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Nov 18, 1976
Oita, Oita Prefecture, Japan
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09.23 Monochrome Vocal Collection: halo LACM-4151 Arranger
11.25 Toumei Shelter / refio+Haruka Shimotsuki LHCM-1003 Composer, Lyricist
12.29 Yumewatari no Yoru / kukui KUKU-0001 Composer, Arranger, Performer


01.26 Rozen Maiden Original Sound Track LHCA-5003 Composer, Lyricist
02.09 Rozen Maiden Original Drama CD ~"Tantei" Detektiv~ LHCA-5004 Composer, Lyricist
02.23 My-HiME Character Vocal Album Vol.1: Hatsukoi Houteishiki Dai-1 Gakushou LACA-5355 Arranger
06.22 IZUMO ~Takeki Tsurugi no Senki~ Original Soundtrack LACA-5394 Composer, Arranger
09.22 Ashiato Rhythm ~Haruka Shimotsuki works best~ LHCA-5015 Composer, Arranger
09.22 Jewelries: Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque Official Sound Track. LWEX-012 Composer, Arranger
11.23 Hikari no Rasenritsu / kukui LHCA-5024 Composer, Arranger, Performer
12.30 City of Moon Chasing LAG-0001/MLCD-0006 Arranger


01.25 Little Primrose / kukui LHCM-1018 Composer, Arranger, Performer
01.27 Rozen Maiden träumend Original Sound Track LHCA-5027 Composer, Arranger
02.22 Kioku Baraen / Ai Shimizu LHCM-1019 Arranger
03.22 Kagihime Monogatari Eikyuu Alice Rondo Original Soundtrack "Genjitsu to Gensou Kara no Regalo" LHCA-5034 Composer, Arranger
04.26 Kagihime Monogatari Eikyuu Alice Rondo Character Song Collection LHCA-5036 Composer, Arranger
04.26 Starry Waltz / kukui LHCM-1021 Composer, Arranger, Performer
07.05 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Character Song Vol.2 YUKI NAGATO LACM-4270 Arranger
07.26 The Good Witch of the West Original Sound Track LHCA-5046 Composer, Arranger
08.03 Rozen Maiden träumend ~Character Drama~ Vol.1 Suigintou LHCA-5047 Composer, Arranger
09.22 Rozen Maiden träumend ~Character Drama~ Vol.2 Kanaria LHCA-5053 Composer, Arranger
10.10 Rozen Maiden träumend ~Character Drama~ Vol.3 Suiseiseki LHCA-5054 Composer, Arranger
12.29 Maple Leaf Box ~Maple Leaf 5th anniversary CD~ MLCD-0007 Arranger


02.07 Rozen Maiden träumend ~Character Drama~ Vol.6 Hinaichigo LHCA-5061 Composer, Arranger
04.25 Leer Lied "Rozen Maiden Best Album" LHCA-5072 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
04.29 ALHAJA bia-01 Composer
05.03 Eden no Wakaremichi Song of donkey that stops walking EDEN-002 Composer, Arranger
05.23 Concordia / kukui LHCM-1034 Composer, Arranger, Performer
06.27 Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Original Soundtrack - Atmosphere LACA-9072~3 Composer, Arranger
06.27 Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Original Soundtrack - Atmosphere LACA-9072~3 Composer, Arranger
06.27 Rozen Maiden Web Radio Bara no Kaori no Garden Party Bangaihen Suigintou no Koyoi mo Ennu~i Vol.2 LHCA-5073 Composer, Arranger, Performer
08.08 oratorio LACA-5661 Composer, Arranger
10.24 Hakoniwa Note LHCA-5079 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist
12.05 Rozen Maiden Web Radio Bara no Kaori no Garden Party Bangaihen Suigintou no Koyoi mo Ennu~i Vol.3 ~Christmas Special~ LHCA-5083 Composer, Arranger
12.21 Rozen Maiden Traümend Original Drama CD Vol.2 ~Christmas Song wo Kikinagara~ LHCA-5082 Composer, Arranger


04.16 true tears Image Song Collection "Tears...for truth" LACA-5763 Composer, Arranger
05.09 autonomia ANB-01 Composer, Arranger


