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Tiago MC Rodrigues
Not available
Lisbon, Portugal
Credited works
24 albums in database
22 performer
13 arranger
6 mixing engineer
1 composer
1 lyricist


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08.31 Dread Bones Original Soundtrack N/A Composer, Arranger, Performer
10.09 MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII Remixed MCOL-0001 Arranger


02.11 SUCCESSOR: Final Fantasy VIII Remixed MCOL-0002 Arranger
06.23 MOBIUS: Sonic the Hedgehog Remixed MCOL-0005 Arranger, Performer
07.15 VERSUS MCOL-0006 Arranger, Performer
08.19 MULTIPLAYER III: WAVE MPCH-003 Performer
09.15 FALLEN: An Undertale Tribute MCOL-0009 Arranger, Performer
09.29 Tribute Album 64 N/A Arranger, Performer, Mixing Engineer
11.04 Song Cycle: The History of Video Games MCOL-0011 Arranger, Performer, Lyricist
11.04 Song Cycle: The History of Video Games (Karaoke Accompaniment) MCOL-0012 Arranger, Performer


01.13 ZODIAC: Final Fantasy Tactics Remixed MCOL-0021 Arranger, Performer, Mixing Engineer
01.28 Final Fantasy I - The Legacy N/A Performer
07.21 TESSERACT: An Acoustic FEZ Album MCOL-0033 Performer, Mixing Engineer
08.18 SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X (Besaid Mix) MCOL-0040-B Performer
08.18 SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X (Zanarkand Mix) MCOL-0040-Z Arranger, Performer, Mixing Engineer
10.02 Breath of Fire III Remastered Tracks MCOL-0048 Performer
10.06 Ode to the Lovers MCOL-0057 Performer


05.25 FATE: A Tribute to Majora's Mask MCOL-0110 Performer
10.26 Final Fantasy Mystic Quest: Remastered Soundtrack MCOL-0159 Performer
12.07 OMEGA: A Tribute to Xenogears MCOL-0163 Performer
12.07 OMEGA: A Tribute to Xenogears MCOL-0163-CD Performer


05.31 EXILE: A Tribute to Supergiant Games MCOL-0212 Performer
07.30 EIDOLON: Music From Final Fantasy IX MCOL-0227 Arranger, Performer, Mixing Engineer
10.22 EPOCH: A Tribute to Chrono Trigger MCOL-0245 Arranger, Performer, Mixing Engineer

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