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Male 八王子P (はちおうじP)
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Dec 16, 1988
Yamagata Prefecture, Japan
Credited works
176 albums in database
6 products in database
127 composer
94 arranger
25 lyricist
10 music
7 artist
2 performer
2 mixing engineer
1 remixer
1 instruments
1 programmer


Hachioji P changed his English artist name from 8#Prince to Hachioji P around 2012. His Japanese artist name was unchanged.



??.?? P*Style 001 PPCD-0001 Composer (as P*Light)
08.16 Fantasia ~ Gensoukyo Gensoukyoku SECD-0005 Arranger (as P*Light)
10.13 Extreme Meltdowner SUPRCD-001 Composer (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light)
12.29 Exaltation*Beat EPCD-0001 Arranger (as P*Light)
12.29 What's J-CORE? PSCD-002 Composer (as P*Light)


02.14 Sound's Palette For The Valentine N/A Composer (as P*Light)
02.14 P*Style 1.50 PPCD-0002 Composer (as P*Light)
05.03 SKETCHBOOK (RE)COLLECTION N/A Composer (as P*Light)
08.15 vocalography EPCD-0002 Composer (as P*Light)
08.15 SEVENTH HEAVEN SDFN-0007 Arranger (as P*Light)
10.11 P*Style 2.00 PPCD-0003 Composer (as P*Light)
10.11 glitters PSCD-001 Composer (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light)
12.30 Sphere Caliber AECD-020 Arranger (as P*Light)
12.30 vocalosphere EPCD-0003 Composer (as P*Light)
12.30 Scouse Wonderland KOCD-001 Composer (as P*Light)
12.30 Lotus SACD-0008 Arranger (as P*Light)


02.13 SKETCHING! EP2 N/A Composer (as P*Light)
05.04 SKETCHING! EP3 N/A Composer (as P*Light)
05.05 EURO TRANCE PROJECT - PHASE 1 - ETPD-0001 Composer (as P*Light)
05.05 Second Liberator SUPRCD-003 Arranger (as P*Light)
05.05 Hocchi○pocchi 4BEAT2 UTY03 Arranger (as P*Light)
08.14 OpusXtra 05 : Worlds APXX-1005 Arranger (as P*Light)
08.14 vocaloholic EPCD-0004 Composer (as 8#Prince, P*Light)
08.14 Distorted Princess P8CD-001 Composer (as 8#Prince)
08.27 HARDCORE SYNDROME 4 TANOCD-0011 Composer (as P*Light)
10.31 SKETCH BOOK! Anthology SUPRCD-004 Composer (as P*Light)
11.14 whiteout P8CD-002 Composer (as 8#Prince)
12.28 enigmaticLIA4 QLCD-0021~2 Arranger (as P*Light)
12.29 MEGAPEER DJ Battlers IOSYS vs HARDCORE TANO*C N/A Composer (as P*Light)
12.31 AVTechNO↑ AVT-0001 Arranger (as 8#Prince)
12.31 Color Complex CT13-RW03 Composer (as 8#Prince), Lyricist (as 8#Prince)
12.31 vocalomemory EPCD-0005 Composer (as 8#Prince, P*Light), Arranger (as 8#Prince, P*Light)
12.31 hammer NGMS-0005 Composer (as 8#Prince)


01.07 TANO*C REMIXES 2 TCPLUS-0006 Arranger (as P*Light)
03.13 Overture | KANA AECD-027 Arranger (as P*Light)
03.13 Overture | SUWA AECD-028 Arranger (as P*Light)
05.01 P*Style 3.00 PPCD-0004 Composer (as P*Light)
05.01 Hocchi○pocchi 4BEAT3 UTY04 Composer (as 8#Prince, P*Light)
06.12 ×××× the ripper P8CD-003 Composer (as 8#Prince), Arranger (as 8#Prince)
06.22 enigmaticLIA 4 -Anthemnia L's core- QLC-00002 Arranger (as P*Light)
08.03 Linkup House vol.3 DLMS-0013 Composer (as 8#Prince)
08.13 PLANETS EPCD-0006 Composer (as 8#Prince, P*Light)
08.13 Impulse of the Moment SUPRCD-005 Arranger (as P*Light)
08.13 Alkanet YUCD-002 Composer (as P*Light)
08.14 hammer2 NGMS-0007 Composer (as 8#Prince)
08.26 HARDCORE SYNDROME 5 TANOCD-0012 Composer (as P*Light)
09.21 Science Adventure Dance Remix "CHAOS;HEAD" "STEINS;GATE" FVCG-1173 Arranger (as 8#Prince)
10.30 Deko-Boko GECD-002 Composer (as P*Light)
10.30 P*Style 3.50 PPCD-0005 Composer (as P*Light)
11.10 Miku Hatsune -Project DIVA- extend Special Collaboration Album VOCALOID extend REMIXIES PDCL-03901 Arranger
12.17 Bright Colors TCPLUS-0007 Composer (as P*Light)
12.31 Reajue Remixes EPCD-1001 Composer (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light)
12.31 Are You Happy? PSOLO-001 Composer (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light)
12.31 SKETCH BOOK! ANTHOLOGY 2 SUPRCD-006 Composer (as P*Light)


