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Male 田中 文久 (たなか ふみひさ)
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fumihisa tanaka
Dec 12, 1988
Tokyo, Japan
SuperSweep co., ltd.
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12.30 RAZE*2 RRCD-002 Composer (as cittan*)


10.31 SOAR LIEN-4001 Composer (as cittan*), Arranger (as cittan*), Lyricist (as cittan*)


03.13 Little Prayer AMRC-0002 Arranger (as Morning Sprite)
05.01 Amateras Records Sampler.02 AMRS-0002 Arranger (as Morning Sprite)
05.01 TOXiC TRAX 01 LLAR-0004 Composer (as cittan*)
08.13 Catastrophe Eve AMRC-0003 Arranger (as cittan*)
08.13 AMARETTO BBR-01 Arranger (as cittan*)
08.13 Naughty Eyes LLAC-0005 Arranger (as cittan*)
08.13 Heavenly Beats LLAC-0006 Arranger (as cittan*)
08.13 Gensou Clubbing OMK-13 Arranger (as cittan*)
08.13 Sprite Impressions -Aliquam Aestas- SRCD-0001 Composer (as cittan*, Morning Sprite)
09.11 HAKUREI RAVE 03 LLAC-0007 Arranger (as cittan*)
10.16 Madoka☆Magica Classic TAM3-0080 Arranger (as cittan*)
10.30 Spilling Star ARPK-0002 Composer (as cittan*)
10.30 LacrimA LIEN-0009 Composer (as cittan*), Lyricist (as cittan*)
12.30 Amateras Records Exclusive Disc Winter 2011 AMRS-0004 Arranger (as cittan*)
12.30 Mado☆Magi Finale TAM3-0086 Arranger (as cittan*)
12.31 Sprite Impressions02 -The Anthemic Brinicle- SRCD-0002 Composer (as cittan*, Morning Sprite)


03.23 MATERIAL BRAVE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK: Harmonic Elements GIGA-505830 Composer (as cittan*)
04.30 Galahad LIEN-0010 Composer (as cittan*), Lyricist (as cittan*)
04.30 Prism SDM-009 Composer (as cittan*)
04.30 Sprite Impressions03 -THE NEXT GENERATION REMIXES- SRCD-0003 Composer (as cittan*, Morning Sprite)
05.27 Dilemmatic Sorcery AMRC-0006 Arranger (as cittan*)
05.27 desire - sweetly love girls - MMCD-0003 Arranger (as cittan*), Lyricist (as cittan*)
05.27 INVITATION SiGN SGNM-001 Arranger (as cittan*), Lyricist (as cittan*)
05.27 TOHO BOSSA NOVA STAL-1201 Arranger (as cittan*)
08.11 Dilemmatic Sorcery the instrumental AMRC-0007 Arranger (as cittan*)
08.11 Unlogical Trick AMRC-0009 Arranger (as cittan*)
08.11 Limited Dimension ENS-0021 Composer (as cittan*)
08.11 Touhou Gensou Shiten 9 "Joker" SEPR-0016 Arranger (as cittan*)
08.11 Euphoric Tears SGNM-002 Arranger (as cittan*)
08.11 Signal Green SVCL-0009~10 Lyricist (as cittan*), Programmer (as cittan*)
08.11 fromage / Yura Hatsuki + Tsukiko (La Bella Luna) TUHA-003 Arranger (as cittan*)
10.07 Unlogical Trick the instrumental AMRC-0010 Arranger (as cittan*)
10.28 Imitation PRCD-0001 Arranger (as cittan*)
10.28 Reminisphere SRCD-0004 Composer (as cittan*), Lyricist (as cittan*)
12.29 effulgent SiGN SGNM-003 Arranger (as cittan*), Lyricist (as cittan*)
12.30 Future Logic ECHZ-0001 Lyricist (as cittan*)
12.30 Auxiliary Brightness ENS-0023 Arranger (as cittan*)
12.30 Mágico Catástrofe STAL-1202 Lyricist (as cittan*)
12.31 ASGARD JPWF-0001 Composer (as cittan*)


