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Female 天野 月子 (あまの つきこ)
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TSUKIKO AMANO made her debut as a solo singer with "HAKONIWA (Miniature Garden)" in 2001. She released 21 singles and 5 albums.
In 2008, she decided to suspend her music activities to unleash her artistic talents on other art forms such as illustrations.
The next year, she changed her artist name "TSUKIKO AMANO" to "TSUKI AMANO". This is to draw a clear line between what she had been and what she came to be after her quest for artistic freedom.
In 2010, as TSUKI AMANO, she came back to the music scene and released 2 songs with degital picture book CD-ROMs, a children's song album and an original mini album.
Marking her 10th anniversary in 2011, she hopes to extend her activities to any possible genres of art and music.


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