Amateras Records Best Vol.1 AMRC-0013 Arranger
05.26 556mm THE BEST Vol.01 -Dancing Girls Best- MMCD-0005~6 Arranger
08.12 Radical Destruction AMRC-0015 Arranger
08.12 emotion -strong feeling girls- MMCD-0007 Arranger
12.30 Radical Destruction the instrumental AMRC-0016 Arranger


05.11 Blooming Daydream AMRC-0020 Arranger
08.16 Blooming Daydream the Instrumental AMRC-0021 Arranger
08.16 Crevice of Darkness AMRC-0022 Arranger
08.16 invincible -perfect beautiful girls- MMCD-0008 Arranger
11.24 Crevice of Darkness the Instrumental AMRC-0023 Arranger
11.24 556mm nonstop megamix vol.1 MMCD-0009 Arranger
12.29 Proof Presence ENS-0034 Arranger
12.29 revolution -rising rebellion girls- MMCD-0010 Arranger


05.10 Proof Presence the Instrumental ENS-0037 Arranger
05.10 conquest -making perfect girls- MMCD-0011 Arranger
08.14 556mm THE BEST vol.02 -Dancing Girls Best- MMCD-0012~3 Arranger
12.30 KUMI the BEST -Wotamin's Toho Arrange Selection- KUMI-0001 Arranger


12.29 Endless Acceleration -Amateras Records Remixes Vol.4- AMRC-0037 Arranger
12.29 Initial T T-SELECTION Vol.04 CBIT-0005 Arranger
12.29 Innocent Affection MMCD-0019 Arranger


05.07 Something for you MMCD-0020 Arranger
08.10 TOHO EURO NIGHT TWO CBIT-0008 Arranger
12.29 Initial T T-SELECTION Vol.06 CBIT-0010 Arranger
12.29 THE BEST OF Initial T 'SHOCKING BEST' CBIT-0011 Arranger


08.10 Initial T T-SELECTION Vol.07 CBIT-0013 Arranger
08.10 TOHO EURO NIGHT THREE CBIT-0014 Arranger
08.10 556mm nonstop megamix vol.03 MMCD-0024 Arranger
10.14 Ultimate vs. Supreme ARMM-0001 Arranger
12.30 Initial T T-SELECTION Vol.08 CBIT-0016 Arranger


04.28 TOHO ANTHEM TRACKS -BPM128(±10)- NNRR-0012 Arranger
08.12 TOHO EURO NIGHT FOUR CBIT-0019 Arranger
08.12 TOHO DANCE PARTY 01 CBIT-0020 Arranger
09.30 NIGHT SKYWALKER the Instrumental N/A Arranger
10.06 Ultimate vs. Supreme -Second Season- ARMM-0002 Arranger
12.31 THE BEST OF Initial T 'EXCITING BEST' CBIT-0023 Arranger


05.05 Re/verse -Amateras Records Remixes Vol.6- AMRC-0061 Arranger
08.09 TOHO INST-COLLECTION Vol.07 N/A Arranger
08.09 TOHO INST-COLLECTION Vol.06 N/A Arranger
08.09 TOHO INST-COLLECTION Vol.04 N/A Arranger
08.09 TOHO INST-COLLECTION Vol.08 N/A Arranger
08.09 TOHO DANCE MIX CBIT-0024 Arranger
12.18 Re/verse -Amateras Records Remixes Vol.6 the Instrumental- N/A Arranger

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08.09 SIDEbySIDE ALTS0001 Arranger


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