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Male 中西 宗博 (なかにし むねひろ)
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M. Nakanishi
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No notes available for this artist.



10.21 Game Music Festival ~Super Live '92~ PCCB-00099 Drums


04.21 RAYFORCE PCCB-00153 Visual Design, Recording Engineer
05.20 Light Bringer PCCB-00154 Recording Engineer
09.21 KAISER KNUCKLE PCCB-00159 Recording Engineer


01.20 Bubble Symphony PCCB-00172 Recording Engineer
05.?? ZUNTATA RARE SELECTION N/A Engineer, Composer
07.21 ELEVATOR ACTION -RETURNS- <V.C.O. "CINEMA" MIX> PCCB-00186 Recording Engineer
10.20 Dangerous Curves PCCB-00194 Engineer
11.17 PUZZLE BOBBLE・GEKIRINDAN etc... ~WELCOME TO THE karu. LAND~ PCCB-00196 Percussion, Recording Engineer


10.11 PSYCHIC FORCE -ARCADE SOUND TRACKS- ZTTL-0001 Graphic Designer (as Mu-Nakanishi), Recording Engineer (as Mu-Nakanishi)
10.11 RAYSTORM / ZUNTATA ZTTL-0002 Graphic Designer, Engineer, Liner Notes
11.29 FIGHTERS' IMPACT ZTTL-0003 Recording Engineer (as Mu-Nakanishi)
11.29 Psychic Force Original Sound Tracks ZTTL-0004 Recording Engineer (as Mu-Nakanishi)


01.29 RAYSTORM -NEU TANZ MIX- ZTTL-0005 Engineer, Diary (as MU-NAKANISHI)
02.28 Landing Gear / Side by Side ZTTL-0006 Designer, Recording Engineer (as Mu-Nakanishi)
03.28 DARIUS THE OMNIBUS -Sedai- ZTTL-0008 Recording Engineer
04.25 Gamera 2000 Original Sound Tracks ZTTL-0010 Composer
05.30 RAYFORCE RUBBING BEAT ZTTL-0011 Recording Engineer, CG Designer (as Mu-Nakanishi), Jacket Designer (as Mu-Nakanishi)
06.21 METAL BLACK -The First- ZTTL-0012 Percussion
09.25 Psychic Force Puzzle Taisen -ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK- ZTTL-0015 Recording Engineer (as Mu-NAKANISHI)
10.22 ZUNTATA LIVE 1997 ~CINETEQUE RAVE~ (AUDIO FILE) ZTTL-0016 Arranger, Performer
11.21 ZUNTATA LIVE 1997 ~CINETEQUE RAVE~ (VISUAL FILE) ZTTV-0001 Arranger, Performer
12.21 Densha de GO! / Side by Side 2 ZTTL-0018 Recording Engineer (also as Mu-NAKANISHI), Mixing Engineer


03.21 ZUNTATA RARE SELECTION Vol.1 Stoic Romance ZTTL-0020 Arranger, Performer
03.21 ZUNTATA RARE SELECTION Vol.2 10cm Shihou no Aozora ZTTL-0021 Design, Engineer (as Mu-NAKANISHI)
05.21 ZUNTATA RARE SELECTION Vol.3 S'WORK'S / SHU ZTTL-0022 Recording Engineer
06.25 Puchi Carat ORIGINAL SOUND TRACKS ZTTL-0023 Drums
08.21 PSYCHIC FORCE 2012 -ARCADE SOUND TRACKS- ZTTL-0026 Recording Engineer
10.21 ZUNTATA LIVE 1998 "güten Talk" from the earth ~AUDIO FILE~ ZTTL-0031 CG Designer, Mixing Engineer, Jacket Designer, Drums, Composer, Liner Notes (as Mu-Nakanishi)
11.10 ZUNTATA LIVE 1998 "güten Talk" from the earth ~VISUAL FILE~ N/A Performer, Composer
11.21 Operation Tiger ZTTL-0032 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
12.21 CHAOS HEAT / ZUNTATA ZTTL-0033 Recording Engineer


01.21 raycrisis ZTTL-0034 Recording Engineer, Jacket Designer, Liner Notes (as MU-NAKANISHI)
03.10 Psychic Force 2012 Arrange sound tracks ZTTL-0037 Arranger (as Mu-NAKANISHI)
04.01 ZUNTATA HISTORY L'ab-normal 1st ZTTL-0038 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
04.01 ZUNTATA HISTORY L'ab-normal 2nd ZTTL-0039 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
06.19 Densha de GO! 2 ZTTL-0042 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
07.01 ZUNTATA HISTORY L'ab-normal 3rd ZTTL-0043 Composer
07.23 RC de GO! ZTTL-0044 Percussion, Score Writer, Remixer, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
08.21 Space Envoys / ZUNTATA-J.A.M. ZTTL-0046 CG Designer, Remixer, Mixing Engineer
10.21 ZUNTATA NIGHT ZTTL-0047 CG Designer, Remixer, Recording Engineer, Jacket Designer, Composer


05.24 Cosmowarrior Zero Original Sound Track ~Kyōen~ ZTTL-0052 Sound Effects, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
08.23 Junji Ito Horror Collection: OSHIKIRI ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK TTRS-2001 Composer
08.23 BATTLE GEAR -THE DISCOVERY OF ROADS- ZTTL-0054 Mixing Engineer, Photographer
12.01 ZUNTATA RARE SELECTION Impromptu ZTTL-2001 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Photographer


04.11 STUNT TYPHOON / LAND MAKER ZTTL-0055 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer


04.24 The Figure of Health MUCG-5001 Sound Director


12.05 ZUNTATA 1993 LIVE ZTTL-9007 Drums


10.12 Ray'z Music Chronology ZTTL-0087~96 Interviewee, Special Thanks
12.21 reZonance world ~ZUNTATA 30th ANNIVERSARY~ ZTTL-0097~100 Special Thanks, Composer (as Mu-nakanishi)
12.21 reZonance world ~ZUNTATA 30th ANNIVERSARY~ [Limited Edition] ZTTL-0097~100 Special Thanks, Composer (as Mu-nakanishi)


03.09 RAYFORCE ZTTL-3025 Visual Design, Recording Engineer

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