01.07 TALES OF THE ABYSS Image Song Album - brilliant world LACA-5842 Composer, Arranger
01.09 Rozen Maiden Piano Sound Album LHCA-5094 Composer
02.18 TV Animation La Vierge Marie Vous Regarde Opening Theme Song Chizu Sampo / kukui LHCM-1055 Composer, Arranger, Performer
02.25 Rozen Maiden Strings Sound Album LHCA-5099 Composer
07.08 Inspired Ein / Ayahi Takagaki LASM-4008 Composer, Arranger
08.14 "Bungaku Shoujo" to Yumeutsutsu no Melody LZM-2014~5 Composer, Arranger
08.26 My heaven / Annabel LACM-4635 Composer, Arranger
10.21 "Bungaku Shoujo" to Shinitagari no Douke -Part 1- LASA-9003~4 Composer, Arranger
11.06 Light of Dawn / Annabel LHCM-1071 Composer, Arranger
11.11 CANAAN Inspired album LACA-5969 Composer, Arranger
11.25 CANAAN Original Sound Track "Ai" LACA-9172~4 Composer, Arranger


02.24 "Bungaku Shoujo" to Ue Kawaku Yuurei -Part 1- LASA-9009~10 Composer, Arranger
03.25 Tatakau Shisho The Book of Bantorra Original Sound Track LHCA-9007 Composer, Arranger
05.05 sonido bia-05 Composer, Arranger
06.09 Eternalize. / Aira Yuuki LASA-5049 Composer, Arranger
07.07 Katanagatari Vol.4 Bonus CD ANZX-9608 Composer, Arranger
08.13 Shunkan Sympathy / kukui CSCD-0003 Composer, Arranger
08.15 Soundstory Kasou Shoujo ~Lip Aura~ Prelude CSCD-0001 Composer, Arranger
10.27 "Bungaku Shoujo" mémoire Soundtrack II -Sora Mau Tenshi no Requiem- LASA-5065 Arranger
12.01 Katanagatari Vol.9 Bonus CD ANZX-9618 Composer, Arranger
12.08 Hanayakanari, Waga Ichizoku Drama CD LACA-15080 Composer, Arranger
12.31 Noctiluca ANB-02 Composer, Arranger


03.02 Katanagatari Song Collection Vol.1 LASA-5058 Composer, Arranger
05.01 ignis N/A Composer, Arranger
06.08 Katanagatari Song Collection Vol.2 LASA-5096 Composer, Arranger
06.24 Soil KSLA-0070 Arranger, Performer
08.12 Twinkle Link REMIXES GODCDX1 Arranger
09.01 Ku-Soh-Katsu-Geki Ni VOI-007 Composer
10.26 Kasou Shoujo ~Lip-Aura~ KDSD-00502 Composer, Arranger
10.26 Kasou Shoujo ~Lip-Aura~ Gensou Kakyokushuu KDSD-00503 Composer, Arranger
10.26 Kasou Shoujo ~Lip-Aura~ Complete Box KDSD-20012 Composer, Arranger
10.30 memory cycle of a Sentimentalist N/A Composer
11.23 Mirai Nikki Inspired Album Vol.1 ~Ingaritsu Noise~ LACA-15167 Composer, Arranger
12.14 Hanayakanari, Waga Ichizoku Ending Theme Song Collection / Annabel LACM-4888 Composer, Arranger
12.30 Kanka Vol.1 KAED-0006 Composer, Arranger


01.27 Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere SPECIAL CD II BCXA-0405 Composer
02.08 anamnesis / Annabel LACM-4902 Composer, Arranger
02.24 Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere SPECIAL CD III BCXA-0406 Composer
03.28 Bakuman. OST 2 LACA-15202 Arranger
04.30 debris ANB-05 Composer, Arranger
05.23 Above your hand / Annabel LACM-4934 Composer, Arranger
06.27 Sankarea Original sound track LACA-15212 Composer, Arranger
07.25 Signal graph / Annabel LASM-4144 Composer, Arranger
09.26 Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate MUSIC SELECTION LASA-5142 Composer, Arranger
11.28 miniascape / Annabel LACA-15258 Composer, Arranger
11.28 miniascape / Annabel [Limited Edition] LACA-35258 Composer, Arranger
12.31 Rakujitsu no Mayoigo [Limited Edition] N/A Composer, Arranger
12.31 Rakujitsu no Mayoigo LAG-0006 Composer, Arranger