02.01 electric love [Limited Edition] MHCL-2015~7 Composer (as 8#Prince), Arranger (as 8#Prince), Lyricist (as 8#Prince)
03.16 TANO*C TOUR 2012 the Anthem TCPLUS-0008 Arranger (as P*Light)
03.28 jubeat copious APPEND SOUNDTRACK GFCA-298 Composer (as 8#Prince), Arranger (as 8#Prince)
04.28 electric love collection P8CD-004 Composer (as 8#Prince), Arranger (as 8#Prince, P*Light)
04.30 Hocchi○pocchi 4Beat4 UTY05 Composer (as P*Light)
05.23 Me wo Tojite Gyusshiyo / ABCHO UICV-5014 Composer
05.23 Me wo Tojite Gyusshiyo / ABCHO [Limited Edition] UICV-9019 Composer
07.11 Nameko no CD NFNF-0001 Arranger
08.11 Re:Imagination -Amateras Records Remixes Vol.1- AMRC-0008 Arranger (as 8#Prince)
08.11 NOT 4 ON THE FLOOR CGSP-0001 Composer (as P*Light)
08.11 samuraiDANCEHALL EPCD-0007 Composer (as P*Light)
08.11 SKETCH UP! REMIXIES SUPRCD-007 Composer (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light)
08.15 HARDCORE SYNDROME 6 TANOCD-0013 Composer (as P*Light), Lyricist (as P*Light)
08.29 Weekender Girl / fake doll [Limited Edition] TFCC-89392 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
08.29 Weekender Girl / fake doll TFCC-89393 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
09.26 Darling to Madonna / You Kikkawa UPCH-5766 Arranger
09.26 Darling to Madonna / You Kikkawa [Limited Edition] UPCH-9770 Arranger
11.21 Hikaru Monotachi / Mayu Watanabe [Limited Edition] SRCL-8180~1 Arranger
11.21 Hikaru Monotachi / Mayu Watanabe [Limited Edition] SRCL-8182~3 Arranger
11.21 Hikaru Monotachi / Mayu Watanabe [Limited Edition] SRCL-8184~5 Arranger
11.21 Hikaru Monotachi / Mayu Watanabe [Limited Edition] SRCL-8186~7 Arranger
11.21 Hikaru Monotachi / Mayu Watanabe SRCL-8188 Arranger
12.29 TamStar Records presents ALL VOCALOID ATTACK #1 TMCD-0006 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
12.31 BPM FxxKER EPCD-0008 Composer (as 8#Prince, P*Light)
12.31 BLACKOUT P8CD-005 Composer (as 8#Prince)
12.31 RADIANCE TCPLUS-0010 Composer (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light)


