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08.15 N-Beat 7.6.5 SBFR-0002 Arranger
12.30 ACT! -Fukakouryoku- SBFR-0003 Arranger


08.14 Nu-Electro Spirits SBFR-0004 Arranger
08.14 Klonoa Fan Disc SBFR-0005 Arranger
12.30 Concert of the Starry Sky SBFR-0006 Arranger


04.29 Shooting Arrange CD (Preview) SBFR-P001 Arranger
08.13 S:Shooting Evolution -Blazing Up- SBFR-0007 Arranger
08.13 Klonoa Fan Disc 2 SBFR-0008 Arranger
08.13 VISION◆SQUARE II SBFR-0009 Arranger
10.09 kagerow Full Speed. RSPC-0007 Arranger
12.31 fofftirl parlmmyh RSPC-0008 Arranger


08.13 The Weakest Adventurer in History -SPELUNKER ARRANGE CD- RSPC-0010 Arranger
08.17 PROJECT "klonoa fan disc 3" ~10th anniversary disc~ KMNR-0001 Arranger
10.08 colorful note RSPC-0009 Arranger
12.31 Protractor ~Saturnian Go Home~ SBFR-0011 Arranger


??.?? Bio_100% MUSIC CD BOX N/A Arranger
03.09 Crash Bonus 10000 RSPX-0002 Arranger
05.11 Come on! Cave Story RSPC-0012 Arranger
05.11 Puzzle de PON! SSEB-0003 Arranger
08.16 Gensou Eiyuutan KRKN-0001 Arranger
08.16 More! Kagerow Full Speed. RSPC-0013 Arranger
08.16 The large concert of the Starry Sky SBFR-0014 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
10.13 Kona 1 SSEB-0004 Arranger
12.29 NTD Melodies Connection β SSEB-0007 Arranger


03.29 THE MEDLEY OF POKéMON RGBY+GSC -3PBs- SSEB-0008 Arranger (as hapi⇒)
05.05 I Saw Hell on This World SBFR-0013 Arranger
08.12 GOING RHYTHMIC LIVE KMNR-0005 Composer
08.15 Rebirth KRKN-0002 Arranger
08.15 Kona 1+2 SBFR-0015 Arranger
08.15 hapi⇒ WORKS OVERGROUND Version 1.0 SSEB-0011 Arranger (as hapi⇒)
12.30 GRIMCORE KMNR-0006 Composer (as hapi⇒)
12.30 GOLDEN SUN & SILVER MOON -CODE:"PM" MUSIC ARRANGE CD PROJECT- SBFR-0016~7 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)


03.14 TOUHOU YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - WHAT'S A HOUTOU? DELICIOUS? - SSEB-0002 Arranger (as hapi⇒)
05.05 Will it Break? -Original Song Destruction REMIX- SSEB-0013 Arranger
08.14 The Grand Finale of the Starry Sky SBFR-0018~9 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
09.12 Miracle ★ Oracle PLSC-0002 Arranger (as hapi⇒)
10.31 Hoshizora no Daihanseikai SSEB-0014 Arranger (also as hapi⇒, wobnaM_ORiOA)
12.31 Ruler ~The Light in the Sky is Saturn~ SBFR-0020 Arranger


03.08 TOUHOU RUSH !! - RushDance in the groove - SSEB-0016 Arranger (as hapi⇒)
05.01 Rare Gorilla SBFR-0021 Arranger
08.13 WHITE SUN & BLACK MOON -CODE:"PM" MUSIC ARRANGE CD PROJECT 2- SBFR-0022~3 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
10.30 GALAXY FIGHTER SBFR-0026 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
12.31 We Bros. X SBFR-0027~8 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)