01.23 Phantasmagoria/Shall We Dance LACM-14061 Composer, Arranger
03.27 true tears 5th Anniversary Box LACA-9272~6 Composer, Arranger
04.24 Small worldrop / Annabel LACM-14082 Composer, Arranger
04.24 Small worldrop / Annabel [Limited Edition] LACM-34082 Composer, Arranger
06.05 RDG Red Data Girl Inspired Album LACA-15303 Composer, Arranger
07.03 RDG Red Data Girl Original Soundtrack LACA-9301~2 Composer, Arranger
08.07 Alternative / Annabel LACM-14126 Composer, Arranger
08.07 Alternative / Annabel [Limited Edition] LACM-34126 Composer, Arranger
08.12 caracol / Annabel anb-08 Composer, Arranger
09.11 Hataraku Maou-sama! Character Song Album "Utau Maousama!?" LACA-15337 Composer, Arranger
09.25 Rozen Maiden Original Soundtrack LACA-9307~8 Composer, Arranger
12.31 Annavector #1 N/A Composer


03.26 TALK / Annabel LACA-15379 Composer, Arranger
03.26 TALK / Annabel [Limited Edition] LACA-35379 Composer, Arranger
12.03 Code:Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~ Original Soundtrack KDSD-00736 Composer, Arranger


03.25 Junketsu no Maria Original Sound Track LACA-9386~7 Composer, Arranger
05.15 Annavector #2 N/A Composer
06.24 Futari Ayatori / Kaori Oda KDSD-00779 Composer, Arranger
08.05 SHIMOTSUKIN 10th Anniversary BEST ~ANIME GAME CD SONGS~ KDSD-00780 Composer, Lyricist
08.05 SHIMOTSUKIN 10th Anniversary BEST ~ORIGINAL FANTASY SONGS~ KDSD-00782 Arranger
08.05 SHIMOTSUKIN 10th Anniversary BEST ~MESSAGE SONGS~ KDSD-00783 Arranger
08.05 SHIMOTSUKIN 10th Anniversary BEST PREMIUM COMPLETE BOX KDSD-20017 Composer, Arranger, Lyricist


02.10 Zero Tokei / Kaori Oda [Limited Edition] KDSD-00857~8 Composer, Arranger, Performer
02.10 Zero Tokei / Kaori Oda KDSD-00859 Composer, Arranger, Performer
04.27 Make it / Kaori Oda [Limited Edition] KDSD-00895~6 Composer, Arranger
04.27 Make it / Kaori Oda KDSD-00897 Composer, Arranger
06.01 Period:◆ ~Torikago no Amadeus~ Original Soundtrack KDSD-00871 Composer, Arranger
08.10 un secret / Haruka Shimotsuki KDSD-00928 Arranger, Performer
08.24 7'scarlet Song Collection KDSD-00929 Composer, Arranger
12.07 dialog / mao KDSD-00940 Composer, Arranger
12.21 Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~ Original Soundtrack KDSD-00961 Composer, Arranger


02.22 tsuduri / binaria [Limited Edition] GNCA-1496 Arranger
02.22 tsuduri / binaria GNCA-1497 Arranger
03.22 Musubine Ribbon ~Sora no Oto~ / Haruka Shimotsuki KDSD-00977 Arranger
03.22 Musubine Ribbon ~Daichi no Oto~ / Haruka Shimotsuki KDSD-00978 Composer, Arranger
03.22 Musubine Ribbon Premium BOX / Haruka Shimotsuki KDSD-20023~4 Composer, Arranger
06.28 decade wind / Aira Yuuki LACA-9520~1 Composer, Arranger
07.26 Gift / Kaori Oda [Limited Edition] KDSD-00997~8 Composer, Arranger
07.26 Gift / Kaori Oda KDSD-00999 Composer, Arranger


09.05 PIOFIORE Original Soundtrack XFCD-00063 Composer, Arranger


01.09 yanaginagi Best Album -MUSEUM- [Limited Edition] GNCA-1553 Arranger
04.24 otodoke kareshi ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK KDDL-00063 Composer, Arranger
04.28 HAMOTSUKIN BEST COMPLETE SET / Haruka Shimotsuki N/A Arranger
04.28 HAMOTSUKIN BEST ~Original Disc~ / Haruka Shimotsuki L753-0005 Arranger
07.24 Brand New Days / Kaori Oda KDDL-00075 Composer, Arranger
09.18 Kanpani☆Girls Original Soundtrack II KDSD-01033 Composer, Arranger
11.27 Gensou Kissa Enchante Original Soundtrack XFCD-0130 Composer, Arranger

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