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Mar 18, 1977
Hakuba, Kitaazumi District, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Team Shanghai Alice
Credited works
7382 albums in database
42 products in database
7424 composer credits
23 arranger credits
5 lyricist credits


ZUN (real name Junya Ota / 太田順也) is the sole member of Team Shanghai Alice, responsible for creating the Touhou doujin shmup franchise. He did all the main programming, scriptwriting, art, and music composition for the core games. He is also respectively known as 'Kannushi' among his fans, a name he has sometimes use to refer to himself. ZUN has not only worked on the Touhou series but on other doujin games as well with Amusement Makers, and was employed by the Taito Corporation. His music has sparked somewhat of a phenomenon which continues to grow strong to this day with fan arrangements from over hundreds of groups.