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Male 天野 正道 (あまの まさみち)
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Masamichi AMANO
Masamicz Amano
Jan 26, 1957
Akita, Akita, Japan
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113 arranger
99 composer
29 conductor
14 performer
8 orchestra arranger
5 music
5 mixing engineer
3 scoring
2 recording director
1 bgm arranger
1 bgm composer
1 programmer
1 liner notes
1 additional orchestra arranger
1 recording engineer
1 choral arranger
1 production assistance
1 chorus arranger
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Masamichi Amano is a classically trained composer and arranger for Japanese media and the concert hall. Famous for his works Giant Robo, Princess Nine and Battle Royale. He writes in a style of orchestral music that is a mix of 20th Century Film music and 20th Century modern concert music, often focusing on a full brass sound with complex orchestration. He is also a concert composer for Wind Orchestra. He has a longlasting relationship with the Warsaw Philharmonic National Orchestra of Poland and had almost all his projects performed by the orchestra. In 1997 he arranged for an orchestral concert of Shiro Sagisu's Evangelion with the New Japan Philharmonic and the Tokyo Akademische Kapelle. In 1998 he arranged a symphonic song album for Mobile Suit Gundam Wing "Baroque Best / TWO-MIX" with the Warsaw Philharmonic. In 1999 he worked as conductor for Shiro Sagisu's Songbook. In 2006 he orchestrated and arranged a symphonic album for Phantasy Star Universe with the Warsaw Philharmonic. In 2007 he worked as orchestrator and arranger for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. In 2008 he recorded with the Hollywood Studio Orchestra for a Saint Seiya MMO that was never released/cancelled. In 2009 he composed and arranged a symphonic suite for the Nintendo DS game Infinite Space with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. Since the 2010s his partnership with the Warsaw Philharmonic continues, but credited as orchestrator and arranger for veteran composer Shiro Sagisu.


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