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成瀬 未亜 (なるせ みあ)
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Feb 11
Tokyo, Japan
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05.05 Kottou Tokei Bako KERO-0505-Q Performer
06.04 Moekan Drama CD: Moeoto LACA-5175 Performer
08.15 Moekan & Wind Collaboration Drama CD ~Make a Wish Summer Banquet~ KSCA-29185 Performer
08.29 Pajama Drama CD ~Patissier na Nyanko & Please teach! My Angel~ HBDC-005 Performer
09.28 Kaze no Oto, Toki no Oto KERO-0928-Q Performer


02.25 doll ~ Utahime vol.2 DLCX-002 Performer, Lyricist
06.25 Angel Egg Original Sound Track YI-001-DA Performer
12.29 Carriere Sound Collection 3 – SUNAGIMO CarrCD-0007 Performer


04.08 Pancho DE Bravo! Original Soundtrack 050325074N Performer
08.26 Happiness! Character song CD Vol.3 – Anri Hiiragi with Mia Naruse HBMS-025 Performer
10.21 ZERO / Hiromi Sato WMACD-008 Performer


04.21 Brighter than Dawning Blue ~Fairy tale of Luna~ #1 feat. Feena fam Earthlight MMCC-4094 Performer
05.25 Brighter than Dawning Blue ~Fairy tale of Luna~ #2 feat. Mia Clementis MMCC-4095 Performer
06.23 H2O Mizu Bakushou Drama CD N/A Performer
06.23 Brighter than Dawning Blue ~Fairy tale of Luna~ #3 feat. Mai Asagiri MMCC-4096 Performer
07.21 Brighter than Dawning Blue ~Fairy tale of Luna~ #4 feat. Natsuki Takamizawa MMCC-4097 Performer
07.28 Happiness! Re:Lucks – Happiness! Radio WMACD-009 Performer
08.11 H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~ "H2O" MAKURA-511-H Performer
08.11 H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~ "FOOTPRINTS" MAKURA-512-F Performer
08.24 _summer## Appendix Special Drama CD N/A Performer
08.24 _summer## First Press Bonus Drama CD GN-06002 Performer
08.25 TV Animation DEMONBANE Drama CD Vol.2 FCCM-0146 Performer
08.25 Brighter than Dawning Blue ~Fairy tale of Luna~ #5 feat. Sayaka Hozumi MMCC-4098 Performer
09.22 Brighter than Dawning Blue ~Fairy tale of Luna~ #6 feat. Wreathlit Noel MMCC-4099 Performer
10.22 Otoha's Ghostly Bon Festival Dance MAKURA-513-0 Performer
12.20 Happiness! De:Lucks Character Ending Collection Vol.II – Anri Hiiragi (C.V. Mia Naruse) ZMCZ-3052 Performer
12.29 Windmill Vocal Collection – tsubu-an WMACD-010~1 Performer


01.25 Happiness! De:Lucks Grand Ending Theme – Ohayou ~All Heroines Version~ Music CD MII-033 Performer
02.21 Happiness! Drama CD - Yuki no Valentine's Day ZMCZ-3057 Performer
02.23 Ruin Arms Soul Eater Original Soundtrack CHCD-1010 Performer
02.23 Oishii Mahou no Tonaekata. Vocal Maxi CD OMAHO-DA Performer
02.23 Oishii Mahou no Tonaekata. Privilege Drama CD OP0712A Performer
05.16 Happiness! Vocal Collection ZMCZ-3327 Performer
06.29 Lyrical Lyric Character Song #1 "Wish" (Rin Takami) HBMS-300 Performer
07.13 Lyrical Lyric Character Song #2 "Sakura-iro Melody" (Nanao Asakura) HBMS-301 Performer
07.27 Lyrical Lyric Character Song #3 "Mahou no Koyubi" (Kuu) HBMS-302 Performer
08.17 Drama CD Himesama Ririshiku! ~The Targeted Royal Family~ HBDC-026 Performer
08.17 Nanatsuiro★Drops pure!! Radio Drama CD "Aru Natsuyasumi no Ichinichi" MNCA-9022 Performer
08.24 Lyrical Lyric Character Song #4 "conte de fees" (Arietta) HBMS-303 Performer
11.30 Trouble Succubus Original Soundtrack CHCD-1011 Performer
11.30 MagusTale ~Sekaiju to Koisuru Mahoutsukai~ Extra Drama CD: Zettai Zetsumei!? ...Taiju wo Sukue! "Valkyrie-tai" MGT-MAP Performer
12.14 FairChild Theme Song Short Version Collection AL-FC-003 Performer
12.29 Aozora no Mieru Oka Drama CD 4 - Midwinter Variety Hustle Second! FENG-19 Performer


02.29 Zansho Omimai Moushiagemasu. ~Kimi to Sugoshita Ano Hi to Ima to~ Sofmap Privilege Drama CD ALC-X01 Performer
02.29 Zansho Omimai Moushiagemasu. ~Kimi to Sugoshita Ano Hi to Ima to~ Messe Sanoh Privilege Drama CD MESSE-348 Performer
02.29 Zansho Omimai Moushiagemasu. ~Kimi to Sugoshita Ano Hi to Ima to~ Vocal & Soundtrack XERO-080229S Performer
05.08 Gekkou no Carnevale Drama CD -Compleanno Della Pazzia- KDSD-00201 Performer
06.13 MagusTale Infinity Privilege Drama CD "Noisy Night, Horror Night" MGTI-MAP Performer
08.15 Y Prawf clwyd SOUND TRACK ALCR-107 Performer
10.24 ENGAGE LINKS Theme Song OP Version / Heroine Voice Collection AL-EL-002 Performer


02.20 Tenshin Ranman Character Song Vol.2 – Chiisana Negai / Ruri Rindou YSCD-0008 Performer
03.25 G[GAME] * A[AKIBA] = GAPOP 5pb. CHARA-SONG WORKS 2006~2007 Vol.3 FVCG-1068 Performer
05.05 Shukufuku no Campanella Drama CD Yume no Utage Special Evolution! WMACD-016 Performer
05.29 mero mero cute Memorial Song Collection 2006-2009 N/A Performer
07.24 Shikotama Slave Bonus Drama CD SPUS-21271 Performer
08.14 Smile Cubic! Promotion Drama CD "La banane dans le marche" N/A Performer
08.14 Brighter than Dawning Blue ~The other side of LUNA~ #1 feat. Toyama Midori MMCC-4206 Performer
08.21 Tenshin Ranman Aura no Taki! ~Minus Ion ga Detemasu yo~ YSRC-0001 Performer
08.28 Mimi wo Sumaseba SoundTrack SHA-101T Performer
10.30 Osananajimi wa Daitouryou: My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT. -Mata, Yachatta CD- VT-0910-1L Performer


02.26 Magicarat Radiant Drama CD N/A Performer
03.26 Syakunage Vocal Collection ALCR-112 Performer
05.28 Providence -Angel Note Best Collection Volume 7- SRL-1005 Performer
08.13 Sisters Alcot Vocal collection. Vol.3 Alcot-AV-005 Performer
10.29 La campanella di festività Reservation privilege - Futari DE Tortilla ~Shiawase de Ikimashou~ WMACD-019 Performer


06.29 doll ~ Utahime Complete Box KDSD-00466~71 Performer, Lyricist


06.29 Futsuno Fantasy Preorder Bonus CD SKR-1636 Performer


09.27 Koi x Koi = Infinity ~Koisuru Otome ni Dekiru Koto~ Drama CD 50801773 Performer

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