04.29 Omnifarious2 OFR-02 Composer (as cittan*)
04.29 Polo Works Vol.1 PRS-001 Composer (as cittan*)
05.26 Synesthesia CLM-0003 Lyricist (as cittan*)
05.26 Auxiliary Brightness the Instrumental ENS-0025 Arranger (as cittan*)
05.26 Brighter Oath SGNM-004 Arranger (as cittan*)
07.27 Prismatic Sounds PMMCD-006 Composer (as cittan*)
08.10 HAKUREI RAVE 3.5 LLEX-0005 Arranger (as cittan*), Lyricist (as cittan*)
08.12 Radical Destruction AMRC-0015 Arranger (as cittan*)
08.12 Twilight CLM-0004 Lyricist (as cittan*)
08.12 Rewind Amnesia ENS-0026 Arranger (as cittan*)
08.12 emotion -strong feeling girls- MMCD-0007 Arranger (as cittan*)
08.12 LEVIASTORATOS SRCD-0005 Composer (as cittan*, Morning Sprite), Arranger (as cittan*, Morning Sprite)
10.26 paragraph KLMN-0012 Performer (as cittan*)
10.27 EMOTIVE BRILLIANCE -A State of Rock- SRCD-006 Composer (as cittan*), Performer (as cittan*), Lyricist (as cittan*)
12.30 Radical Destruction the instrumental AMRC-0016 Arranger (as cittan*)
12.30 Amateras Records Exclusive Disc 2013 Winter AMRS-0011 Arranger (as cittan*)
12.30 Rewind Amnesia the Instrumental ENS-0029 Arranger (as cittan*)
12.30 RETRO FUTURE GIRLS STAL-1302 Lyricist (as cittan*)
12.31 NANOSWEEP 17 NS-017 Artist


05.11 REVIVE 2 EXTRA LCSG-0001 Arranger (as cittan*)
05.11 REVIVE 2 ARCADIA LLAC-0018 Arranger (as cittan*)
05.11 REVIVE 2 EDEN SGNM-005 Arranger (as cittan*), Lyricist (as cittan*)
05.11 DISCO METRIC STAL-1402 Arranger (as cittan*), Lyricist (as cittan*)
07.12 EastNewSound Touhou Doujin Arrange Circle Sample CD TCE-4963 Arranger (as cittan*)
08.16 TOHO SPEED 02 LLAC-0019 Arranger (as cittan*)
08.16 invincible -perfect beautiful girls- MMCD-0008 Arranger (as cittan*), Lyricist (as cittan*)
09.24 No Game No Life SPECIAL CD 04 SOUNDTRACK VOL.2 MFXN-0028EX Composer, Arranger
10.26 sei-kan ambience SRCD-007 Composer (as cittan*)
10.29 No Game No Life SPECIAL CD 05 SOUNDTRACK VOL.3 MFXN-0029EX Composer, Arranger
11.24 556mm nonstop megamix vol.1 MMCD-0009 Arranger (as cittan*), Lyricist (as cittan*)
12.29 Adrastea STAL-1403 Lyricist (as cittan*)
12.30 NANOSWEEP 19 NS-019 Artist


04.15 Okami Henkyokushuu Vol.3 Lounge CPCA-10379 Arranger
04.26 Tsuzuku Sekai no Na wa Ashita N/A Lyricist (as cittan*)
04.26 Reminisphere 2 SRCD-008 Composer (as cittan*), Performer (as cittan*)
04.30 CosmicBreak 2 Limited Edition Original Soundtrack N/A Composer
05.10 TOHO BOSSA NOVA 4 STAL-1501 Lyricist (as cittan*)
07.28 NO GAME, NO LIFE SOUNDTRACK SFCNGL100CD1~3 Composer, Arranger
08.14 ETHEREAL DIVIDE SRCD-008 Arranger (as cittan*), Lyricist (as cittan*)
10.30 Charisou DX3 Time Rider -Original Sound Track- N/A Composer
10.31 Charisou DX2 Galaxy -Original Sound Track- N/A Composer
11.01 Sedecim STAL-1502 Arranger (as cittan*), Lyricist (as cittan*)
12.30 KUMI the BEST -BONUS CD- KUMI-SP0001 Arranger (as cittan*)
12.31 NANOSWEEP 21 NS-021 Artist
12.31 ALTER:ANSWERS SRCD-009 Composer (as cittan*)


