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Frozen Starfall
Hannover, Germany
Frozen Starfall
Credited works
54 albums in database
50 arranger
21 lyricist
5 composer
2 mixing engineer
2 remixer
2 production
1 original composer
1 music
1 co-production
1 layout


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04.16 Distant Phantasm -4th- N/A Arranger
05.01 Concor_Dance BLR-001 Arranger
06.15 Distant Phantasm -5th- N/A Arranger
07.09 Bring Back the '98! LHCD-TH007 Arranger
07.20 Littl:3 and Cut:3 R:3mix:3s LHCD-0014 Arranger
08.11 moonlight insanity N/A Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
10.15 Distant Phantasm -6th- N/A Arranger
11.10 Songs of Aya LHCD-THS003 Arranger
11.14 Splatter Dead Extra BLR-002 Arranger
11.23 FRAGMENTS of GENSOKYO N/A Arranger, Lyricist
12.17 FRAGMENTS of GENSOKYO ~ Bonus Pack ~ N/A Arranger


05.24 Princess of Eternity EP N/A Arranger
05.26 thE4.5 DVSP-0093 Arranger
07.09 DEVISED DANCEFLOOR N/A Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
10.27 AD:128 DVSP-0098 Composer
12.31 Journey to the Unknown N/A Lyricist, Arranger, Original Composer


02.14 Lost Memorization Of Dreams N/A Arranger
04.27 AD:ELECTRONIC DANCE 3 DVSP-0108~9 Composer (as 107tan)
07.24 D4WN N/A Arranger
08.31 TOHO VARIOUS ARTISTS 3 MMMS-0008 Arranger
11.07 The Last Hours N/A Arranger
12.30 AD:TRANCE 4 DVSP-0120~3 Music


08.14 Saimu YVEPN0003 Composer, Arranger
12.30 SUNLIGHT DIAMONDS FRSF-0001 Arranger (as Frozen Starfall), Lyricist (as Frozen Starfall)


05.08 PROMISED DANCEFLOOR FRSF-0002 Arranger (as Frozen Starfall), Lyricist (as Frozen Starfall)
07.16 REDDITAISAI 2016 Special Album N/A Arranger (as FS), Lyricist (as FS)
08.13 Ocean of Blossoms FRSF-0003 Arranger (as FS), Lyricist (as FS)
08.13 equation.10.00 SSC-0015 Arranger (as Frozen Starfall)
11.08 Instrumental Collection Vol. 1 N/A Arranger (as FS)
12.29 EXPEDITION FRSF-0004 Arranger (as FS), Lyricist (as FS)
12.29 memories II ORJM-002 Arranger, Mixing Engineer


05.07 VIBRANT DANCEFLOOR FRSF-0005 Arranger (as FS), Lyricist (as FS)
07.29 FROZEN SUMMER N/A Arranger (as FS), Lyricist (as FS)
08.11 After Daylight N/A Arranger (as Frozen Starfall)
08.11 Instrumental Collection Vol. 2 N/A Arranger (as FS)
12.29 MIRRORED WORLDS FRSF-0006 Arranger (as FS), Lyricist (as FS)


05.06 Fearless Desire N/A Arranger (as FS)
07.28 Are you ready? N/A Arranger (as FS), Lyricist (as FS)
08.10 Resolution OREN-004 Arranger, Mixing Engineer
12.29 Million Stars N/A Arranger (as Frozen Starfall)
12.30 let the DANCErs rock the FLOOR FRSF-0007 Arranger (as FS), Lyricist (as FS)


07.27 Instrumental Collection Vol. 3 N/A Arranger (as FS), Lyricist (as FS)
08.12 Disorderly Love AMRC-0058 Arranger (as FS), Lyricist (as FS)
08.12 Another Day Another Dream FRSF-0008 Arranger (as FS), Lyricist (as FS)
09.09 Sommertrip N/A Arranger (as FS)
10.06 NON-STOP INTERCEPT Phase Two ARDW-0002 Arranger (as FS), Lyricist (as FS)
12.31 Disorderly Love the Instrumental AMRC-0059 Arranger (as FS)
12.31 Mysterious Spirit AMRC-0060 Arranger (as FS)
12.31 Dreaming Stargazers FRSF-0009 Arranger (as FS), Lyricist (as FS)


05.05 Instrumental Collection Vol. 4 N/A Arranger (as FS)
05.05 Mysterious Spirit the Instrumental N/A Arranger (as FS)
12.30 Sunlight Diamonds 5th Anniversary Remix EP N/A Remixer (as FS), Lyricist (as FS), Arranger (as FS), Production (as FS)
12.30 Ipse dixit N/A Co-production (as FS), Remixer (as FS)
12.31 Infinite Dreams FRSF-0010 Lyricist (as FS), Arranger (as FS), Production (as FS), Layout (as FS)


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