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Female ヲタみん
Apr 20
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Real name: Tamiko Oda (小田民子)



10.31 Artifact AMRC-0001 Performer (as KUMI)


03.13 passion -Dancing Battle Girls- MMCD-0001 Vocals (as KUMI)
08.13 Brilliant White Noise N/A Performer
08.13 Catastrophe Eve AMRC-0003 Performer (as KUMI)
11.19 Sayonara Innocence / cider sea MSRC-047 Vocals
12.30 Helius Aggregation AMRC-0004 Performer (as KUMI)
12.30 Amateras Records Exclusive Disc Winter 2011 AMRS-0004 Performer (as KUMI)
12.30 REMOVER RBS-010 Performer (as KUMI)
12.31 HoneyWorks Kyoku Utatte Mita 2 HNWK-0003 Performer


05.23 AMNESIA SONG COLLECTION "Remember" KDSD-00557 Performer
05.27 Dilemmatic Sorcery AMRC-0006 Performer (as KUMI)
05.27 desire - sweetly love girls - MMCD-0003 Performer (as KUMI)
08.11 Unlogical Trick AMRC-0009 Performer (as KUMI)
08.11 Amateras Records Exclusive Disc Summer 2012 AMRS-0006 Performer (as KUMI)
10.07 Amateras Records Sampler.04 AMRS-0007 Performer (as KUMI)
11.14 Eternal Voice / Wotamin KDSD-00595 Performer
12.30 Emotionally Resonance AMRC-0011 Performer (as KUMI)


05.26 Amateras Records Best Vol.1 AMRC-0013 Performer (as KUMI)
05.26 Amateras Records Exclusive Disc 2013 Spring AMRS-0009 Performer (as KUMI)
05.26 556mm THE BEST Vol.01 -Dancing Girls Best- MMCD-0005~6 Performer (as KUMI)
05.26 Yuuhei Gakusai ~Natsu no Utage~ YHST-0026 Performer (as KUMI)
08.12 Re:Expansion -Amateras Records Remixes Vol.2- AMRC-0014 Performer (as KUMI)
08.12 Radical Destruction AMRC-0015 Performer (as KUMI)
12.30 Infinity Asterisk AMRC-0017 Performer (as KUMI)
12.30 Amateras Records Exclusive Disc 2013 Winter AMRS-0011 Performer (as KUMI)


05.03 Burning Ambition AMRC-0019 Performer
05.11 Blooming Daydream AMRC-0020 Performer (as KUMI)
08.16 Crevice of Darkness AMRC-0022 Performer (as KUMI)
08.16 Amateras Records Exclusive Disc 2014 Summer AMRS-0012 Performer (as KUMI)
10.26 PASS -THE CRITICAL POINT- AMRS-0013 Performer (as KUMI)
11.24 Reactionary Wave -Amateras Records Remixes Vol.3- AMRC-0024 Performer (as KUMI)
11.24 556mm nonstop megamix vol.1 MMCD-0009 Performer (as KUMI)
12.29 Unrequited Hearts AMRC-0026 Performer (as KUMI)


05.10 Amateras Records Best Vol.2 AMRC-0028 Performer (as KUMI)
05.10 Amateras Records Exclusive Disc Spring 2015 AMRS-0016 Performer (as KUMI)
08.14 Cleave Ambivalence AMRC-0029 Performer (as KUMI)
08.14 Touhou Party Box MBCD-0007 Performer (as KUMI)
12.30 Trip to Fairyland AMRC-0031 Performer (as KUMI)
12.30 KUMI the BEST -Wotamin's Toho Arrange Selection- KUMI-0001 Performer (also as KUMI)
12.30 KUMI the BEST -BONUS CD- KUMI-SP0001 Performer (as KUMI)


02.19 Amateras Records Limited ep.01 ARDL-0001 Performer (as KUMI)
05.08 Everlasting Conviction AMRC-0033 Performer (as KUMI)
05.08 556mm nonstop megamix vol.02 MMCD-0017 Performer (as KUMI)
06.17 Amateras Records Extended Selection Vol.1 ARDL-0002 Performer (as KUMI)
08.13 Sparkling Alteration AMRC-0035 Performer (as KUMI)
10.16 SEED EP03 AREP0003 Performer (as KUMI)
11.18 Amateras Records Extended Selection Vol.2 ARDL-0003 Performer (as KUMI)
12.29 Endless Acceleration -Amateras Records Remixes Vol.4- AMRC-0037 Performer (as KUMI)
12.29 IGNITION DANCEHALL ARCD0054 Performer (as KUMI)


08.11 Amateras Records Best Vol.3 AMRC-0041 Performer (as KUMI)


05.06 Addicted Moon AMRC-0047 Performer (as KUMI)
05.06 Amateras Records Melonbooks Limited Disc AMRS-0019 Performer (as KUMI)
08.10 Revolutionize Floor -Amateras Records Remixes Vol.5- AMRC-0049 Performer (as KUMI)
08.10 Grateful Days AMRC-0050 Performer (as KUMI)
10.14 NON-STOP INTERCEPT Phase One ARDW-0001 Performer (as KUMI)
10.14 Ultimate vs. Supreme ARMM-0001 Performer (as KUMI)


05.29 Hakuoki Ending Best ~Song Collection~ XFCD-0113~4 Performer
08.12 Disorderly Love AMRC-0058 Performer (as KUMI)
08.12 OVERRIDE DANCEHALL ARCD0072 Performer (as KUMI)
10.06 NON-STOP INTERCEPT Phase Two ARDW-0002 Performer (as KUMI)


05.05 Re/verse -Amateras Records Remixes Vol.6- AMRC-0061 Performer (as KUMI)
11.14 Amateras Records Extended Selection Vol.1 -DJ USE EDITION- AMRE-0005 Performer (as KUMI)


05.04 Excavated Anthems ENS-0074 Vocals (as KUMI)
06.05 Amateras Records Extended Selection Vol.2 -DJ USE EDITION- AMRE-0006 Vocals (as KUMI)
06.05 Koi Tsunagi Epilogue AMRE-0007 Vocals (as KUMI)
08.14 Amateras Records 10th Anniversary Best N/A Vocals (as KUMI)
08.28 Amateras Records 10th Anniversary Best AMRC-0063 Vocals (as KUMI)
10.24 MIDNIGHT FLOOR -Hi Speed Non-stop Mega Mix- AMRS-0020 Vocals (as KUMI)
10.24 Touhou Tsuzuraori MBCD-0099-1~10 Vocals (as KUMI)
12.31 Beyond the Rainbow AMRC-0064 Vocals (as KUMI)


08.14 Koi Tora -KOIIRO MASTER TRANCE- AMRC-0066 Vocals (as KUMI)


10.25 Memento Mori: Lament Collection Vol.1 MEMO-00001 Artist


04.28 Koi Tora -KOIIRO MASTER TRANCE 03- AMRC-0073 Vocals (as KUMI)

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