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橘 優紀 (たちばな ゆうき)
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02.08 Tatta Hitotsu dake / yozuca* LACM-4245 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
04.26 Kirameku / yozuca* LACM-4256 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
05.24 Joshi Kousei GIRL'S*HIGH Character Song & Drama LHCA-5038 Mixing Engineer
08.11 Wanko & Lily Soundtrack ~Especially for you~ CUFS-005 Sound Producer, Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer


07.27 Mushi-Uta / Akatsuki BRDF-3086 Recording Engineer
10.?? D.C. ~Da Capo~ Piano Solo Collection SOFT-0024 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
10.24 Sakura Kimi ni Emu / yozuca* LACM-4419 Recording Engineer
12.14 FairChild Arrange Soundtrack AL-FC-002 Mixing Engineer
12.29 ALcot Vocal Arrange Album growing AL-AV-001 Mixing Engineer


03.14 D.C.P.K. ~Da CaPoker~ Vocal Album PBCA-0003 Mixing Engineer
04.16 true tears Image Song Collection "Tears...for truth" LACA-5763 Recording Engineer
05.21 Casting Dice/Love and Fate / Youki Kanno FCCM-0228 Recording Engineer
08.15 Garden Original Soundtrack CFS-013 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
09.30 12 Stories / Duca [Limited Edition] JDCM-0004 Recording Engineer
12.24 Message KDSD-00252 Recording Engineer
12.25 Garei -ZERO- Image Song Collection "Yuri-mu Croquette" LACA-5837 Mixing Engineer


02.04 Merry! Merry-go-round / Hiromi Sato QECB-1001 Recording Engineer
04.30 Final Approach 2 ~1st priority~ Game Sound Track N/A Mixing Engineer
08.26 D.C.II To You VOCAL MINI ALBUM LACA-5955 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
09.25 Rain of Summer Maxi Single CD CUB-001S Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
09.30 S.Y.K Shinsetsu Saiyuuki Original Soundtrack KDSD-00306 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
10.30 Rain of Summer SOUND TRACK CUB-002 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer


07.07 toddle / mao KDSD-00376 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
11.24 Mitsudomoe Character Song Vol.6 Mou Zettai I ♡ YOU / Sato ga Sukide Syoganai Tai (Minori Chihara & Yuka Iguchi & Aya Uchida) LASM-4086 Mixing Engineer


06.24 CAFE SOURIRE MAXI SINGLE CFS-014S2 Mixing Engineer
09.30 anemone / cocua JDCM-0005 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer


??.?? D.C. & D.C.II Guitar Arrange Collection SOFT-0038 Mixing Engineer
08.10 D.C.III ~Da Capo III~ Vocal Album CIRCUS-0305 Mixing Engineer
12.14 KANOJO to ORE to KOIBITO to. Sofmap Bonus Original Soundtrack "In Our Living Room" KOK-SMSP Mixing Engineer


06.28 Berry's Character Song Collection Sweet and sour SPH-1303 Mixing Engineer
08.10 KANOJO to ORE to KOIBITO to. ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK "Our Happy Living Room" WILL-285CD Mixing Engineer


08.15 Koisuru Kanojo no Bukiyou na Butai MAXI SINGLE CUB-1403 Mixing Engineer
12.28 Love aria PERFORMED BY THE Maiden Soundtrack "Otome ga Utau Koi no Aria" WILL-319CD Mixing Engineer


06.26 Love aria PERFORMED BY THE Maiden ~Kimi ni Sasageru Encore~ Curtain Call Disc WILL-336O Mixing Engineer
11.27 KOI suru KIMOCHI no KASANEKATA Soundtrack CD Sofmap Special ENBLSMP-0001 Mixing Engineer
11.27 KOI suru KIMOCHI no KASANEKATA Soundtrack "Koi Suru Shirabe no Kanadekata" WILL-330O Mixing Engineer

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