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Male 内田 伸弥 (うちだ のぶや)
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Shinya Uchida
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Studio 882
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37 albums in database
24 recording engineer
9 assistant engineer
2 second engineer
2 mixing engineer
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03.21 Shin-Oh-Ken PCCB-00208 Assistant Engineer
03.21 Ninja Master's ~Haou Ninpou Chou~ PCCB-00209 Assistant Engineer
07.19 Toukidenshou -ANGEL EYES- PCCB-00221 Assistant Engineer
08.21 Waku Waku 7 PCCB-00215 Second Engineer
08.21 THE KING OF FIGHTERS '96 PCCB-00223 Assistant Engineer
11.21 Purikura Daisakusen PCCB-00227 Assistant Engineer
11.21 Dead or Alive PCCB-00228 Assistant Engineer


01.18 Sonic Wings Limited PCCB-00242 Second Engineer
02.05 REAL BOUT Garou Densetsu SPECIAL PCCB-00240 Engineer
02.21 STREET FIGHTER EX PCCB-00241 Assistant Engineer
02.21 TWINKLE STAR SPRITES PCCB-00247 Assistant Engineer
03.21 Magical Drop 3 PCCBX-00002 Recording Engineer
06.18 GROOVE ON FIGHT PCCB-00263 Assistant Engineer
08.20 THE KING OF FIGHTERS '97 PCCB-00273 Recording Engineer
08.20 StarSweep Original Sound Track PCCB-00274 Recording Engineer
09.19 COTTON2 PCCB-00278 Recording Engineer
10.17 Round Trip RV PCCB-00284 Recording Engineer
12.17 BAKUMATSU ROMAN GEKKA NO KENSHI PCCB-00287 Recording Engineer


01.08 SAMURAI SPIRITS PCCB-00283 Recording Engineer
01.21 SNK Characters Sounds Collection Vol.6 Mai Shiranui PCCB-00297 Recording Engineer
02.18 Astra Superstars PCCB-00298 Recording Engineer
03.18 Blazing Star PCCB-00306 Recording Engineer
04.01 The Fallen Angels DARAKUTENSHI PCCB-00305 Recording Engineer
04.17 REAL BOUT GAROH DENSETSU 2 PCCB-00310 Recording Engineer
04.17 METAL SLUG2 PCCB-00311 Recording Engineer
05.20 DEAD OR ALIVE for Play Station PCCB-00314 Recording Engineer
08.19 THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98 PCCB-00334 Recording Engineer
09.18 THE KING OF FIGHTERS KYO PCCB-00335 Recording Engineer
10.07 SAMURAI SPIRITS 2 ASURA ZANMADEN PCCB-00331 Recording Engineer
11.06 DoDonPachi / ESP Ra.De. SGCD-0002 Recording Engineer
12.04 GUNBIRD2 / GUNBIRD SGCD-0003 Recording Engineer
12.04 DANGUN FEVERON SGCD-0004 Recording Engineer
12.18 THE LAST BLADE 2 PCCB-00350 Recording Engineer


12.17 GUITARFREAKS 10thMIX & drummania 9thMIX Soundtracks KOLA-051 Recording Engineer


02.27 Kyou kara Maou! Character Song Series Vol.4 Ken Murata (CV.Kouki Miyata) MMCC-4135 Recording Engineer
12.05 GuitarFreaksV5 and DrumManiaV5 Rock to Infinity Original Soundtracks LC-1702~3 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer


10.23 GuitarFreaksV6 & DrumManiaV6 BLAZING!!!! Original Soundtracks LC-1791~2 Mixing Engineer

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