02.24 Chou Charisou: Atsumete! Choujuu Hunter ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK N/A Composer
04.24 Sprite Impressions 04 [Reincarnated] SRCD-010 Composer (as cittan*, Morning Sprite)
05.08 TOHO BOSSA NOVA 5 STAL-1601 Arranger (as cittan*)
06.17 Amateras Records Extended Selection Vol.1 ARDL-0002 Arranger (as Morning Sprite)
06.24 LAMUNATION! VOCAL COLLECTION WPCD-0100 Composer (as cittan*), Lyricist (as cittan*)
08.14 ACE STRIKERS SOUNDTRACK LILT-0022 Arranger (as cittan*)
08.14 NANOSWEEP 22 NS-022 Artist
12.29 Touhou Party Box 03 MBCD-0022 Lyricist (as cittan*)
12.31 NANOSWEEP 23 NS-023 Artist


02.24 7th to the end⬌to the last / nao orz-0007 Composer (as cittan*), Arranger (as cittan*)
04.30 sprite best [2011-2016] SRCD-013 Composer (also as cittan*), Lyricist (as cittan*)
08.11 NANOSWEEP 24 NS-024 Artist
10.29 NRG nation VOL.1 EUCD-N001 Lyricist (as cittan*)
11.09 Scarlet Moon Christmas Volume II SMRC-1026 Arranger
12.29 NANOSWEEP 25 NS-025 Artist
12.29 Solar STAL-1702 Lyricist (as cittan*)


02.24 Moeyo! Kung-Fu Lady Dragon Original Soundtrack & Remixes SRCD-001 Composer
03.19 Graduation EP 2017 N/A Composer (as cittan*), Arranger (as cittan*), Lyricist (as cittan*)
04.29 Reminisphere:ZERO SRCD-014 Songwriter (as cittan*), Producer (as cittan*)
08.10 NANOSWEEP 26 NS-026 Artist
12.12 FIGHTING EX LAYER Soundtracks SRIN-1160 Composer, Liner Notes
12.29 NANOSWEEP 27 NS-027 Artist


03.08 Think! Think! Original Soundtrack N/A Composer
08.12 THE LEGEND OF HIZUMI HZMT-0028 Composer
08.12 NANOSWEEP 28 NS-028 Artist
10.27 reflections / ricono SRCD-017 Composer (as cittan*)
12.25 ESP RA.DE. Ψ Drive Waves 2019 SRIN-1166 Arranger
12.28 10th the butterfly dream. / nao orz-0010 Composer (as cittan*), Arranger (as cittan*), Lyricist (as cittan*)
12.31 NRG nation VOL.2 EUCD-N002 Lyricist (as cittan*)
12.31 Over Drive Adventure HZMT-0029 Composer
12.31 NANOSWEEP 29 NS-029 Artist
12.31 Broad Border STAL-1903 Lyricist (as cittan*)


03.22 TOHO BOSSA NOVA 9 STAL-2001 Lyricist (as cittan*)
05.29 KIRAKIRA MONSTARS BONUS VOCAL CD: ETERNITY N/A Composer (as cittan*), Lyricist (as cittan*)
05.31 Think! Think! Original Soundtrack vol.2 N/A Composer
06.19 cittan* WORKS from "LAMUNATION!" & "KIRAKIRA MONSTARS" SRIN-1167 Music (as cittan*), Mastering Engineer (as cittan*), Lyricist (as cittan*), Liner Notes (as cittan*), Director
06.26 Utakata no Hana / Amaryllis SRIN-1174 Lyricist
08.07 FUTURE NOTES 01 ~Mirai~ N/A Lyricist, Creator
11.27 ALICE SOUND ALBUM VOL.33 DOHNA DOHNA Issho ni Warui Koto wo Shiyou ASS-038 Composer


03.31 Bike Rider DX Series & Super Bike Rider SOUNDTRACKS SRWD-6002 Composer, Arranger
05.30 TOHO BOSSA NOVA 10 STAL-2101 Lyricist (as cittan*)
07.23 Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Syukufuku wo! ~Kibou no Meikyuu to Tsudoishi Boukenshatachi Plus~ Original Soundtrack SRIN-1164 Music
08.14 Touhou Sound Fireworks. CCCD-0061~4 Lyricist (as cittan*)
09.17 LET'S SWEET CHOCOLATE PARTY / Amaryllis SRIN-1179 Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Lyricist, Vocal Recording Engineer
12.31 Nanosweep30 NS-030 Artist

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