03.06 HATSUNE MIKU Project DIVA F Complete Collection [Limited Edition] MHCL-2242~5 Composer (as 8#Prince)
03.06 HATSUNE MIKU Project DIVA F Complete Collection MHCL-2246~8 Composer
03.20 Re:Dial / livetune feat. Hatsune Miku [Limited Edition] TFCC-86427 Composer
03.20 Re:Dial / livetune feat. Hatsune Miku TFCC-86428 Composer
04.29 EURO TRANCE PROJECT - PHASE 2 - ETPD-0002 Composer (as P*Light)
04.29 LoooooL Hardcore / DJ Laugh NBDCD-002 Arranger (as P*Light)
04.29 P*Style Best PPCD-0006 Composer (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light)
07.24 7TH DRAGON 2020 & 2020-II HATSUNE MIKU ARRANGE TRACKS UMA-1019~21 Arranger
08.10 Dual Sight VDMO-005 Composer
08.12 PLANETS 2 EPCD-0009 Composer (as P*Light)
08.12 SKETCH UP! THE BEST! GECD-008 Composer (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light)
08.12 HAPPYMAKER PCOCD-001 Composer (as P*Light)
08.12 HARDCORE UNITED TOKYO S2TB-0007~8 Composer (as P*Light)
08.12 SKETCH BOOK! Anthology 3 SUPRCD-008 Composer (as P*Light)
08.12 HARDCORE SYNDROME 7 TANOCD-0014 Composer (as P*Light)
12.25 True Blue... / dj TAKA LC-2172~3 Arranger (as P*Light)
12.29 TamStar Records presents ALL VOCALOID ATTACK #2 TMCD-0007 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
12.31 Kenran Kensou Orient CHS-0015 Arranger (as P*Light)
12.31 EPM -electro planet music- EPCD-0010 Composer (as P*Light)
12.31 HAPPYNATION #01 HNCD-001 Composer (as P*Light)
12.31 TANO*C EXTRA TANOCD-0015~7 Composer (as P*Light)
12.31 TANO*C REMIXES 3 TCPLUS-0012 Composer (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light)
12.31 Daizzy YUCD-003 Composer (as P*Light)


04.27 Bright Colors 2 TCPLUS-0013 Composer (as P*Light)
08.17 EPM2 -electro planet music 2- EPCD-0011 Composer (as P*Light)
08.17 Reajue Remixes 2 EPCD-1003 Arranger (as P*Light)
08.17 #From_Ten_Wonderland SUPRCD-010 Arranger (as P*Light)
08.17 HARDCORE SYNDROME 8 TANOCD-0018 Composer (as P*Light)
08.27 beatnation RHYZE vs HARDCORE TANO*C LC-2216 Arranger (as P*Light)
09.17 beatnation Records presents We're so Happy special remix LC-2230 Arranger (as P*Light)
12.30 ULTRA LOL HARDCORE NBDCD-004 Composer (as P*Light)
12.30 SPEED BALL EVOLUTION TCPLUS-0014 Composer (as P*Light)


03.04 SOUND VOLTEX ULTIMATE TRACKS -LEGEND OF KAC- LC-2237~8 Composer (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light)
03.04 beatmania IIDX 22 PENDUAL ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK LC-2242~3 Music (as P*Light), Lyricist (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light), Artist (as P*Light)
03.25 TERRITORY / Ginko Yurishiro (CV: Miho Arakawa), Lulu Yurigasaki (CV: Yoshiko Ikuta), Kureha Tsubaki (CV: Nozomi Yamane) ZMCZ-9903 Composer
04.20 EXIT TUNES DANCE PARTY -beatnation RHYZE music council- LC-2245~7 Composer (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light), Performer (as P*Light), Lyricist (as P*Light)
04.24 YURIKUMA ARASHI Original Sound Track ZMCZ-9904 Composer
04.26 IRREGULAR NATION TCPLUS-0015 Composer (as P*Light)
04.26 Marine Dreamin' / Hachioji P × Kano TFDS-00308 Composer, Lyricist, Arranger
05.10 Fortune Music - selection of nachi t*t-006 Arranger (as P*Light)
07.01 BEMANI×Touhou Project Ultimate MasterPieces LC-2255 Arranger (as P*Light)
07.29 pop'n music Lapistoria Original Soundtrack Vol.2 LC-2259~60 Composer (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light), Artist (as P*Light)
08.14 HAPPYMAKER ViViD PCOCD-002 Composer (as P*Light)
08.16 Colory Starry / Nanahira CFCD-0009 Composer (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light), Lyricist (as P*Light)
08.16 AD:EDM 4 DVSP-0134~5 Composer (as P*Light)
08.16 HARDCORE SYNDROME 9 TANOCD-0019 Composer (as P*Light)
08.16 S2TBTANO*C ANTHEM TCPLUS-0016 Arranger (as P*Light)
09.02 HATSUNE MIKU Project mirai COMPLETE UMA-9056~62 Composer, Lyricist
09.16 EXIT TUNES DANCE PARTY -beatnation summit 2015- KD-379~80 Composer (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light)
12.30 KUMI the BEST -BONUS CD- KUMI-SP0001 Arranger (as 8#Prince)
12.31 Bright Colors 3 TCPLUS-0017 Composer (as P*Light)


