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折倉 俊則 (おりくら としのり)
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Jul 31, 1984
Tokyo, Japan
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83 composer credits
59 arranger credits
29 performer credits
31 lyricist credits


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12.29 ALcot Polka Attachment CD AL-PL-001 Composer
12.30 Rough Sketch Vocal Collection Uta no Kakera IMCD-1006 Composer, Performer


04.28 Triptych Special Disc AL-TR-003 Composer
05.04 Dancing N/A Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
07.22 SUMMER MIX vol.01 TORA-00013 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
08.11 Triptych Original SoundTrack AL-TR-004~5 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
08.23 Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Original Soundtrack LACA-9063~4 Arranger


08.17 Audition BRE@KER KNCP-001 Arranger
10.08 Doukai Kitan ACCD-0006 Composer, Arranger
12.26 Aster Complete Tracks Plus BNEG-1001~2 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
12.29 ALcot Vocal Arrange Album growing AL-AV-001 Composer, Lyricist


02.09 Hana ni Mau Kokuchou no Hime (Renewal) SACD-4004 Performer
03.28 Otome Crisis Original Soundtrack & Material Collection GIGA-080330 Composer
05.16 Otome Crisis Full arrange album plus ~Seigi no Ryusei, Hiro Sanjou!~ GIGA-080503~4 Composer
06.27 GWAVE 2007 2nd Drivers IMAE-00024 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
08.16 Automatic Roman ACCD-0007 Composer
08.16 DIVIT -Appendix- SJVSC-0023 Performer
12.05 Yosuganosora - Image CD SPH-001S Composer, Arranger
12.28 relations Alcot Vocal Collection. Vol.2 AL-AV-003 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
12.29 Arco-Iris ACCD-0009 Composer, Arranger
12.29 arete SJVSC-0024 Performer


02.06 Rocks Juice SSRE-0002 Composer, Performer
05.01 Karanoshojo Original Drama CD Vol.3: The Shell of Sheol [Limited Edition] TAL-012L Composer, Lyricist
08.14 FORTUNE ARTERIAL Character Song Album feeling assort MMCC-4199 Composer, Arranger
08.15 Liberty3 -vivid world- EMRS-0007 Arranger, Performer
08.15 Best Wishes.. SJVSC-0025 Performer


02.25 Hinomaru Original Sound Tracks WH-1001 Composer
05.05 Nazokake Kanten ACCD-0011 Composer, Arranger
05.05 Parallel Life ILCD0015 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
08.13 FORTUNE ARTERIAL Character Song Album 2 -limited edition- MGS-0018 Composer, Arranger, Performer, Lyricist
08.14 Real Crossing - Touhou Project -Toho Fuzinroku- Arrange Music Lab. SJVSC-0027 Performer
12.24 Yotsuiro Passionato! ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK SF-017 Composer


03.13 Help!! N/A Arranger
05.01 Wakusei Kouro OTPM-0001 Composer
05.20 CURE GIRL Original Sound Track II CURE♪tora+ N/A Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
05.20 CURE GIRL Original Sound Track I CURE♪tora GUN-0021-DA Composer, Arranger
08.13 Prologue of Kagerou Sekka image vocal song N/A Composer
08.13 Ricerca ACCD-0013 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
09.30 Oni-gokko! Fan Disc Maxi Single CD AL-ON-005 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
11.20 Our Journey N/A Performer
12.22 FreeFriends&FreeFriends2 Sound Collection GUN-0023 Composer, Lyricist
12.29 GWAVE 2011 1st Chronicle IMAE-00056 Composer, Lyricist


01.27 Oni-gokko! Original Soundtracks AL-AV-008 Composer, Arranger
04.30 Shizukana Sora -Re Tracks- N/A Composer, Performer, Lyricist
04.30 Cielo Ceniza N/A Composer, Arranger
04.30 Nanatsu no Tsumi no 1 kara 6 made FMRG-0009 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist, Mixing Engineer
07.27 atled -everlasting song- Vocal Album FSP-1201 Composer
08.10 SKYFISH VOCAL COLLECTION SPECIAL 2012 SFMS-01~2 Composer, Performer
08.11 Cielo Azul ACCD-0015 Composer, Arranger, Performer
08.11 PYTHON SJVSC-0030 Composer, Performer
12.26 Hoshi no Ame -Closed Garden- KDSD-00603 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
12.31 Singer-songwriter Kidori FMRG-0010 Arranger


03.29 Angel Note -Venus Voice- Angel Note Best Collection Volume 9 SRL-1007 Performer
04.26 Melodia Melodica Marie - Vocal Collection - DIFE-1019 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
11.29 Baby / One Scene AH-AK-002 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
11.29 GWAVE SuperFeature's vol.24 Noblesse of Rouge Original Soundtrack IMAE-00066 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
12.31 Noctis Memoria Accoustic Arrange ACCD-0021 Composer


