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Female 大橋 歩夕 (おおはし あゆる)
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12.28 Thanks!! ~ Kazuaki Miyaji 25th Anniversary GPKM-1001 Performer (as Erika Nakai / )


10.10 Strike Witches Ending Theme Complete Collection COCX-35207 Performer (as Erika Nakai / )


01.30 STRIKE WITCHES Himegoe CD5 KABA-5005-CD Cast (as Erika Nakai / )
02.27 STRIKE WITCHES Himegoe CD6 KABA-5006-CD Cast (as Erika Nakai / )
03.08 Ougentou Kiwami QLCK-0008 Performer (as Erika Nakai / )
03.18 Strike Witches Himeuta Collection 2: Sanya V. Litvyak & Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen COCX-35459 Performer (as Erika Nakai / )
07.30 Strike Witches Himebana CD 1 C02996 Performer
07.30 Strike Witches Himebana CD 2 C02997 Performer
08.15 Kurenai irono sohika QLCK-0009 Performer


09.22 Strike Witches 2 Original Soundtrack COCX-36421 Performer
10.20 Strike Witches 2 Ending Theme Collection "Over Sky" COCX-36422 Performer
11.26 STRIKE WITCHES II Himegoe CDII 3 KAXA-2503CD Cast
12.08 Strike Witches: Starlight Stream COCX-36568 Vocals, Personality


04.27 Strike Witches: Starlight Stream 2 COCX-36656 Personality
08.03 Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi Character Song Album PCCG-01180 Vocals
09.22 Twinkle☆Crusaders Drama CD "Doki Doki!? Survival☆Vacation!!" PAM-0143 Performer


01.26 Phase D Drama CD Vol.1 N/A Performer
02.23 Phase D Drama CD Vol.2 N/A Performer
03.21 Strike Witches The Movie Original Soundtrack COCX-37247 Performer
03.29 Phase D Drama CD Vol.3 N/A Performer
04.18 Strike Witches The Movie Theme Song Collection COCX-37290 Performer
04.20 Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere SPECIAL CD V BCXA-0408 Performer


04.10 Notes of School idol days LACA-9281~2 Performer
05.29 GIRLS und PANZER DRAMA CD: Kondo wa Drama CD desu! LACA-15301 Cast


06.25 GIRLS und PANZER DRAMA CD: Mou Sugu Anzio-sen desu! LACA-15415 Performer
08.27 Notes of School idol days ~Glory~ LACA-9356~7 Vocals


04.15 Houkago no Pleiades Original Soundtrack (YouTube Edition) 1000564950-CD Vocals
05.27 Koko kara, Kanata kara / fragments 1000565792 Vocals
06.17 STRIKE WITCHES Operation Victory Arrow Vol.3 Arnhem no Hashi Himeuta Collection COCX-39087 Performer
06.24 Houkago no Pleiades Original Soundtrack "Mutsuraboshi" α 1000573541 Vocals
08.26 WISH UPON THE PLEIADES RADIO CD Vol.1 1000568521-CD Guest
10.28 GIRLS und PANZER DRAMA CD4: Gekkan Senshadou CD ~Sensha Joshi Tokushuu Shimasu!~ LACA-15519 Performer


05.01 Strike Witches Himeuta Complete BOX COCX-39515~20 Performer (also as Erika Nakai / )
05.01 Strike Witches Theme Songs & Insert Songs Collection COCX-39521 Performer
12.07 WISH UPON THE PLEIADES Original Soundtrack 1000633649-D~F Vocals


02.24 Himeuta Record KAXA-9823 Performer
07.12 Brave Witches Himeuta Collection Vol.5 COCX-39875 Performer
07.12 Brave Witches Himeuta Collection Vol.6 COCX-39876 Performer
11.29 GIRLS und PANZER das FINALE DRAMA CD 1 ~Test Benkyou desu!~ LACA-15681 Cast


03.21 GIRLS und PANZER das FINALE DRAMA CD 2 ~Gakuensai desu!?~ LACA-15699 Cast
07.04 WORLD WITCHES SERIES 10TH ANNIVERSARY: Strike Witches and Brave Witches 45 Songs (Re-Mix and Re-Arrange) COCX-40396~8 Performer
08.08 Strike Witches Theme Song Collection [ORT] COKM-42100 Vocals
12.05 WORLD WITCHES 10th ANNIVERSARY Himeuta Collection Special Edition <Bonus Original Drama CD 1> PRCL-10160 Performer


06.05 GIRLS und PANZER das FINALE DRAMA CD 3 ~Renshuujiai desu!~ LACA-15779 Performer
06.26 Strike Witches: 501-butai Hasshin Shimasu! Ending Theme Collection COCX-40890 Performer
09.11 Shin World Witches Series Himeuta Collection Special Edition Helsinki COCX-40810 Performer
10.02 Strike Witches the Movie: 501-butai Hasshin Shimasu! Music Collection COCX-40950 Performer
11.13 GIRLS und PANZER das FINALE DRAMA CD 4 ~Oyatsu no Jikan wa Mada kashira~ LACA-15799 Performer


09.30 Strike Witches & Brave Witches Theme Song BEST COCX-41247 Vocals (also as Erika Nakai / )
10.01 Silent Witches 4: Suomusu Iranko Chuutai ReBOOT! Original Drama CD N/A Cast
10.28 HIGH SCHOOL FLEET the Movie Drama CD & ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK ANZX-13742~3 Performer
12.21 Lord Marksman and Michelia Original Audio Drama N/A Cast


02.03 STRIKE WITCHES 501ST JOINT FIGHTER WING Song Collection -Sanya V. Litvyak- COCX-41297 Vocals
02.03 STRIKE WITCHES 501ST JOINT FIGHTER WING Song Collection -Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen- COCX-41298 Vocals, Commentary
03.31 World Witches Takeoff! 501st JOINT FIGHTER WING Takeoff! COCX-41409 Vocals


07.20 Strike Witches Character Song Collection ~Sweet Duet~ COCX-41803 Vocals


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