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和田 薫 (わだ かおる)
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May 5, 1962
Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
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Kaoru Wada is a classically trained composer and arranger for Japanese media and the concert hall. Famous for Inuyasha, D.Gray-Man, Princess Tutu and Pazudora (Puzzdra). He writes in a style of orchestral music that is a mix of 20th Century Film Music, modern 20th Century concert music and traditional Japanese folk and cinema. Student and administrator of legendary Japanese composer Akira Ifukube. In 1991 he arranged a Symphonic Suite for Yuzo Koshiro's Actraiser with the Shinsei Nihon Symphony Orchestra. In 1993 he recorded with the Moscow Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and Agafonnikov Philharmonic Chorus for a Symphonic Suite of Silent Möbius. In 1999 he recorded with the Moscow International Symphony Orchestra for Harlock Saga ~Nibelungen no Yubiwa~. In 2000 he collaborated with composer and arranger Takayuki Hattori to arrange music from the famous Tokusatsu show Ultraman with the Japan Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. In 2002 he arranged famous classical pieces for TV Anime Princess Tutu. The unchanged classical pieces were performed by the Sofia Symphony Orchestra. In 2003 he collaborated with famous Japanese composers and arrangers for a Symphonic theme collection for Inuyasha and arranged his music from the TV series to a symphonic suite, performed by the Moscow International Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2009 he released an album of his media and concert music performed by the WDR Radio Orchestra Cologne, The Echo of Japan. In 2015 he wrote a Symphonic Suite for Japanese company Nikon, performed by the Hyogo Performing Arts Center Orchestra, conducted by Kaoru Wada. In 2016 he rerecorded and revised the score for Akira Ifukube's original Godzilla from 1954 with the Japan Century Symphony Orchestra. In 2018 his music for Princess Tutu was performed in the concert hall for the 15th anniversary of the series, by a made-up symphony orchestra "Orchester Goldkrone Akademie". In 2019 he recorded music for an international Anime collaboration film between Japan and Saudi-Arabia: "The Journey". In 2020 he was commissioned by Japanese sake company Asahi Shuzo to write a symphony for the company, performed by the Japan Century Symphony Orchestra.



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