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福田 淳平 (ふくだ じゅんぺい)
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Dec 16, 1989
Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
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166 votes for 77 albums
Credited works
128 albums in database
47 composer credits
100 arranger credits
6 performer credits
2 lyricist credits


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05.05 GAME!! LRCD-008 Arranger (as hamu)
08.15 Sparking for You!! LRCD-010 Arranger (as hamu), Lyricist (as hamu)
10.11 Gensou Diary N/A Arranger (as hamu)
10.11 Hoshi no Aki LRCD-0013 Arranger (as hamu)
12.30 Hoshihuru Noa ~ Stardrop Noa's ark LRCD-0014 Arranger (as hamu), Performer (as hamu), Lyricist (as hamu), Mixing Engineer (as hamu)


03.14 Grimoire of Alice DANG-0004 Arranger (as hamu)
03.14 I Love You, Granny! Hag-Ridden Touhou Arrangements LRCD-0015 Arranger (as hamu)
03.14 pastoral landscape MBFG-0001 Arranger (as hamu)
05.05 Touhou UnderGround N/A Arranger (as hamu)
08.14 Border of Yukari N/A Arranger (as hamu)
08.14 Udongein no aru Fuukei DANG-0005 Arranger (as hamu)
08.14 Sound Spectrum ERCD-003 Performer (as hamu)
08.14 Akazome no Cross ~ Brilliant Blood Bless LRCD-0016 Arranger (as hamu)
08.14 Bewitching Dream Chapter - Sumizakura SEI-002 Arranger (as hamu)
09.19 Delta RPB-0001 Arranger (as hamu)
10.11 Touhou Akogisai F306-0006 Arranger (as hamu)
10.11 SKY PHILIA LRCD-0018 Arranger (as hamu)
11.28 Ghostly Field Sanatorium HH2S-0001~2 Arranger (as hamu)
12.30 Canned Tunes! CLOK-001 Arranger (as hamu)
12.30 Lupinus FGST-0001 Arranger (as hamu)
12.30 Eigou no Karman ~ Eternal Endless Emblem LRCD-0019 Arranger (as hamu)


02.20 Remember*C -spring- FGST-0002 Arranger (as hamu)
03.13 Koikoi Gensokyo Original Soundtrack BOXL-002~3 Arranger (as hamu)
03.13 N13 CJVK-0005 Arranger (as hamu)
03.13 NOCTURNAL LANDSCAPE MBFG-0002 Arranger (as hamu)
03.13 Apple Tree PAER-0032 Arranger (as hamu)
03.13 himitsu girl PAER-0033 Arranger (as hamu)
03.13 Suwa Kagurashi -Suwa no Kagura no Matsuri- SWKR-0001~2 Arranger (as hamu)
07.10 MMM PAER-0036 Composer (as hamu)
08.13 Remember*C -summer- FGST-0003 Arranger (as hamu)
08.13 navigation il mare FMFT-0001 Composer (as hamu), Arranger (as hamu)
10.16 Remember*C -autumn- FGST-0004 Arranger (as hamu)
12.30 K14 CJVK-0009 Arranger (as hamu)
12.30 Cattleya FGST-0005 Arranger (as hamu)
12.30 Remember*C -winter- FGST-0006 Arranger (as hamu)


05.27 Kanete Mizen wo Shiroshimesu CJVK-0010 Arranger (as hamu)
05.27 Re*Circulation FGST-0007 Composer (as hamu), Arranger (as hamu)
08.11 Touhou Shinkyou Sekai Soundtrack "Decoherence no Shinkyou Kaishaku" DFCT-0015 Arranger (as hamu)
08.11 Natsukaze Memoria FGST-0008 Arranger (as hamu)
09.09 Hifuu Moratorium HH2S-0003 Arranger (as hamu)
10.07 Nurebane Nostalgia KRKM-0001 Arranger (as hamu)
10.07 Continuity MMCD-0014 Arranger (as hamu)
10.27 Team-Dang2 Drama Soundtrack CD DANG-0007 Arranger (as hamu)
11.04 Scenograph #1 FMFT-0002 Arranger (as hamu)
12.30 Sky Dining FGSO-0001 Composer (as hamu), Arranger (as hamu)
12.30 Tsukikage Qualia FGST-0009 Arranger (as hamu)
12.30 Mizu no Miyako no Automata UNIS-0001 Composer (as hamu)


