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Female 矢作 寿江 (やはぎ ひさえ)
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08.25 Dokushin Seikatsu original sound track PHCL-5124 Assistant Engineer
10.01 aria / Hiroko Kasahara SVWC-7039 Assistant Engineer
11.20 IMA, SOKONI IRU BOKU Original Soundtrack VICL-60492 Assistant Engineer


03.25 Boogiepop: Music Album Inspired by Boogiepop and Others MNCA-3003 Assistant Engineer
04.28 another heaven complex-SCORE MVCH-24005 Assistant Engineer
08.02 Summer Snow ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK PHCW-1099 Assistant Engineer
11.20 Silent Wind / Eri Sugai VICL-35181 Assistant Engineer


03.07 Hakaima Sadamitsu Original Soundtrack SVWC-7077 Assistant Engineer
11.21 R.O.D ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK SVWC-7078 Assistant Engineer


01.23 Original Video Animation RUROUNI KENSHIN -Meiji Kenkaku Romantan- SEISOUHEN Original Soundtrack SVWC-1010 Assistant Recording Engineer


03.24 R.O.D -THE TV- ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK SVWC-7192~3 Assistant Engineer
06.25 We are the Stars / Maimi Yamazaki AFC-1012 Second Engineer


03.02 leviathan ABCA-5061 Assistant Engineer
04.13 Elysion ~Rakuen Gensou Monogatari Kumikyoku~ / Sound Horizon BZCS-5006 Mixing Engineer
11.23 Arashi no Yoru ni Original Soundtrack PCCR-00427 Assistant Engineer


02.22 FROM ME TO YOU / YUI SRCL-6237 Assistant Engineer
05.10 Namida Drop / Plastic Tree UPCH-5390 Assistant Engineer
06.14 Kiri no Mukou ni Tsunagaru Sekai / Haruka Shimotsuki + Revo KDSD-00099 Recording Engineer
08.09 Soul of Kussy / Akira Kushida BSCH-30046 Recording Engineer
08.11 SUPER ROBOT WARS ORIGINAL GENERATION ~15th Anniversary Song Collection~ BZCS-5008 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Assistant Engineer
09.20 Shounen wa Tsurugi wo… / Sound Horizon KDSD-00111 Recording Engineer
11.22 Roman / Sound Horizon KICS-1286 Recording Engineer, Assistant Engineer


01.01 ALL / AAA AVCD-23106/B Recording Engineer
01.01 ALL / AAA AVCD-23107 Recording Engineer
04.04 CAN'T BUY MY LOVE / YUI [Limited Edition] SRCL-6520~1 Assistant Recording Engineer
04.04 CAN'T BUY MY LOVE / YUI SRCL-6522 Assistant Engineer
07.04 Turbulence / MONORAL XQCR-1003 Assistant Engineer
09.26 Boku no Pico ~Shota Idol Tanjou!~ KICA-1449 Recording Engineer
12.07 Oedo Yoshiwara Jikencho Original Soundtrack BLMC-1005 Assistant Engineer


11.05 Hitohira no Hanabira / Stereopony SRCL-6876 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer


02.11 Namida no Mukou / Stereopony SRCL-6946 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
02.11 Namida no Mukou / Stereopony [Limited Edition] SRCL-6947 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
06.03 again / YUI [Limited Edition] SRCL-7037~8 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
06.03 again / YUI SRCL-7039 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
06.17 A hydrangea blooms / Stereopony [Limited Edition] SRCL-7046~7 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
06.17 A hydrangea blooms / Stereopony SRCL-7048 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
10.07 It's all too much/Never say die / YUI [Limited Edition] SRCL-7132~3 Recording Engineer
10.07 It's all too much/Never say die / YUI SRCL-7134 Recording Engineer



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