04.27 Burning Star Children -Hoshi no Ko Anime Song Tribute- ZERS-0004 Arranger
05.09 Love es M Original Soundtrack GUN-0031 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
06.14 GWAVE 2013 2nd Progress IMAE-00068 Composer, Lyricist
08.08 amekoi original soundtrack suiu GUN-0033 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
08.17 Confetti Retrotica ACCD-0022 Composer, Arranger
08.17 Minna de Minna no Minna no Uta Sono 2 TK-04 Arranger, Mixing Engineer
12.30 Nazokake Alice ACCD-0023 Composer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer
12.30 Assort FMRG-0013 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist, Mixing Engineer
12.30 Never Blue TNKC-002 Performer


05.22 Soukyuu no Fafner EXODUS Character Song Vol.1 / Kazuki Makabe (CV. Makoto Ishii) KICM-3290 Composer
06.26 GWAVE 2014 2nd Favorite IMAE-00071 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
08.16 Kurenai no Hana TNKC-003 Performer
08.16 Never Blue Plus TNKC-B01 Performer
08.19 KLAP!! ~Kind Love And Punish~ Original Soundtrack KDSD-00785 Composer
11.17 Stella Glow: Song Magic #22170 Composer, Arranger
12.29 PURE×CONNECT Original Soundtrack LPTN-0019~20 Composer, Arranger
12.31 Kaleido Parade ACCD-0026 Composer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer


01.29 Melodies -Angel Note Best Collection Vol.11- SRL-1009 Performer
04.22 Tsui Yuri ~Okaasan ni wa Naisho da yo~ Theme Song CD EYEF-D108 Composer, Lyricist
04.24 Call Out TNKC-004 Performer
08.12 SMEE Vocal Collection "My Pure Cafeteria" LPTN-0026 Composer, Arranger
08.14 ABCAS CHRONICLE ACCD-0029 Composer, Arranger, Performer, Mixing Engineer
08.14 Blaze of wing TNKC-005 Performer
08.14 Lasting Soul TNTH-0004 Performer
08.26 Corona Blossom Original Soundtrack N/A Composer, Arranger
08.31 Duca Works Best 3 KDSD-00931 Composer, Arranger
10.30 Betsu no Sekai FMRG-0014 Composer, Arranger, Performer, Lyricist, Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer
12.07 THAT'S A FACT! / Mia REGINA LACA-15610 Performer
12.22 Amenity's Life Sound Arrange Collection N/A Composer
12.28 Shinsou Noise ~Jushin Tantei no Jikenbo~ Original Soundtrack DG-OST1 Composer
12.31 Souyoku no Chikai TNKC-006 Performer


01.27 Koumigami -original soundtrack- BCYC-D109 Composer, Lyricist
02.24 Selfre -Self Friend- Original Soundtrack N/A Composer, Arranger
04.28 Amenity's Life Original Soundtrack LPTN-0032 Composer
04.30 Kansoku Shoujo to Kikai Shikake no Sora KKEP-001 Performer
06.30 Akaneiro no Kyoukaisen Original Soundtrack AL-KNS-02 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
08.11 TOUSHIN GENGI ACCD-0031 Composer, Arranger
08.11 Trinity Note COLLECTION 2014-2017 TNKC-B002 Performer
08.25 10th Anniversary Album -Game- Akashic Record ~Sapphire~ / Ceui DGCA-0001 Composer, Arranger, Performer
10.29 TOUSHIN GENGI Oku ACCD-0032 Composer
12.13 Next Door / Yui Sakakibara GQCS-90472 Arranger


01.26 Uso Series Complete Vocal Album N/A Composer, Arranger
02.23 Furu Uso -Complete Four Seasons- Complete Vocal Album N/A Composer, Arranger
03.30 Butterfly Seeker Maker Yoyaku Tokuten Original Ongaku CD N/A Arranger
04.30 Akumade, Kore wa ~ no Monogatari Original Soundtrack DG-OST2 Composer
05.25 Shunkyoku no Tyrhhia ~What a beautiful dawn~ SOUND TRACK CD N/A Composer
06.06 Hakuoki Opening Best ~Song Collection~ XFCD-0060~1 Composer, Arranger
06.29 Maoten Original Sound Track N/A Composer, Arranger
08.09 Sono Taiju wa Makai o Kurau! Soundtrack CHCD-0001 Composer
08.31 Butterfly Seeker ~Chaos Nightmare~ Character Song CD SPAC028 Composer, Arranger
11.30 Sainogami -original soundtrack- BCYC-D112 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist

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08.13 AMARETTO BBR-01 Composer


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