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Male 中野 勝博 (なかの かつひろ)
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09.29 Tenjho Tenge GREAT DISC.1 AVCA-22094 Sound Effects
10.22 Tsuki wa Higashi ni Hi wa Nishi ni ~Operation Sanctuary~ ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK AND MINIDRAMA FCCM-0050 Sound Effects


01.26 ToHeart Remember my memories Anthology Drama CD vol.1 FCCM-0055 Sound Effects
03.09 Ichigo Mashimaro Chara-CD 1 Chika GNCA-0009 Sound Effects
04.06 Ichigo Mashimaro Chara-CD 2 Matsuri GNCA-0010 Sound Effects
05.11 Ichigo Mashimaro Chara-CD 3 Ana GNCA-0011 Sound Effects
06.08 Ichigo Mashimaro Chara-CD 4 Miu GNCA-0012 Sound Effects
07.22 Ichigo Mashimaro DRAMA CD Volume 1 FCCM-0072 Sound Effects
08.24 Ichigo Mashimaro DRAMA CD Volume 2 FCCM-0073 Sound Effects
08.24 Ichigo Mashimaro Toy-CD 1 GNCA-1036 Sound Effects
09.22 Ichigo Mashimaro DRAMA CD Volume 3 FCCM-0074 Sound Effects
10.26 Ichigo Mashimaro Toy-CD 2 GNCA-1037 Sound Effects


02.24 Shakugan no SHANA ASSORTED SHANA VOL.I GNCA-1060 Sound Effects
03.24 Shakugan no SHANA ASSORTED SHANA VOL.II GNCA-1061 Sound Effects
04.21 Shakugan no SHANA ASSORTED SHANA VOL.III GNCA-1062 Sound Effects
07.21 Ichigo Mashimaro DRAMA CD Volume 4 FCCM-0109 Sound Effects
08.25 Ichigo Mashimaro DRAMA CD Volume 5 FCCM-0110 Sound Effects


02.23 Ichigo Mashimaro OVA Sweet-CD 1 GNCA-1118 Sound Effects
04.25 Ichigo Mashimaro OVA Sweet-CD 2 GNCA-1119 Sound Effects


02.22 Shakugan no SHANA II VOCAL & DRAMA ALBUM SPLENDIDE SHANA Vol. I GNCA-1154 Sound Effects
04.25 Shakugan no SHANA II VOCAL & DRAMA ALBUM SPLENDIDE SHANA Vol. II GNCA-1155 Sound Effects
05.23 Shakugan no SHANA II VOCAL & DRAMA ALBUM SPLENDIDE SHANA Vol. III GNCA-1156 Sound Effects
12.25 Toradora! Drama CD Vol.1 KICA-953 Sound Effects


01.21 Toradora! Drama CD Vol.2 KICA-954 Sound Effects
03.25 Toradora! Drama CD Vol.3 KICA-955 Sound Effects
05.27 HATSUKOI LIMITED. Character File Vol.1 Kei Enomoto & Rika Dobashi LHCM-1059 Sound Effects
06.24 HATSUKOI LIMITED. Character File Vol.2 Misaki Yamamoto & Meguru Watase LHCM-1060 Sound Effects
08.05 HATSUKOI LIMITED. Character File Vol.4 Ayumi Arihara & Soako Andou LHCM-1062 Sound Effects
08.26 NIJI IRO DROP Hatsukoi Limited Drama CD LHCA-5105 Sound Effects


03.25 Mayoineko Overrun! Drama CD FCCC-0178 Sound Effects
12.22 Snow halation / μ's LACM-4774 Sound Effects


04.05 Drama CD RO-KYU-BU! MNCA-9047~8 Sound Effects
05.25 Love marginal / Printemps LACM-4812 Sound Effects
06.22 Diamond Princess no Yuuutsu / BiBi LACM-4816 Sound Effects
07.06 Softenni! Character Song + Drama Mini Album LHCA-5131 Sound Effects
07.27 Shiranai Love*Oshiete Love / lily white LACM-4832 Sound Effects
08.24 RO-KYU-BU! Character Songs 01 Tomoka Minato 1000232062 Sound Effects
08.24 Natsuiro Egao de 1, 2, Jump! / μ's LACM-4845 Sound Effects
08.31 RO-KYU-BU! Character Songs 02 Maho Misawa 1000232061 Sound Effects
09.07 RO-KYU-BU! Character Songs 03 Saki Nagatsuka 1000232060 Sound Effects
09.14 RO-KYU-BU! Character Songs 04 Hinata Hakamada 1000232059 Sound Effects
09.21 RO-KYU-BU! Character Songs 05 Airi Kashii 1000232046 Sound Effects
10.26 RO-KYU-BU! Interval 1 1000242745 Sound Effects
11.16 KOKORO-CONNECT Drama CD Natsu to Mizugi to Boufuu PCCG-90063 Sound Effects


01.06 KOKORO-CONNECT Drama CD Haru to Date to Imoutogokko PCCG-90072 Sound Effects
02.15 Mogyutto "love" de Sekkinchu! / μ's LACM-4907 Sound Effects
11.22 Kokoro Connect: Yochi Random Game Music Soundtrack CD & Original Drama CD ULJS-00534 Sound Effects


10.14 NINJA SLAYER DRAMA CD 3 NINJA_201409_1~2 Sound Effects
12.24 ALDNOAH.ZERO EXTRA EPISODE 03 ANZX-11408 Sound Effects


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