04.29 Cafe Hex: Majo no Iru Kissaten UNIS-0002 Composer (as hamu)
05.26 Tokikake Aeolia FGST-0010 Arranger (as hamu)
08.11 Death Scythe Stock Wars UNIS-0003 Composer (as hamu)
08.12 works.3 DVSP-0094~5 Composer (as hamu)
08.12 Fusion Challenge DVSP-1003 Composer (as hamu)
08.12 monocolotion FGST-0011 Arranger (as hamu)
10.12 Girls, Sally Go! CLOK-007 Arranger (as hamu), Mastering Engineer (as hamu)
10.13 Tasogare Ensemble KNPT-0001 Arranger (as hamu)
10.27 Celt Challenge DVSP-1004 Composer (as hamu)
12.30 phantasticall sound finder CJVK-0019 Arranger (as hamu)
12.30 nukumori claire FGSO-0002 Composer (as hamu), Arranger (as hamu)
12.30 WHISPER OF THE HEART UNFD-0001 Arranger (as hamu)


04.27 AD:GUITAR DVSP-0110 Composer (as hamu)
05.11 TOHO BOSSA NOVA 3 STAL-1401 Arranger (as hamu)
08.17 works.4 DVSP-0111~2 Composer (as hamu)
08.17 AD:HOUSE 3 DVSP-0114~5 Composer (as hamu)
08.22 Sora FGSO-0003 Composer (as hamu), Arranger (as hamu)
11.24 Doppel SBCD-0004 Arranger (as hamu), Performer (as hamu)
12.29 Hoshikuzu Atelier FGST-0012 Arranger (as hamu)


02.21 Flowlight Sky Set FMFT-0003 Arranger (as hamu)
04.26 works.5 DVSP-0129~30 Composer (as hamu)
04.26 AD:Nearly 120 seconds DVSP-0131 Composer (as hamu)
05.10 Yukidoke Azalea FGST-0013 Arranger (as hamu)
05.10 Sono Hi Watashi wa Sora wo Miageta SBCD-0005 Arranger (as hamu), Performer (as hamu), Mixing Engineer (as hamu)
05.10 TOHO BOSSA NOVA 4 STAL-1501 Arranger (as hamu)
05.10 Touhou Gensoukyou UROBOROS3 ~Toaru Mahou to Gensou no Mugen Rasen~ TORA-00141 Arranger (as hamu)
08.14 Touhou Gensoukyou UROBOROS4 ~dEATHtINYoVERdRIVE~ N/A Arranger (as hamu)
08.16 AD:HOUSE 4 DVSP-0132~3 Composer (as hamu)
08.16 AD:PIANO VIVACE DVSP-0136 Composer (as hamu)
08.16 natsu-neiro FGSO-0004 Composer (as hamu), Arranger (as hamu)
08.16 Prismatic Aquarium PLOD-0003 Composer (as hamu)
10.25 Melangelic Tone PLGF-0001 Composer (as hamu), Arranger (as hamu)
12.29 Touhou Gensoukyou UROBOROS ~eNDoFtHEuLTIMATEoVERdRIVE~ TORA-00171 Arranger (as hamu), Performer (as hamu)
12.30 rosa canina FFRC-0210 Arranger (as hamu)
12.30 Re*Collection FGST-0014 Composer (as hamu), Arranger (as hamu)


