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Jan 6, 1987
Tokyo, Japan
Credited works
155 albums in database
108 mastering engineer
43 mixing engineer
41 arranger
10 composer
9 programmer
4 co-programmer
3 special thanks
1 bgm composer
1 bgm arranger
1 remixer
1 mastering supervisor
1 recording engineer
1 engineer
1 re-arranger
1 music


Hedonist is a multi-talented Japanese music engineer, who has experience composing, arranging, recording, mixing, mastering, DJ'ing, VJ'ing, and much more. After DJ'ing for a year in 2004, mastering became an interest for him, and in 2005 he began to focus more on learning about it while attending the College of Music at Shobi University. A year later, Hedonist became a part of a game music production team called i.o.sound contributing music for various games. He then began to delve deeply into the independent music scene where he launched his label, Delights music; the very first compilation series, Linkup, was released on this label. Hedonist has continued to discover many talented artists (including some in the doujin scene) in hopes of spreading the progressive sound that he wants to achieve.



12.30 MaRiNa N/A Arranger


??.?? Momokabi N/A Mastering Engineer
05.21 Streichen SPRM-0002 Arranger
08.12 STARTRAIN - i.o.sound featuring yuna IOCD-0001 Arranger
08.13 Erosion SPRM-0003 Arranger
09.22 StarTRain SOUNDTRACK IOCD-0002 Arranger, Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer
10.27 StarTRain ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK IOCD-0003 BGM Composer, BGM Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Arranger
11.24 Kikaijikake no Eve Original Soundtrack ALCR-101 1~2 Mastering Engineer


01.31 StarTRain SPECIAL SINGLE "memories for us." IOCD-1003 Arranger
02.14 Winter Mix vol.04 TORA-00018~9 Arranger
05.23 mixed up confusion / i.o.sound feat. TSUKIKO IOCD-0004 Composer, Arranger
08.17 Linkup original side trance & progressive vol.1 DLMS-0001 Composer
08.17 Linkup remix side trance & progressive vol.1 DLMS-0002 Arranger
09.21 Zettai Shiawase Sengen! Original Soundtrack IOCD-1004 Programmer, Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer
09.28 GWAVE SuperFeature's vol.6 Shinjuku-Legacy IMAE-00017 Composer, Arranger
10.08 ROCK LOVE CPCD-0004 Mastering Engineer
12.31 Must Die N/A Mastering Engineer


05.11 Linkup originalside House vol.1 DLMS-0005 Composer
08.16 Linkup remixside Key vol.1 DLMS-0007 Arranger
12.29 Stella Musica ASCD001 Arranger


03.28 Streichen2 SPRM-0007 Arranger
05.05 M3-2010 Spring Apology CD DLMS-0011 Composer
08.14 Linkup remixside Delights vol.1 DLMS-0012 Composer
12.23 Rin RSCD-0012 Composer


05.01 Spell of Resurrection ~Memories of Game Music~ EZCD-EX02 Arranger
08.03 Linkup House vol.3 DLMS-0013 Composer
08.13 Heavenly Beats LLAC-0006 Arranger


04.30 Prism SDM-009 Mastering Engineer
05.27 ABANDONED DANCEHALL ARCD0037 Mastering Engineer
07.29 Visual Art's 20th Anniversary Remixes KSLA-0085~6 Arranger
08.10 ULTRA RELOAD Vol.2 feat. AQUAPLUS SHOT-009 Arranger
08.11 THE WORLD DESTINATION ARCD0038 Mastering Engineer
08.11 NOT 4 ON THE FLOOR CGSP-0001 Mastering Engineer
08.11 AD:TRANCE 2 DVSP-0079~81 Mastering Engineer
08.11 samuraiDANCEHALL EPCD-0007 Mastering Engineer
08.11 Karin LTCD-0015 Mixing Engineer
11.30 SUPER SHOT5 Special Edition -Bishoujo Game Remix Collection- SHOT-010 Arranger
12.30 Fuyu Hotaru LTCD-0016 Mixing Engineer
12.31 thinkover,calmdown DVSP-0086 Mastering Engineer
12.31 AD:ELECTRONIC DANCE DVSP-0089 Composer, Mastering Engineer