04.28 Bokura no Gakki SSEB-0020 Composer (as hapinano)
04.30 GRIMCORE2 SBFR-0030 Composer (as hapinano)
04.30 GLAMCORE2 SBFR-0031 Arranger
04.30 Kaeru-chan Super Star!! SSEB-0021 Arranger
05.27 Mahou Shoujo Nitori★Magica SSEB-0022 Arranger (as hapi⇒)
08.11 Carnival of the Blue Sky! SBFR-0032~3 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
08.11 Carnival of the Starry Sky! SBFR-0034~5 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
09.16 BATTLE CLiMAX -APPEND SECOND STAGE- SSEB-0023 Arranger (as hapi⇒)
10.06 Atsumare! Bokura no Tankentai SSEB-0024 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
11.02 HOSHIZORA NO SAIDAIOUJOU SSEB-0025 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
12.31 triangular constellation - WHITE SUN 2 & BLACK MOON 2 - SBFR-0037~9 Arranger (as hapi⇒)


03.22 HUGUU POKE E.P. SSEB-0028 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
03.31 DASH+CD SBFR-0040 Arranger
04.29 We Bros eXtend SBFR-0041 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
06.29 Roll-chan Fan Disc SSEB-0030 Arranger (as hapi⇒)
08.02 ACTION COMMAND GAIDEN "SUGOIYO! MAKIFU-SAN" SBFR-0036 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
08.06 Portable Memories March - First Story : Red & Green - SBFR-0043~4 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
09.23 Kubinoa! RSPC-0021 Arranger
10.27 GRIMCORE3 SBFR-0045 Arranger (as hapinano)
10.27 GLAMCORE3 SBFR-0046 Arranger
10.27 hapi⇒ WORKS OVERGROUND 3 SSEB-0031 Arranger (as hapi⇒)
12.31 Portable Memories March - First Story : Gold & Silver - SBFR-0047~8 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)


03.22 Klonoa Fan Disc 3.5 SSEB-0033 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
03.30 GOLDEN BALL SSEB-0034 Arranger (as hapi⇒)
04.27 SUPER RETRO WORLD -WE LUV 16BIT GAMES- SBFR-0049 Arranger (as hapi⇒)
04.27 moondelic -We really love to see you again- SSEB-0032 Arranger
05.03 Maxim Tomato Shuukaku Zenyasai SSEB-0035 Arranger (as hapi⇒)
08.17 Hoshizora no Museum SBFR-0051 Arranger (as Hapi⇒)
12.30 Hando ~I Can Break My Fingers With This~ SBFR-0054 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
12.30 PMM Second Story : RSE SBFR-0055~6 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)


03.15 Spring Vegetable Valley SSEB-0046 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
08.23 Summer Orange Ocean SSEB-0051 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
12.31 Winter Ice Berg SSEB-0056 Arranger (as hapi⇒)


04.28 Sushicolla Kokuu Hen SBFR-0064 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
08.14 Portable Memories March Special -20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION- SBFR-0065~6 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
10.30 Detaminetsu! -FEEL OUR DETERMINATION!- RSPC-0023 Arranger
10.30 Autumn Quiet Forest SSEB-0064 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
12.31 Legendary Swords SBFR-0068 Arranger
12.31 Postcard ~Sinking All Out Saturn~ SBFR-0069~70 Arranger (as hapi⇒)


04.30 U.T.BOOT -Vol.1 "toriel"- SSEB-0068 Arranger (as hapi⇒)
07.16 U.T.BOOT -Vol.2 "Sans&Papyrus"- SSEB-0070 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
12.10 Klonoa fan disc 3.75 SBFR-0076 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
12.29 Tone Sphere Original Soundtrack - Dark Moon STRL-0040 Composer (as hapinano)


08.02 Maximtomatoes Harvest Festival 5 ~ Kirby Arrange Compilation ~ SBFR-0080 Arranger (as hapi⇒)


04.29 U.T.BOOT -Vol.4 "Napstablook"- SSEB-0091 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)
12.31 O.S.BOOT - Reboot The Machine - SSEB-0096 Arranger (as hapi⇒)


04.25 U.T.BOOT -Vol.5 "Undyne"- SSEB-0101 Arranger (also as hapi⇒)

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