02.14 Sweets F306-1003 Arranger (as hamu)
04.24 works.6 DVSP-0146~7 Composer (as hamu)
05.08 works.thE DVSP-0155 Arranger (as hamu)
05.08 Kazegatari. FGST-0015 Arranger (as hamu)
05.08 M other SBCD-0006 Arranger (as hamu)
05.08 TOHO BOSSA NOVA 5 STAL-1601 Arranger (as hamu)
06.29 Are You Ready 7th-TYPES?? VICL-64589 Composer, Arranger
06.29 Are You Ready 7th-TYPES?? [Premium Box Edition] VIZL-988 Composer, Arranger
06.29 Are You Ready 7th-TYPES?? [Limited Edition] VIZL-989 Composer, Arranger
07.10 See you next time! F306-1005 Arranger (as hamu)
08.13 shinso diver LTCD-0026 Arranger (as hamu), Mixing Engineer (as hamu)
08.14 AD:HOUSE 5 DVSP-0156~7 Composer (as hamu)
08.14 Illuminight Storia Original Image Soundtrack FGSO-0005 Composer (as hamu), Arranger (as hamu)
10.30 Kyoukaikei Parallel Travel PLOD-0007 Composer (as hamu)
12.26 Shiawase Egoist SBCD-0007 Mixing Engineer (as hamu)
12.29 Re:LieF ~DeaR YoU~ OriginaL SounD TracK RASK-CD0002~3 Arranger (as hamu)
12.30 Yonagomi-san Ie no Ouchi Café FGSO-0006 Composer (as hamu), Arranger (as hamu)


02.22 S×W EP / Luna Haruna [Limited Edition] SECL-2113~4 Composer, Arranger, Programmer
02.22 S×W EP / Luna Haruna SECL-2115 Composer, Arranger, Programmer
04.30 Haruiro-step (Preview Edition) FGSO-0007 Composer (as hamu), Arranger (as hamu)
04.30 Shoukaikei Parallel Mission PLOD-0008 Composer (as hamu)
05.07 Itazura Sensation SBCD-0008 Arranger (as hamu)
05.07 TOHO BOSSA NOVA 6 STAL-1701 Arranger (as hamu)
08.11 Ano Natsu ga Kikoeru. FGSO-0008 Composer (as hamu), Arranger (as hamu)
08.11 synchro SBCD-009 Arranger (as hamu), Mixing Engineer (as hamu)
09.03 YummyYummy! Raspberry! N/A Arranger (as hamu), Mixing Engineer (as hamu)
09.27 t7s 3rd Anniversary Live 17'→XX -CHAIN THE BLOSSOM- in Makuhari Messe VICL-64856~8 Composer
09.27 t7s 3rd Anniversary Live 17'→XX -CHAIN THE BLOSSOM- in Makuhari Messe VIXL-199 Composer
10.22 Season 4 you (Single Album) N/A Mixing Engineer (as hamu)
10.29 kimagure fall road FGSO-0009 Composer (as hamu), Arranger (as hamu)
12.29 Lily Grand Finale N/A Composer (as hamu)
12.29 AD:PIANO V Noir DVSP-0189~90 Composer (as hamu)
12.29 SeventhWander FGSO-0010 Composer (as hamu), Arranger (as hamu)
12.29 TRIANGLE LTCD-0030 Arranger (as hamu), Mixing Engineer (as hamu)
12.29 Season 4 you SBCD-010 Arranger (as hamu), Mixing Engineer (as hamu)


05.06 Tsukiyogatari FGST-0016 Arranger (as hamu)
05.06 synchro 2 SBCD-011 Arranger (as hamu), Mixing Engineer (as hamu)
07.04 THE STRAIGHT LIGHT / Tokyo 7th Sisters VICL-65023~4 Arranger
07.04 THE STRAIGHT LIGHT / Tokyo 7th Sisters [Premium Box] VIZL-1396 Arranger
07.04 THE STRAIGHT LIGHT / Tokyo 7th Sisters [Limited Edition] VIZL-1397 Arranger
08.08 poppin'rain / Uori Mukae (CV: Yui Ogura) KICM-3347 Composer, Arranger, Performer, Programmer
08.10 Netaminity SBCD-012 Arranger (as hamu)
08.12 LACKGIRL BIRTH IN THE DARK Original Soundtrack "Pages of Sounds" FGLG-0001 Composer (as hamu), Arranger (as hamu)
09.26 4U 1st Live!!! "The Pres"id"ent 4U" in Osaka & Tokyo VIXL-240~1 Composer
09.26 4U 1st Live!!! "The Pres"id"ent 4U" in Osaka & Tokyo [Limited Edition] VIZL-1448 Composer
12.30 Haruiro-step FGSO-0011 Composer (as hamu), Arranger (as hamu)

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