05.26 Heart of Eternity AECD-037 Mastering Engineer
05.31 SUPER SHOT6 -Bishoujo Game Remix Collection- SHOT-011 Remixer
06.29 Megarock Carnival EZCD-EX06 Arranger
08.12 Fusion Challenge DVSP-1003 Mastering Engineer
12.30 XXX CK-0030P Arranger
12.31 AD:TRANCE 3 DVSP-0100~2 Mastering Supervisor
12.31 AD:TRANCE 3.5 DVSP-0106 Mastering Engineer


08.17 SCORE CROWNS AFCD-0009 Recording Engineer
11.24 Doppel SBCD-0004 Programmer
12.30 Sound Collection - Another Original CT22-RW06 Mastering Engineer


04.11 Key 15th Fes. pamphlet CD Keep The Dancing Beats! / efflorescence KSLC-0014~5 Mastering Engineer
05.10 Sono Hi Watashi wa Sora wo Miageta SBCD-0005 Mastering Engineer
08.14 LITTLE WHEEL EUCLASE CK-0037P Mastering Engineer
10.25 AD:TECHNO 2 DVSP-0138 Mastering Engineer
12.29 Touhou Gensoukyou UROBOROS ~eNDoFtHEuLTIMATEoVERdRIVE~ TORA-00171 Programmer, Mixing Engineer
12.31 AHI COMPILATION 04 AHI04 Mastering Engineer


04.24 The Board of Directors 1 AHIEP02 Mastering Engineer
05.08 M other SBCD-0006 Programmer, Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer
07.29 Rewrite Arrange Album 'Selene' KSLA-0116 Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
08.13 shinso diver LTCD-0026 Programmer, Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer
08.14 AHI COMPILATION 05 AHI05 Mastering Engineer
10.12 Ginga Choumujuuryoku Étoile N/A Mastering Engineer
10.30 Different Corner Remixes + AHIEP04 Mastering Engineer
10.30 Faint Light EP WAV-007 Arranger
12.26 Shiawase Egoist SBCD-0007 Programmer, Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer
12.29 Modification of Key Sounds Label KSLA-0124~6 Arranger, Mastering Engineer
12.31 AHI COMPILATION 06 AHI06 Mastering Engineer


01.15 Epic Recovery N/A Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
02.19 Rapid☆Princess N/A Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
04.02 Junjou Almeria N/A Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
04.30 exceptions EP AHIEP05 Mastering Engineer
04.30 Romantic Love Story ep AHIEP06 Mastering Engineer
04.30 Dear,Mr.HIROSHI WATANABE DVSP-0174 Mastering Engineer
05.07 4Q8Q CK-0048P Mastering Engineer
05.07 NEWBORN CRYING CK-0049P Arranger
05.07 Itazura Sensation SBCD-0008 Programmer, Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer
08.11 AHI COMPILATION 07 AHI07 Mastering Engineer
08.11 NEUROPOLIS III MSTFCD-007 Mastering Engineer
08.11 HYENA NO1Z-0001 Engineer, Mastering Engineer
08.11 synchro SBCD-009 Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
08.13 Parallax DW GEOG-1008 Mastering Engineer
09.03 YummyYummy! Raspberry! N/A Mastering Engineer
10.15 children's game N/A Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
10.22 Season 4 you (Single Album) N/A Mastering Engineer
10.29 CYGNUS REMIXES AHIEP07 Mastering Engineer
12.29 AHI COMPILATION 08 AHI08 Mastering Engineer
12.29 RaTaTaTam EP AHIEP08 Mastering Engineer
12.29 TRIANGLE LTCD-0030 Programmer, Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer
12.29 Season 4 you SBCD-010 Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer


03.04 Ame, Tokidoki, Karon Koron N/A Co-programmer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
05.06 synchro 2 SBCD-011 Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
08.10 AHI COMPILATION 09 AHI09 Mastering Engineer
08.10 Tsunagaru Setsuna INORAY-0001 Mixing Engineer
08.10 Cadence Of Fate NEPI-0001 Mastering Engineer
08.10 Netaminity SBCD-012 Programmer, Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer
10.10 DiGiWi BEST 2018 DWCD-0040 Arranger
10.14 Cirno wa Kakusei Summer Days! N/A Co-programmer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
12.30 AHI COMPILATION 10 AHI10 Mastering Engineer
12.30 SAVE NO SENSE INORAY-0002 Mixing Engineer
12.30 Ano Hi no Yume no Alice ~ DAY DREAM SBCD-0002-2 Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer
12.30 synchro 3 SBCD-0013 Co-programmer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer


