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Female 鳥居 花音 (とりい かのん)
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08.11 Triangle Heart's Sound Stage GG-017 Performer
12.29 Triangle Heart's Sound Stage 2 - Yuiko Takashiro's Umikaze Radio! GG-018 Performer


04.27 Palette of Magic First Time Special Theme Song CD JJN-012S Performer
04.29 Triangle Heart's Sound Stage 3 "Sweet Song memories" GG-019 Performer
05.25 candystore sound collection "Palette of Magic" CSMC-001 Performer
08.10 Triangle Heart's Sound Stage 4 - HAPPY SONGS COLLECTION ~Takamichi Residence Karaoke Tournament!!!~ GG-020 Performer
08.10 OdiakeS sound works CollecTion. IVO-003 Performer
12.29 Secret Tale / Kanon Torii IVORY-0006 Performer


06.14 Triangle Heart's Theme Songs History TH-001 Performer
08.09 Triangle Heart's Sound Stage O - Summertime Whispers ~Talking in the Sazanami Women's Dormitory~ GG-022 Performer
11.22 Songs from D.C. ~Da Capo~ LACA-5136 Performer
11.29 Triangle Heart's Memorial Album "The Last songs" JJN-025 Performer
12.28 Princess Holiday ~Korogaru Ringo Tei Senya Ichiya~ Original Soundtrack AUG-1002 Performer
12.28 jANIS & ivory Game Songs Collection Vol.2 IVORY-0019 Performer
12.28 Loose Rouge / Kanon Torii IVORY-0020 Performer


01.22 D.C. ~Da Capo~ Original Drama Haruiro no Shima LACA-5148 Performer
05.29 Princess Holiday ~Korogaru Ringo Tei Senya Ichiya~ Ending Theme "Kokoro kara Tsuzuku Mirai ~My fate~" ALCHEMIST-001 Performer
06.06 Candy Toys Original Soundtrack CTS-001 Performer
08.13 Triangle Heart's Sound Stage X2 Radio Drama SP SIDE-A KICA-1300 Performer
08.15 Triangle Heart's Sound Stage EXTRA - Radio Stage CD SPECIAL GG-023 Performer
08.29 "Hello, world." Bucchake! Hello World Dramatic CD HBDS-001 Performer
10.22 Triangle Heart's Sound Stage X3 Radio Drama SP SIDE-B KICA-1312 Performer


01.21 Triangle Heart's Sound Stage X4 ~Yesterday to tomorrow~ KICA-1316 Vocals, Cast
05.14 Triangle Heart's Sound Stage Final "The Grand Finale" GG-025~8 Performer
08.13 early works ~ ivory original songs best IVORY-0045 Performer
11.17 D.C. ~Da Capo~ Chotto OOO na Drama CD "Nemu Hajime" SOFT-0001 Performer
12.29 early works2 ~ ivory original songs best IVORY-0049 Performer


01.28 doll ~ Utahime vol.6 -Mai- DOC-0002 Performer
01.28 North Wind Complete Tracks HIDPC-3008~9 Performer


07.30 A.C.D.C BC Da Capo ~First Drama CD Vol.1~ N/A Performer


07.31 Marron Vocal Collection MRCD0808 Performer


06.29 doll ~ Utahime Complete Box KDSD-00466~71 Performer
12.29 AUGUST 10th MEMORIAL AUG-0222-01~3 Performer

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