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Male 千住 明 (せんじゅ あきら)
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Oct 21, 1960
Suginami, Tokyo, Japan
Credited works
121 albums in database
3 products in database
92 composer
91 arranger
59 music
36 conductor
33 producer
21 artistic director
16 music producer
9 keyboard
8 scoring
7 orchestrator
6 liner notes
5 score arranger
5 basic programming
5 performer
4 original score
4 piano
4 supervisor
4 score
4 sound producer
3 lyricist
3 score producer
3 computer programmer
2 instruments
2 orchestra arranger
2 strings arranger
2 glockenspiel
2 recording engineer
2 programmer
2 acoustic piano
1 compiler
1 score composition
1 artist director
1 instruments engineer
1 baritone vocals
1 executive producer
1 score conductor
1 music selection
1 synthesizer
1 mixing engineer
1 original music
1 music planner
1 synthesizer programmer
1 original sound composer


Akira Senju is a classically trained composer and arranger for Japanese media and the concert hall. Famous for his works Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, NHK Taiga Drama Fūrin Kazan and Tetsujin 28. He writes music in a very Romantic orchestral style with elements of musical Impressionism and Film music in a similar style to John Barry and Ennio Morricone. In 1993 he recorded and arranged a symphonic suite for Namco game Valkyria no Densetsu with the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1994 he recorded a symphonic suite for Mobile Suit Victory Gundam with the Cracow Radio Symphony Orchestra. In 1994 he arranged a symphonic album for Hikaru Genji with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1994 he recorded a Symphonic Suite "226 - Requiem for Showa" with the Philharmonia Orchestra. In 1996 he recorded music with the Warsaw Philharmonic National Orchestra of Poland for the Anime film "Fleet of Silence". In 2006 he recorded with the Warsaw Philharmonic National Orchestra of Poland for NHK Taiga Drama Fūrin Kazan. In 2008 he recorded with the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra for Symphony of Psalms - The Tale of Genji. In 2009 he recorded music with the Warsaw Philharmonic National Orchestra of Poland for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. In 2016 he arranged a symphonic concert for singer Taeko Onuki with the Tokyo New City orchestra. In 2019 he wrote an opera for La Folle Journee Tokyo 2019, Opera "Manyoshu", Japan's ancient poetry of Ten Thousand Leaves, performed by the Tokyo University of Arts Orchestra. In 2019 he was commissioned to write music for the Louvre museum of france in a collaboration project between NHK and the Louvre Museum of France "500 Years of the Louvre Musuem of the Fine Arts".



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