03.17 Futari Awase N/A Mastering Engineer
05.05 Eternity Parade SBCD-0014 Co-programmer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
08.12 AHI COMPILATION 11 AHI11 Mastering Engineer
08.12 AD:PIANO REMIXES -Season 1- DVSP-0226 Mastering Engineer
08.12 Paranoia THE BEST - 7th anniversary - DWCD-0050 Arranger
08.12 Touhou Utattemita SBCD-0016 Re-arranger, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
09.18 Key BOX -for two decades- KSLA-1001~50 Arranger
10.27 Longing for Far Signals CODL-0002 Music
10.27 AD:TECHNO 4 DVSP-0227 Mastering Engineer
10.27 RUNABOUT DVSP-0229 Mastering Engineer
11.17 Dendera Party Night N/A Mastering Engineer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer
12.31 Face Trick N/A Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer
12.31 AHI COMPILATION 12 AHI12 Mastering Engineer
12.31 Shiro ni mo Kuro ni mo Narenai Kimi e CK-0064P Mastering Engineer
12.31 DESTINE ASH/Love Love Scarlet INORAY-0005 Arranger


02.08 "pvq" OWTR-0001 Mastering Engineer
05.05 FLEX'N'CORD CK-0066P Mastering Engineer
05.05 ♮ NATURAL CK-0067P Mastering Engineer
05.05 DOPE ICON CK-0068P Mastering Engineer
05.05 Charisma Purgatory Tenshin SBCD-0018 Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Arranger
06.20 Gensou Connect / Anata to Tsunagu Omoi SYCD-001 Mastering Engineer
08.02 U r my Nightmare N/A Arranger
10.11 Kakumei no Bullet N/A Arranger
10.25 toge N/A Mixing Engineer
10.25 AD:TECHNO 5 DVSP-0243 Mastering Engineer
12.30 LOVEANDHATE CK-0069P Mastering Engineer
12.31 Ringo Rongo N/A Mixing Engineer, Arranger


03.21 Ai o Torimodose!! Touhou SBCC-01 Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Arranger
05.02 ZC -THE BEST of ZYTOKINE/CYTOKINE5- CK-0070P Mastering Engineer
08.14 Anastacia N/A Mastering Engineer
08.14 Touhou Sound Fireworks. CCCD-0061~4 Mastering Engineer
08.14 synchro 0 SBCD-0019 Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Arranger
08.23 AD:HOUSE 9 DVSP-0257~8 Mastering Engineer
10.24 Yakan Hikou N/A Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
10.31 Armageddon SOCD-0003 Mastering Engineer, Arranger
11.28 Brain Rigid Girl N/A Mastering Engineer
12.31 AD:TECHNO 6 DVSP-0263 Mastering Engineer
12.31 Shinra Museum 2 SBCD-0020 Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Arranger


04.24 Your Story N/A Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
04.24 Solarqueen AHIDG03 Mastering Engineer
04.24 Stream Palette 3 DVSP-0268 Mastering Engineer
05.08 synchro 4 SBCD-0021 Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Arranger
06.05 Omatase Pippi Nyan x3 N/A Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Arranger
08.13 Windam / Q'HEY AHIDG04 Mastering Engineer
08.14 Dynamite N/A Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Arranger
08.14 Hifuu Club Activity Record ~ The Sealed Esoteric History -Fate- ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK Part 1 KFTM-003 Mastering Engineer
10.09 Kamisama wa Utau N/A Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Arranger
10.23 Scarlet Kakumei N/A Mixing Engineer
10.30 Algorithm / MAREAM AHIDG05 Mastering Engineer
12.30 Magna Palace 309 / SUSHI-Genome (Yebisu303 + 909state) AHIDG06 Mastering Engineer
12.30 AD:HOUSE Winter 3 DVSP-0280 Mastering Engineer
12.30 WAVES OF EUPHORIA 3 WAV-038 Composer

Thanked on 3 albums


03.08 A Foreign Sound HTNT-003 Special Thanks


09.08 Thirty OTOC1 Special Thanks


06.27 ETUDE OTOC-003 Special Thanks



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