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Feb 3, 1972
Horsholm, Denmark
Credited works
118 albums in database
7 products in database
125 composer credits
14 performer credits
13 arranger credits
5 programmer credits
2 mixing engineer credits
1 music producer credit


Kyd started creating music as a member of Amiga demo scene. Mikael Balle and Kyd formed the group SILENTS, where Mikael's role was graphics while Jesper was responsible for the music. SILENTS later became a part of another group, "CRIONICS". Notable people from the demo scene founded Zyrinx, a small video game company where Kyd was also acting as a composer. Their projects were fairly well received, even involving SEGA as a publisher at one point.

Kyd eventually became a freelance artist, scoring IO Interactive's game "Hitman" which turned out to be a commercial success, serving, in a way, as a stepping stone to Kyd's career. Other big video game projects soon followed, such as Assassin's Creed, Borderlands, Kane & Lynch, Darksiders II.
Television series, movies and trailers music is also a part of Kyd's repertoire.

Kyd currently resides in the United States.



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