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David Andreana
Geoff Barone
Jeef the Chief
Michael Zucker
Peter Rains
Walker Esner
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Born of a virgin and a horny nematode this band of rebels struck from within the fetal womb in a cesarean section from the inside out. Bearing the mark of the beast they were cast out from Eden, branded as “not very good” by the vgmdb gods and were barricaded from the nerdiests of nerds by a giant flaming saber. They vowed then and there that no matter what the odds, no matter how screwed the lick, no matter how cheesy the mixdown, that they would continue onward and upward and that one day when the time was right they would turn their sights back to primordial scene from whence they came and strike a blow to the non-believers that would rape their eardrums and leave them sterile.

From Brooklyn New York this band plays original progressive rock music as well as arrangements from a wide variety of video games, TV shows and movies. The band has always prided themselves on their arrangement selections and has paid tribute to not just the mainstream gaming experience (NES, SNES, Genesis, PS2) but has also delved into the obscure landscape of forgotten systems of which no other VG band has yet dared to tread (Sega Master System, Neo Geo, Turbo Grafx 16, FM TownsMarty, Sega Saturn… the list goes on).

This Place is Haunted has been through a number of different members and has done collaborations with other VG artists such as Shawn Phase (Temp Sound Solutions) and Dino Saurus (Chromelodeon). The original members, the rock of this band is built on Michael Zucker (, Epileptic Peat ( and Jeef the Chief (
They have produced 2 original records (Shirwood Forest EP and Ghosts in the Graveyard) and now 3 video game records (Everything You Know is Wrong, This Game is Fucking Bullshit and Your Song Will Ecco Throughout the Vast Oceans).



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