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きよの (きよの)
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12.31 Origin of Parallel Filter PFAD-03 Performer


03.14 Reunion Bloom PFAD-05 Performer
08.14 Collapse of the sky YYYP-0003 Performer (as F9)
10.31 Achillea PFAD-07 Performer


03.13 Funny party in the Fog YYYP-0005 Performer (as F9)
08.13 Catastrophe Eve AMRC-0003 Performer (as F9)
08.13 twelve equal PFAD-08 Performer
12.30 Helius Aggregation AMRC-0004 Performer (as F9)
12.30 Amateras Records Exclusive Disc Winter 2011 AMRS-0004 Performer (as F9)
12.31 POLYHOLIC N/A Performer (as F9)
12.31 world end economica original soundtrack: Music Track SPMWEE01 Performer


05.27 Dilemmatic Sorcery AMRC-0006 Performer (as F9)
05.27 Eternize LLAC-0011 Performer (as F9)
08.11 Unlogical Trick AMRC-0009 Performer (as F9)
08.11 Amateras Records Exclusive Disc Summer 2012 AMRS-0006 Performer (as F9)
08.11 Nature "LiLA'c Records 2008-2012" LLAC-0012 Performer (as F9), Lyricist (as F9)
08.11 World End Economica Episode 2 Omake Disc SPMWEE02 Performer
10.07 Amateras Records Sampler.04 AMRS-0007 Performer (as F9)
12.30 Emotionally Resonance AMRC-0011 Performer (as F9)
12.30 with GOD LLAC-0014 Performer (as F9)
12.30 precious -singing beautiful girls- MMCD-0004 Performer (as F9)


05.26 Amateras Records Best Vol.1 AMRC-0013 Performer (as F9)
05.26 Vernal LLAC-0015 Performer (as F9)
05.26 556mm THE BEST Vol.01 -Dancing Girls Best- MMCD-0005~6 Performer (as F9)
08.10 HAKUREI RAVE 3.5 LLEX-0005 Performer (as F9)
08.12 Radical Destruction AMRC-0015 Performer (as F9)
08.12 FEATHER LLAC-0016 Performer (as F9)
08.12 emotion -strong feeling girls- MMCD-0007 Performer (as F9)
08.12 MIXED:04 TNIV-0004 Performer (as F9)
08.30 Tsujidou-san no Virgin Road Song CD MINATO-C0009 Performer (as F9)
09.06 PROTO SOUND 01 LLEX-0006 Performer (as F9)
10.13 LiLA'c TRAX 01 LLEX-0007 Performer (as F9)
12.30 Amateras Records Exclusive Disc 2013 Winter AMRS-0011 Performer (as F9)
12.30 TOHO SPEED 01 LLAC-0017 Performer (as F9)
12.31 Evanescence GPCR-008 Performer (as F9)
12.31 WEE OST SPMWEE03 Performer


08.16 Amateras Records Exclusive Disc 2014 Summer AMRS-0012 Performer (as F9)


08.14 556mm THE BEST vol.02 -Dancing Girls Best- MMCD-0012~3 Performer (as F9)
10.25 Sora ni Kakaru Kimi no Koe. 7UTA-0002 Performer (as F9)


06.17 Amateras Records Extended Selection Vol.1 ARDL-0002 Performer (as F9)
10.30 Chromosomal Reprogramming GPCR-011 Performer (as F9)
11.18 Amateras Records Extended Selection Vol.2 ARDL-0003 Performer (as F9)
12.31 AD:PIANO IV Monochrome DVSP-0167~8 Performer (as F9)


05.27 WORLD END ECONOMiCA Complete Soundtrack N/A Performer
08.11 Visible Light GPCR-012 Performer (as F9)
12.29 Tasogare Archive BUZZ-0008 Performer (as F9)
12.29 Long-loop Feedback GPCR-013 Performer (as F9)


08.12 LACKGIRL BIRTH IN THE DARK Main Theme Song & Image Song: own phrases/Invisible Line N/A Performer (as F9)


03.01 Omoide wo Tsuzutta Uta wo Kimi e. 7UTA-0007 Performer (as F9)
11.14 Amateras Records Extended Selection Vol.1 -DJ USE EDITION- AMRE-0005 Performer (as F9)


06.05 Amateras Records Extended Selection Vol.2 -DJ USE EDITION- AMRE-0006 Vocals (as F9)

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