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Male 中越 道夫 (なかこし みちお)
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Michio Nakagoshi
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45 recording engineer
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08.05 Image Sketch of "Aile de Honnêamise" MID-1501 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer


03.13 LOOM MECG-30001 Recording Engineer


05.21 Mama wa Shougaku 4-nensei Music Collection VICL-296 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer


05.21 Ryuichi Sakamoto Collection MDCZ-1215~24 Recording Engineer


04.01 STREET FIGHTER II ALPH-LYLA with YUJI TORIYAMA SRCL-2857 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer


12.15 Yellow Brick Road Sound track SYDA-003 Engineer


12.19 KOKORO LIBRARY ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK VICL-60819 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer


03.13 PALME songs VICL-35351 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer


03.05 Heal My Heart / Izumi Masuda VICC-60330 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
08.20 Genso Suikoden Music Collection ~Celtic Collection 2~ KOLA-036 Mixing Engineer
12.10 Moonlit archives: Shingetsutan Tsukihime Original Sound Track 1 PICA-1289 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer


03.05 Moonlit Memoirs: Shingetsutan Tsukihime Original Sound Track 2 PICA-1295 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
10.21 RED SWAN / Izumi Masuda VICC-60401 Recording Engineer


03.25 tactics SOUND FILE Vol.2 AFC-1022 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
03.25 AIR SOUNDTRACK FCCM-0066 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
06.24 Ah! My Goddess Original Sound Track-2 GNCA-1041 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
10.26 NEON GENESIS EVANGELION DECADE KICA-718 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
12.22 TV Animation ToHeart2 SOUNDTRACK FCCM-0093 Mixing Engineer


06.28 Madan Senki RYUKENDO Original Soundtrack Album Vol.2 CTCR-14475 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
08.23 Soyokaze Life / Kanako Sakai FCCM-0157 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
10.25 Aoki Flame / Yoko Takahashi GNCA-0034 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer


03.21 Yagami Nodojiman MJCD-20090 Recording Engineer
11.21 CLANNAD -THE MOTION PICTURE- SOUNDTRACK FCCM-0198 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer


06.25 Nabari Original Soundtrack 1 GNCA-1161 Mixing Engineer
06.25 Ever After / Chihiro Yonekura KICS-1366 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
09.26 Nabari Original Soundtrack 2 GNCA-1162 Mixing Engineer


03.11 RESCUE: Tokubetsu Koudo Kyuujotai ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK NQCL-2021 Recording Engineer
12.09 TV Animation "Umineko no Naku Koro ni" Original Soundtrack ~Rose Crimson~ FCCM-0296 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer


01.27 FINAL FANTASY XIII Original Soundtrack [Limited Edition] SQEX-10178~82 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
01.27 FINAL FANTASY XIII Original Soundtrack SQEX-10183~6 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
03.24 Sora no Woto Original Soundtrack SVWC-7681 Engineer
05.26 FINAL FANTASY XIII Original Soundtrack PLUS SQEX-10192 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
06.09 Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint it, White! SOUND WORLD MFCM-0004 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
06.23 20th century Boys & Girls ~20-seiki Shounen Shoujo~ / Yoko Takahashi KICS-1549 Recording Engineer
07.21 Senkou no Night Raid ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK SVWC-7706 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
08.18 Kitto Ashita wa... / Kaoru Tanamachi [Limited Edition] PCCG-01092 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
09.15 Anatashika Mienai / Sae Nakata [Limited Edition] PCCG-01093 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
10.20 Koi wa Mizuiro / Ai Nanasaki [Limited Edition] PCCG-01094 Recording Engineer
12.01 AMAGAMI SS ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK PCCG-01115 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer


12.14 FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Original Soundtrack [Limited Edition] SQEX-10291~5 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
12.14 FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Original Soundtrack SQEX-10296~9 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer


09.20 Paulette's Chair Original Soundtrack & Piano Arrangements MNMK-006 Recording Engineer


02.25 Dakara Kouya Original Soundtrack NGCS-1050 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
04.29 Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Character song collection CRYSTAL COLLECTION KICA-3239 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
08.19 Typhoon Noruda Original Soundtrack TBR25348D-2 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer


07.28 taifu no noruda Music Collection MNMK-009 Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
11.02 WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY Original Soundtrack SQEX-10574~7 Recording Engineer


04.26 ClassicaLoid Original Sound Track GBCL-2019~20 Recording Engineer


05.22 EVANGELION EXTREME KICA-2561 Recording Engineer, Vocal Recording Engineer


05.27 FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Original Soundtrack ~special edit version~ [Limited Edition] SQEX-10768~75 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
12.23 FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Original Soundtrack Plus SQEX-10824~7 Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer

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