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Female 名塚 友梨 (なづか ゆり)
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Dec 9
Nara Prefecture, Japan
Credited works
37 albums in database
18 vocals
16 performer
8 lyricist
4 web designer
3 arranger
1 producer
1 scenario
1 planner
1 jacket designer
1 translation
1 chorus
1 featured artist
1 composer
1 mixing engineer
1 music
1 mastering engineer
1 chorus arranger


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05.01 Konoyo de Ichiban Itoshii Kioku AEM-0001 Vocals (as Lily), Mixing Engineer (as Lily), Mastering Engineer (as Lily)
08.13 Sekigan no Eden -A.D.2109- "Eden", the One-eyed WAVE-0042 Performer


05.24 FREYJA.sys N/A Vocals (as Lily)
08.12 The True Utnapishtim WAVE-0046 Performer
10.28 Recordare AEM-0002 Vocals (as Lily)
12.31 Gate of AVALON WAVE-0048 Performer (as Lily)


04.29 trajektorio WAVE-0049 Vocals
08.12 CALDES -Episode:1- Verther no Shuukugan WAVE-1001 Performer (as Lily), Lyricist (as Lily)
10.27 THE EARTH TOPOLOGIUM -alpha version- N/A Vocals (as Lily)
12.31 thinkover. CONVERGENCE DVSP-0103 Performer (as Lily)
12.31 Old navy never die. KAED-0010 Vocals (as Lily)
12.31 THE EARTH TOPOLOGIUM SSYS-00002 Vocals (as Lily)


03.01 Piece / Misuzu Togashi STCH-0005 Arranger (as Lily), Performer (as Lily)
03.05 Ar nosurge Genometric Concert side.AKA TENTOKI GUSTCD-11013 Performer (as Lily)
03.28 Sanzen Sekai Yuugi -Multi Universe Myself- re_Universe_Lovesong HBMC-047 Performer (as Lily), Lyricist (as Lily)
04.27 for summon wall of "ArtinaToss" N/A Vocals (as Lily)
04.27 Spring Ephemeral WAVE-0050 Web Designer (as Lily), Vocals (as Lily)
08.17 Historias AEM-0003 Music (as Lily), Lyricist (as Lily)
11.27 Perfect Free CORE-00023 Arranger (as Lily)
12.30 Kuroshiro no Sacramentum KAED-0012 Chorus (as Lily), Vocals (as Lily), Lyricist (as Lily)
12.30 Norn WAVE-0051 Vocals (as Lily)


04.26 Shinkai Toshi Selnfra ETCD-3003 Performer (as Lily)
08.16 Citla re:verse ‐Sono Uta wa Shingon Arawasu Kakera to Narite‐ KLMN-0001 Performer (as Lily), Lyricist (as Lily)
12.31 Citla re:verse 2 -Sono Uta wa Gensho no Kioku to Narite- KLMN-0002 Composer (as Lily), Performer (as Lily), Lyricist (as Lily)


04.24 Citla re:verse 3 -Sono Uta wa Kinki ni Fureru Kagami to Narite- KLMN-0003 Performer (as Lily), Lyricist (as Lily)
04.24 Genesis Of Destiny ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK WM-0731 Featured Artist (as Lily)
05.31 Taishou Mebiusline Teito Bibouroku Soundtrack Shukushi N/A Performer (as Lily)
08.14 from080723 DISC EDITION WAVE-0052 Vocals (as Lily)
12.31 Antique Cosette WAVE-0053 Web Designer (as Lily), Vocals (as Lily), Producer (as Lily), Translation (as Lily), Jacket Designer (as Lily), Planner (as Lily), Scenario (as Lily)


08.11 Sanctuary of "FATAH" WAVE-0054 Vocals (as Lily)
11.05 CHUNITHM ALL JUSTICE COLLECTION ep.I WM-0742~5 Performer (as Lily)
12.20 NieR:Automata Arranged & Unreleased Tracks SQEX-10631~2 Vocals (as Lily), Arranger (as Lily)
12.29 Urtoesone Mischere: The Purple Light Tower WAVE-0055 Web Designer (as Lily), Vocals (as Lily)


10.28 UNAQREIA ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK SGST-0001 Performer (as Lily)
10.28 monologue WAVE-0056 Web Designer (as Lily), Vocals (as Lily), Lyricist (as Lily)
12.30 "Shen Dhitte" the Meteor Dragon WAVE-0057 Chorus Arranger (as Lily), Vocals (as Lily)


02.27 ONGEKI Sound Collection 01 Jump!! Jump!! Jump!! ZMCZ-13027 Performer (as Lily)


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