01.20 EDP presents ravemania QWCE-00524 Composer (as P*Light)
02.24 SOUND VOLTEX ULTIMATE TRACKS -FLOOR ANTHEM- EP.01 LC-2280~1 Composer (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light)
02.24 beatmania IIDX 23 copula ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK LC-2282~3 Music (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light), Artist (as P*Light)
03.09 HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2016 E.P. HMCD-0005 Composer, Lyricist
03.28 Marine Bloomin' / Hachioji P × Marty Friedman × Kano TFDS-00325 Composer, Lyricist, Arranger
04.24 IRREGULAR NATION 2 TCPLUS-0019 Composer (as P*Light)
06.08 HATSUNE MIKU Project DIVA X -Complete Collection- [Limited Edition] SRCL-9059~62 Composer
06.08 HATSUNE MIKU Project DIVA X -Complete Collection- SRCL-9063~4 Composer
06.22 Pripara☆ Music Collection season.2 DX EYCA-10983~4/B Composer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer
06.22 Pripara☆ Music Collection season.2 EYCA-10986~7 Composer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer
07.06 EDP presents ravemania 2016 summer QWCE-90003 Composer (as P*Light)
08.12 GIRL FRIEND NOTE Character Song CD: Shining Ray BRCG-00047 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
08.14 V.U.R.S.T. BYYH-001~2 Arranger (as P*Light)
08.14 KAKATTEKOYEAH 2!!!! CHS-0026 Composer (as P*Light)
08.14 3LEEP! KCCD-004 Arranger (as P*Light)
08.14 The 4th EP2 S2TB-0018 Arranger (as P*Light)
08.14 HARDCORE SYNDROME X TANOCD-0020~1 Composer (as P*Light)
10.19 beatmania IIDX 23 copula ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK VOL.2 LC-2297~8 Composer (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light)
12.28 Shoumetsu Toshi -Remix works- NCRS-0017 Remixer


03.01 beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK LC-2315~6 Music (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light), Artist (as P*Light)
03.15 EDP presents ravemania speed QWCE-90008 Composer (as P*Light)
04.19 GirlFriend BETA Character Song Series Vol.04 PCCG-01594 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
04.30 IRREGULAR NATION 3 TCPLUS-0023 Composer (as P*Light)
08.30 Last Dance Refrain / Hachioji P [Limited Edition] TFCC-86597 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
08.30 Last Dance Refrain / Hachioji P TFCC-86598 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
11.10 EDP × beatnation summit 2017 -10th Anniversary- QWZE-17232 Composer (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light), Performer (as P*Light)
12.20 Best Regards! / Mayu Watanabe [Limited Edition A] SRCL-9647~8 Arranger
12.20 Best Regards! / Mayu Watanabe [Limited Edition B] SRCL-9649~50 Arranger
12.20 Best Regards! / Mayu Watanabe SRCL-9651 Arranger
12.29 S2TBTANO*C ANTHEMS TCPLUS-0028 Arranger (as P*Light)


03.07 beatmania IIDX 25 CANNON BALLERS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK LC-2349~52 Composer (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light)


02.20 #COMPASS COMbat Providence AnalysiS System ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK Vol.02 DUED-1263 Composer, Lyricist
07.18 WACCA Original Soundtrack MARVA-0001 Artist (as P*Light)
11.13 Machibito Sagashi / Machico COCX-40992 Composer, Arranger
11.13 Machibito Sagashi / Machico [Limited Edition] COZX-1593~4 Composer, Arranger


03.18 SMASH The PAINT!! / Nijisanji NJSJ-006 Instruments, Composer, Programmer, Lyricist, Arranger


03.17 EDP presents PREMIUM MUSIC COLLECTION PCCG-01987 Music (as P*Light), Arranger (as P*Light), Artist (as P*Light)
03.24 SPOTLIGHT vol.1 SNCL-42~3 Composer
06.16 eternal journey / YuNi [Limited Edition] TFCC-86766~7 Composer, Lyricist, Arranger
06.16 eternal journey / YuNi TFCC-86768 Composer, Lyricist, Arranger
08.10 WACCA Reverse ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK vol.5 MARVA-0006 Artist (as P*Light)
11.11 ARCAEA Sound Collection: MEMORIES OF WRATH IROCD-005 Music (as P*Light)
11.17 RAD DOGS/Cinema / Vivid BAD SQUAD BRMM-10457 Composer, Arranger


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